Woolly and Tig: One Step at a Time DVD – Review and WIN

Woolly and Tig: One Step at a Time is the second Woolly and Tig DVD to be released by Abbey Home Media and one that I knew my children would love.  When I first saw the Woolly and Tig series on CBeebies I wasn’t to sure that my children would enjoy it but it has been one of them very surprising hits that they adore watching as well as singing to the theme tune!

Woolly& Tig One stepFeatures 15 episodes:
• One Step at a Time
• Timmy’s Monsters
• Splash
• The Painting Day
• Museum of
• The Dog
• Bus Ride
• Supermarket
• The Hospital
• Sleep Over
• Busy
• Big Stomps
• The Dance Class
• The Clown
• The Party

This DVD contains 15 Woolly and Tig episodes is perfect for any young Woolly and Tig fan or even someone new to the programme.  My children love watching the day to day going’s on with Tig doing normal day to day things and her toy spider Woolly helping her along the way, encouraging her to do things she is not sure about.

Splash was Miss M’s favourite episode on this DVD, all about the swimming pool – something Miss M loves herself.  In this programme Tig is afraid of going into the big pool but Woolly encourages her and she finally is brave and takes the plunge herself.

The DVD is released on 16th September 2013 and can be purchased from all good DVD stockists.

For more information can be found on the Abbey Home Media website or their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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133 thoughts on “Woolly and Tig: One Step at a Time DVD – Review and WIN

  1. I neither love or hate spiders. To me they are just one of the many living things on this planet. So I see or notice them but have no inclination to harm them, as I do not see them as harmful. Maybe that would be different if I lived in a country that had poisonous spiders.

  2. At first, I had a child fear of spiders.. my parents delighted in allowing the fear of god to run through me by placing a dancing plastic crab in front of me as a baby… this was projected onto spiders… but now, I am less afraid, being the man in the family… I get the job of catching them (not killing) and releasing back to the wild…. careful glass and a sturdy piece of cardboard or thick paper and done… man proud stance engaged!

  3. I don’t like them,never have,but since my mum got bitten by one,and ended up on antibiotics because of it,I dislike them even more

  4. i neither love or hate them .they part of nature so i put up and shut up thats until i found a big massive one on my shoulder then when i turn into a ninga lol

  5. Spiders terrify me. I’ve been trying to deal with my fear as I don’t want to pass it on to either of my children, but it’s proving to be difficult.

  6. Hate them – with a vengeance – have tried not to pass this onto my daughter but failed so far although she’s not as bad as me and is more humane – asks daddy to deal with them but not to dead them !

  7. I have to like them as my hubby is absolutely petrified of them! He’s even been known to wake our eldest son up in the night when I’ve been out to get rid of one!!!!

  8. I am petrified of them so I hate them but have bought a big and a little woolly for 2 of my grand-daughters, I don’t mind them they are cuddly

  9. I am very scared of spiders but would never kill one if it got to close, I just leave the room until it has gone. Lol. Xx

  10. I don’t hate them, I just don’t like when they are near, and couldn’t not pick one up. But I always making sure no one will kill one 🙂

  11. Spiders dont really bother me, My Mum was very superstitious about spiders and always said it was bad luck to kill them so I always trap them in a glass and place them back outside

  12. I love them, but it’s a good job as everyone else in the house hates them, so I’m always having to catch them and take them outside!!

  13. Mostly I don’t mind them – their webs are beautiful – but I don’t like it when large ones run across the floor near my feet.

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  16. I am an arachnophobic, absolutely terrified of them :'( I have to have a good look around the bedroom at night to make sure there are non around, then I can sleep 😀

  17. Spiders in this country are tame – in foreign countries there are many which are scary and not to be approached for safety.

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