Lands End Jeans – great stretch & perfect for everyday comfort

Lands’ End are a long standing clothing brand with comfortable everyday clothes and have something for all the family.  What I never realised before was their extensive range of jeans in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes – you’d be hard pushed to not find something suitable for yourself!


I had a good look through the pages of jeans and settled on the Women’s High Waisted Lift & Sculpt Skinny Jeans in Curvy Fit to try out.  I also had a choice of colours and opted for the black.

They arrived swiftly and beautifully presented and I could see immediately that they were a true black and could feel that although they were a lovely thick denim they also had a really nice stretch to them.

lady wearing lands end black jeans

They were super easy to pull on and the stretch in them really allows them to mould to your body without feeling tight.  They are in fact so comfortable due to the stretch that they feel more like jeggings around my body as opposed to a tight pair of jeans.  Although being thicker and having more structure as jeans do it means they will really last – in fact I can honestly say one of the best pairs of jeans I’ve had for a few years!

I’d highly recommend checking out Lands’ End for all your warm and comfortable clothes for Winter as the site is full of them and there are some great deals to be had.  Everything looks so cosy and easy to wear which is just what I want as I’m getting older, but still lookig for stylish pieces and the jeans above certainly fit that criteria!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews. Although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

What You Need to Start a Beauty Business

If you’re one of those people that loves beauty products, then you’ve probably got a marketable bank of knowledge that you can use to start a business. And in this day and age, that couldn’t be easier — it has never been more straightforward to get a business up and running. Indeed, depending on the type of business that you’re starting, you could be underway in a matter of days. 

Of course, while starting a business can be easy, building a successful venture is more difficult. People won’t buy from you just because you’re there. In this blog, we’ll run through some useful tips that’ll put you on the right path towards success. 

Pexels – CC0 Licence

An Angle

First thing first: what is that you’ll be doing with your business? We say ‘beauty’ business, but the truth is, that’s a pretty broad term. There are a million and one different types of beauty businesses. And if you’re going to form part of the industry, then you’ll need to find your place in it. So what will your angle be? You could sell beauty products, open your own salon, offer a trendy new service, or become a makeup technician. And that’s just the beginning — there are many more. It’s best to think about your typical area of expertise and then see what businesses are available in that area. 

Do you want to run your own beauty business while bypassing the startup stage?

If you dream of running your own beauty business but are nervous that you might not have what it takes to go through the tedious startup stage. In that case, consider purchasing an already existing beauty business for sale.

An Understanding

There’s the idea that if you’re good enough, you’ll be successful. While that’s broadly true, it’s also important to remember that your success will depend on the wider beauty industry. As such, it’s important that you position your business in line with the rest of the industry. This is something that can sound difficult, but it’s actually more straightforward than you might think — you can read reports about the cosmetics industry, salon businesses, consumer expectations, and more. With that information, you’ll be able to position your business in a way that makes success possible. 

A Bit of Time

You’ll find plenty of people talking about how you can set up a cosmetics business in a matter of days. Yet, while that’s true, it’s also important to remember that there is no fast track towards success. Unless you get extremely lucky, you’ll need to put the time and effort into making your business successful. A lot of hard work and patience can go a long way towards pushing you in the right direction.

A Team

You won’t build a beauty business empire all on your own. You’ll need to have talented, dedicated people around you. Depending on the type of business you’ve set up, this will be either employees or outsourced companies. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure you put yourself in the best possible chance for success by ensuring that they’re able to improve your business. Just bringing on an employee won’t be enough — in fact, if they’re low quality, then it could have the opposite effect. 

And there we go! With these tips, you should be able to get your beauty business up and running. 

Getting your child into a routine when starting secondary school

Long gone are the days when my son was a little boy holding my hand on the walk to primary school.   This month he was back to school in the next stage of his school years as he headed to secondary school looking super smart in his blazer and tie.

school bag, chromebook, pencil case

It has meant a bit of a shake up to our daily routine though with slightly earlier mornings, although fortunately his Echo Dot wakes him up and then I hear him shouting “Alexa, be quiet!”.   He comes downstairs for breakfast before getting dressed and then we head out of the door to travel to school.

With timetables to follow, multiple teachers to get used to and and a new school to learn his way around, the days can be more stressful as he strives to be in the right place at the right time.  I’m so pleased to hear that he’s chatted to the majority of his new classmates in a bid to get to know them and make some new friends.

After school has been a bit tougher on him too.  Instead of getting home and chilling out, he now finds himself more tired after the challenging day of lessons but also has to consider finding time for some homework during the evenings.  I’ve tried to assist him without doing the work, just by guiding him on where to look for things, how to set things out and printing out things to help him, such as his language vocabulary and verbs that he has to learn.

Overall I am super proud of him – he has adapted to his new routine fantastically and certainly taken the challenge of a new school with high standards in his stride.  Everyday brings new little challenges, but with that other things become easier – he’s still mastering the art of getting his tie to the perfect length and remembering to pack his books the night before and not leaving them until the morning but he’ll get there.

Sprout Pencil – the 100% sustainable pencil that you grow after use


Sprout have developed a 100% sustainable pencil right to the very end of it’s life – as when you’ve almost used it up, you just turn it upside down and pop the end in some soil. Et voila! – the seeds at the end of the pencil will grow and you will have a plant growing in 1 to 4 weeks!  It could be some wonderful herbs, flowers or vegetables. The stub also acts as a marker with the name of your seeds labelled on it so you won’t forget what plant is growing in each pot.

Each set of pencils has a different theme, I went with the ‘Mindful Thoughts’ edition which has a lovely quote along the length of each one.  At the end of each pencil in an enclosed capsule, there are seeds such as Sage, Daisy, Basil, Chia and Thyme.

The pencils themselves are lovely to write with, perfect for my shopping lists and the children have been using them for drawing etc.  They look smart and feel like they are good quality.  I can’t wait to get near to the end of one to turn it it into a beautiful plant that I can use – in fact I can just imagine the whole set of pencils in a row of pots along my kitchen windowsill.  Then watching them turn into a beautiful array of fresh herbs to use in my cooking – how wonderful would that be!

I think the Sprout Pencil ‘Plant Your Pencil’ concept is a lovely idea and very eco friendly.  They would also make a lovely gift for someone and sure to put a smile on someones face seeing the double use for the pencil and something a bit different from usual.  Make sure you check them out!


All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews. Although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

Practical Ways To Create The Perfect Bedroom Play Area For Your Child

Designing kids’ bedroom play areas are always fun and essential. This is because this is where your kid sleeps, relaxes, has fun and expresses themselves. Although it is always practical to consider the future use of the room, there is no harm in being a little creative with your decoration.

So, if you intend to create a unique bedroom play area for your kid, these tips will help you make the perfect room where your little one’s personality can shine through.

How Do You Make A Playroom?

Your kid’s playroom can be anywhere in the home. Just because the home isn’t spacious enough doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and cool for the kids. So, if there isn’t any extra space for a play area, you can create a bedroom play area. This simply means that you design the bedroom so that it can be used for both sleep and fun.

When it comes to a play area, the amount of space isn’t much of a factor; what is important is that there is an area dedicated to their play. Play is important, so space is essential. This space should be colourful, comfortable, and decorated to stimulate their little imaginations. There are a few aspects to consider while creating the perfect bedroom play area for your child, and they are the following:

Safety First

In a play area, kids will run, jump, climb, and no doubt fall a lot too. So, first, it is crucial to consider your child’s safety while creating and furnishing a play area. If you are installing anything on the walls or ceiling, like a swing, for example, you should let an expert handle it rather than do it yourself. You should always ensure that your kid’s bedroom play area is safe to play in and land on.

Consider The Age

Creating a bedroom play area for a toddler is different from making one for a young child between the ages of 2 and 10. Therefore, age is an essential factor to consider while creating a bedroom play area for your kid. You need to create a space in line with their level of intelligence and age. Kids of 5 years already have a personality of their own, so you can get them involved in the process and make the room interactive for them.

Think Outside The Box

The best bedroom play areas have a little more imagination to them. Opting for the traditional children’s bed is easy. However, going for something more special like the Children’s Bed Shop makes the bedroom play area more than a room with just a bed; it becomes your kid’s favourite room. So, a touch of creativity will undoubtedly benefit your child’s bedroom play area, particularly when it comes to decorating, furniture, and children’s beds.

Make A Divider

When using the bedroom as a play area, use modular flooring or bright carpet to differentiate the bedroom from the play area. This serves as a way to “zone” the kids’ play area and create some visual separation from the rest of the bedroom. It also helps your kids know where it is okay to leave their toys.

Use Kid-Friendly Furniture

Certain types of furniture should not be used in a children’s play area. Glass and sharp-edged tables should be avoided since they are easily shattered and can be dangerous to children.

Avoid stool-style chairs or any furniture that can be easily climbed on when your child is young to prevent them from falling and injuring themselves. Good alternatives are small beanbag chairs, floor cushions, and giant plush animals.

Add Layers

Another way to enhance your child’s play area is by adding layers. To add layers, you can go for rugs. However, you should go for a synthetic rug that is easy to clean and durable. There are various fun designed rugs, so you will no doubt have multiple options to select from.

Make Use Of The Built-In Storage

Making storage a priority when designing your child’s bedroom play area is critical. Simply put, you don’t want all those toys lying around, and your children will outgrow some of them, so you’ll need a place to store them. This can be accomplished using open shelving. With that, you can use boxes to hide the toys and display books in front of them in the open. Use lower shelves so your kid’s favourite books will be within reach.

Think In Themes

When creating a playroom for your kid, you need to consider a theme for the space after getting the fundamentals sorted out. Children have unique personalities, and their play areas should be decorated accordingly. If your kid is of age, allow them to inject their personality into the theme of the space.

Play With Colour

Colours are visually appealing to everyone, especially kids, so you should get creative with them. They can be crucial in early development, so consider brightening your kid’s play area. However, ensure you go for colours that will complement the theme and general look of the room. Make use of more of your kids’ favourite colours, if they have one, or go for something eye-catching.

Create A Chalkboard Wall

With a chalkboard wall, you don’t have to be afraid of your kids colouring the walls. Chalkboards are erasable and washable, so your little one can doodle their hearts freely without being reprimanded, and with this, you don’t have to worry about kids going wild on the walls.

Focus On Play

When it comes to keeping kids occupied in a play area, you should realise that you’ll need a lot of activities and toys because children are easily bored. As a result, design your child’s bedroom play area so that they can sleep, build, play, and study.

Final Thoughts

To create the perfect bedroom play area that your kid will love, try focusing on what they love to do the most—for example, creating a place where they can colour, paint or create crafts if that’s their interest or a beautiful dressing-up corner for your little princess or prince.

A play area is said to be perfect when your kids get to engage in their favourite fun activities while also expanding their imagination. Now that you have these ideas, you can get started on designing the ideal bedroom play area for your child.

5 Tips On Picking Out A New Family Car

Starting a family is scary enough with everything going on, and car trouble is not something that you want to have on your plate. Having a suitable car to match your needs is going to be important and will save you a lot of headaches as your children get older. It’s important to recognize that the car your pick isn’t just about what you like anymore or how fun it is to drive, it’s about how well it’s going to suit a life with your family – which is fun in its own way!

Think about safety

First of all, any car that you buy for family use should be safe to drive and be in. different cars come with different safety features, and you want yours to be as safe as possible. Newer cars will typically come with more modern features, making them easier to put your trust into, but there’s a lot you can implement after your purchase just to make sure. Think of things like blindspot cameras and mirrors. 

Consider how much space you need

If you’re starting a big family, then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got room for everyone, as well as any belongings that you’ll be taking with you when you’re traveling. You don’t want to be cramped into your car when you have to be on the road for long journeys, so think about what you might find comfortable with up to 4 or 5 passengers.


Family living can be quite expensive, and you don’t want the car you choose to be a majorly stressful addition to your monthly costs. Consider how much it costs to buy the car, as well as how much it will cost to actually use it. If you’re making daily trips in it, then you don’t want to be paying out a fortune on fuel. Check the fuel efficiency before you make that purchase.

Car seat compatibility

While your kids are young, they’re going to need to be in a car seat whenever you’re driving them somewhere. Some cars aren’t shaped or big enough to fit car seats, and that’s going to be a serious problem on the road. Whichever car you decide to buy, make sure that it can fit car seats – you can always change it up for something else once your kids are old enough to go without the car seat.

Overall quality

This is something that you’re going to be relying on to get your family from place to place, and if you try to buy the cheapest option out there, you might not be seeing the quality you need. You can check out Edmunds for some deals that might fit your price range.

You don’t want something that’s going to let you down frequently, or break down when you’re in traffic. It’s not safe, nor is it cost effective – so you’re better off spending big so that you don’t lose out later on.

10 Great Tips For When Your Newborn Arrives Home

Going home after giving birth can be quite overwhelming, especially if it’s your first child. Aside from all the hospital equipment that is to be taken care of for a short period of time, you will also have to adjust to this new life where you are solely responsible for another human being. This article will provide some tips on easing this transition early in the life of your newborn.
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Baby arrives home – so exciting!

You’ve had a wonderful time with him or her at the hospital. Now it’s time to get on home and start your new life as a parent. While you’re excited, you might still be wondering about all of those things that need to be done before the baby gets there.

Here is a list of 10 great tips for you to follow when your newborn arrives home:

1) Gather Your Supplies

At least one week prior to departure, make sure that you have all essentials gathered up in one place ready for transport before the big day comes. Things like formula, diapers, wipes, towels, etc., should all be carefully chosen based on preference –it may even take trying out different products until everyone in the family is satisfied. Packing lists can be found all over the internet, so print them out and have them ready for use when your baby gets home.

2) Prepare Your Car

If you are driving yourself or with a friend, make sure that your car is in good working order. Make any necessary repairs prior to arrival. If helpful, purchase an infant car seat to ensure safety while travelling to and from places together. You should also prepare the backseat of your vehicle by removing any objects which may risk harming or injuring your child in case of sudden braking or accidents. These things include airbags (which should never be set off while kids are present), loose change or other heavy objects on floorboards, or even more obvious hazards like unsecured car seats, seat belts, etc.

3) Initial Feeding

Once you get home with your baby, resist the urge to feed him or her right away. Check for any jaundice by looking at his/her skin colour, which normally starts off a bit yellowish. If it is not yet visible after 24 hours, but you are still concerned about it, consult your doctor on how best to check for this condition. Once all of this has been taken care of and if no feeding issues arise, get ready to breastfeed or bottle-feed your child upon arrival. He or she may be quite hungry already after his trip!  

TIP – Lactation Supplements: 4 Herbs to Support Milk Supply

4) Be Responsible About Hand Washing

It is important that everyone in the family knows how to properly wash his or her hands. This sounds obvious, but it’s really not always done! Wash your hands promptly after touching public surfaces like doorknobs, railings (esp. inside elevators if you’ve been shopping), handrails, etc. Also, make sure that towels and other objects used by others are kept separate from those used by your baby.

5) Practice Safety Measures

Babies are very impressionable creatures; they learn quickly through their senses. The easiest way for them to learn is via imitating you! Teach them right away about safety measures for both indoors and outdoors by following these easy rules:

  1. a) Never leave babies alone on elevated surfaces –like changing tables, beds, strollers, etc.–
  2. b) Make sure that windows and doors are locked at all times or that you’re holding them if they’re opened.
  3. c) Keep sharp objects like scissors and knives out of reach and sight, preferably within drawers with child-proof locks.
  4. d) Use the proper outlet covers for accessible plug points.
  5. e) Turn hot water heaters down to lukewarm temperatures (113 degrees Fahrenheit is considered safe).  
  6. f) Don’t cook with bare hands as children may play with small objects such as crayons which can cause fires when put near open flames.  
  7. g) Unplug all appliances before going to sleep –some may be defective and start a fire while unplugged– or if going out for a long time.
  8. h) Keep all chemicals out of reach and sight by using proper cabinets, etc., to store them securely.

6) Be Aware Of Poisonous Objects

Keep your baby away from plants that are poisonous or dangerous, even if they look innocent enough to touch or eat! Some common household plants that may prove fatal include daffodils, lilies, caladium leaves, calla lilies, philodendron, oleander shrubs/trees, asparagus ferns, azaleas and rhododendrons. Also, keep medicines and other objects with toxic effects placed where children can’t access them –even those labelled “child-proof” have been shown not to be!

7) Monitor Your Baby’s Cries/Noises

Difficult as it may sound, you need to learn how to discern whether your baby is crying due to something minor or because there might be some problem. If you are still unsure of the cause even after conducting a physical checkup, always err on the side of caution and contact your paediatrician immediately! Remember that crying is one-way babies communicate their needs to you. They can’t tell you what’s wrong if they’re not given the opportunity to do so. Also, be attentive to any strange or unusual noises your child makes –this also serves as an important sign that something may be wrong with him/her. Purchasing a quality baby monitor will allow you to keep a close eye on your baby, even when you are not in the same room. A Wifi baby monitor allows you to view the monitoring screen on your phone anytime, anywhere; which can help to bring peace of mind, especially to new parents. You will of course need a good internet connection for this, but a quick online search of “internet providers in my area ” will enable you to find the best providers in your area for your needs. 

8) Be Familiar With The Normal Growth & Development Of Your Baby

It is important to know the normal patterns of a baby’s growth and development since these can help you determine if something isn’t quite right. For example, your baby’s face should become rounder as he/she takes in more breast milk or formula after birth. His/her weight will initially go up very fast, but this may slow down between days 7-30 or two weeks from birth. After which, his weight gain will begin to be slower instead of fast –but still steady– until about three months when it reaches a plateau. This means that while some babies might have “lazy periods” by six months old, most healthy children are capable of gaining one ounce per day on average! Also, don’t forget to keep track of your baby’s developmental milestones –like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, etc.

9) Start Basic Health Care Procedures Early

Your baby may be healthy when he/she comes home, but this doesn’t mean that you can let health care slide! It is important to establish a system for regular checkups with the paediatrician so that any potential problems can be handled early on before they escalate into bigger concerns.

10) Give Your Baby Plenty Of TLC

Above all else, keep in mind that babies are born with no prior knowledge or experience on how to live and thrive in the world. Therefore it is imperative that you provide them with as much love and nurturing as possible during their formative years! This will not only ensure that they grow up to be happy and healthy but will also help establish a strong bond with you as their parents.

There You Have It 

It will always be your choice when you need to bring home a new baby. That’s the best part about having independence and freedom! But just because it is a personal decision, you must not forget that a newborn comes with a lot of responsibilities too, so please always take these tips into consideration. The utmost important thing to remember here is that babies aren’t disposable –throw-away– objects which can be replaced if damaged, so take care of them well from the get-go. Don’t forget about these great tips next time your newborn comes home!

Why Do Women Prefer Laser Hair Removal Instead Of Other Options?

If you choose a new-age laser treatment to get rid of unwanted hair, you would be able to go ahead to find a wide array of advantages. Moreover, many women prefer this treatment in comparison to going with traditional methods.

Here, we are going to mention some of the best reasons indeed. Let’s check it out more about in a detailed manner:-

To Eradicate Pain/Discomfort

Unwanted body hair has always been a major concern for women. Going with traditional ways always seemed painful as well as time-consuming. Smart women experience redness, cuts, and other skin issues because of these traditional methods. Therefore, smart women prefer to go with laser hair removal. Using razors increases the chances of being cut or unsightly razor bumps. Apart from it, other reasons can also lead to pain and discomfort while going with traditional ways. If you go with modern laser treatment, you could have smooth skin irrespective of pain and discomfort.

It Is A Permanent Solution

Going with traditional options means you would have to go through a lot of inconveniences. Today’s women perform a variety of responsibilities and traditional hair removal products could be time-consuming and uneasy for them. Fashionists always believe to go with a permanent solution when it comes to beauty. By opting for Laser Hair Removal near me, you would have permanent solutions. It means you would not have to worry about applying or going with products every couple of days to keep the hair growth in control. Do you want to get rid of hair from your armpits, bikini line, face, or any other different parts of your body? This new age treatment is an ideal choice indeed. Though many ways are available to get rid of hair, laser treatment is the ideal one.

To Save Hard Earned Money

Smart women understand the value of money. They have always been choosy when it comes to spending hard-earned money. There is a misconception among the folk that laser hair removal is probably quite expensive. And therefore they keep going with traditional methods. But it is not true. If you calculate the cost of these traditional products you spent over a year, you might get shocked. In comparison to traditional ways to get rid of unwanted hairs, it is good to go with Laser Hair Removal near me so that you could save your money in the longer term.

Go With Ideal Results

Having smooth skin can truly make anyone feel confident and outstanding. Going with razors and other traditional hair removal products probably will not always bring excellent results. Chances are high that you might be left with pimpled or dry. Going with highly advanced hair removal

treatment means you will be getting highly smooth skin irrespective of any sort of issues. Do you want excellent results? You must go with this treatment.


If you want to get this treatment done, you need to get in touch with experienced doctors. They would be exploring everything in a detailed manner to you. Contact them and schedule your consultation time.

Avoiding Life Choices That Could Hurt Your Kids

While many parents don’t realize it, the choices you make throughout your life will always have an impact on your children. It can be all too easy to make lifestyle choices that have a negative impact on the life of your little ones, and most parents will make mistakes like this at some point in their lives. To help you out with this and to give you the chance to avoid making these mistakes, this article will be exploring some of the life choices that can have the biggest impact on your family.

Drugs & Alcohol

Addiction is a serious issue in modern society. With life being extremely hard for a lot of people, it is quite common to see normal people turning to things like drugs and alcohol to make life feel better. When you have children, though, going down this sort of path can prove to have a very negative impact on their lives. You may not see it until they get older, but most children who live in households with this sort of issue will have to deal with the impact for the rest of their lives. For this reason, using drug and alcohol rehab services  to help you as soon as possible is best to avoid any long term impact with your family.


Money is one of the most important resources a family has, and it can be all too easy to spend all of the money you have when you’re stuck with a habit like gambling. People can get into serious financial trouble when they can’t stop themselves from spending money on online casinos and other gambling tools, and this can take money away that should be going to your children and their needs. It will be very hard to save for things like college if you are gambling a lot.

Breaking The Law

The law is a very important thing in modern society, and everyone is supposed to follow the basic rules that the law lays out. Breaking the law is considered fun by some, and this can even become a sort of addiction on its own. Of course, though, how would your little one feel if you ended up in jail? Professional legal services can help with issues like this, but it will always be best to simply follow the law.

Leaving Work

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about leaving work. Many people choose to leave their jobs each day, with stress, pressure, and brighter opportunities always making a change of career very tempting. Unless you have something lined up, though, it will be a mistake to leave your job when you have children to look after. This comes back to money, and it shows just how crucial your finances are as a family.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things to consider when you’re trying to avoid life choices that could be negative for your children. Many parents struggle with this work, though it doesn’t have to be super hard when you are willing to put some time into getting good results out of it.

Win a pair of Jana Reinhardt Silver penguin Earrings worth £69

With another lockdown upon us, we need to find little things to brighten our day, and accessorizing your daily look with some cute little earrings is the perfect way to lift your mood.  Finding smaller businesses that have perfected their craft and handmake their goods is always a pleasure.  Jana Reinhardt is the founder of one such business who has some beautiful pieces all inspired by nature and animals. 

Jana Reinhardt jewellery was founded in 2006 by a husband and wife team of master goldsmiths, who work from their studio by the sea in West Sussex, creating jewellery collections with the very best craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

They don’t use machine manufacture, preferring the old techniques of wax carving and fabrication to create their products. Hand making every item also means each piece is entirely unique, just like our customers. 

These traditional methods have no negative effect on the environment, making Jana Reinhardt a more sustainable choice for jewellery lovers. Plus, all precious metals used by Jana Reinhardt are from accredited suppliers, based in the UK and Germany, that continually buy back and recycle scrap metal, thus helping to create more environmentally friendly jewellery.  

The cute little penguins have a sturdy butterfly closure – great for keeping them safe from being pulled by little hands!

The ideal earring for any penguin lovers out there, or anyone looking for a stylish, winter themed piece of jewellery, subtle enough for everyday wear.

You can win a pair of sterling silver handmade penguin earrings by Jana Reinhardt jewellery worth £69. Featuring two adorable hand carved little penguins, these stunning studs measure 10mm x 7mm and are hand polished to a high shine. 

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Win a pair of sterling silver handmade penguin earrings worth £69