Woolly & Tig Books – Review

Woolly & Tig has been a firm favourite in this house since the first series aired on CBeebies, so I’m pleased to see a range of books have now been published by Random House.  They have a good selection, covering story books and activity books which include wipe clean and sticker types.

woolly 3If you haven’t met Woolly & Tig before, they are a young girl called Tig and her toy spider, Woolly.  The shows aim to explore new experiences that young children face such as the first time going swimming or being afraid of the dark.  Woolly encourages Tig to try new things, not be afraid of things and learn lots of new activities.

We received a couple of story books, Woolly at Nursery and I Love Mummy.  They are both high quality books, with thick glossy pages and bright pictures.

I Love Mummy discusses the relationship between Tig and her mummy, how much her mummy loves her and all the things she does for Tig.  It then shows Tig how she should help her mummy and understand that sometimes her mummy has to do things and can’t play but it doesn’t mean she loves Tig any less.

Woolly at Nursery explores the fun Tig has at nursery until she accidentally bumps into a little boy one day.  They both blame each other and she no longer enjoys nursery.  But by learning to share her worries and concerns she is happy to go back to nursery.  Both these books build on experiences and we have enjoyed reading them.  They make good talking points if your child has come across similar issues.

We then had a look at the activity books.  The Wipe Clean book is excellent for little ones who are just starting to hold a pen and get to grips with making marks on paper.  This is perfect for 3 yr old Mister B who could follow the lines, dots, shapes with the pen.  It also has simple words to copy which he struggles a bit with, but this makes the book a bit of a challenge and gives him something to learn from.  He is the ideal age for this and has really enjoyed doing it.

woolly 1The sticker books are all of a high quality, with lots of colourful stickers for little ones to add to the pages.  There are lots of other activities such as mazes, counting, colouring in etc. plenty to keep little ones occupied.  We’ve had great fun with these and it’s perfect to sit down with Mister B and do.  He’s really enjoyed them.

woolly 2If you are looking for activity books for your young children, then I’d definitely recommend trying out the Woolly & Tig books from Random House.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.


Woolly and Tig App – Review

Woolly and Tig is a favourite programme with my two children.  Both my 3 and 5 yr old are always keen to watch it when it’s on and love the DVD!  So when we got the chance to try the Woolly and Tig App, I was eager to see what it was like.

With free play where you can tickle Woolly, stroke him and count with him or structured play where there are 10 activities to do with Woolly such as wash him, brush his teeth or help him get dressed, there is a good selection of things to do.  Mister B who is 3 loved this app, his favourite activities being washing muddy Woolly, or fun in the snow where you get to create a snowman.  Miss M who is 5 loved to help her younger brother but is at the top age range for this and there wouldn’t be enough to occupy her and keep her engaged. Woolly and Tig app pic

As a pre school app this is perfect for getting young children to practice doing everyday things and getting into the habit of doing them daily.  For example it’s good to get children to brush Woolly’s teeth, then go and brush their own.

The app has bright, clear, simple images to help engage children and is simple to use, my 3 year old was able to work out how to do most things with little instruction.  It was great to see him excited about finishing the tasks and feeling a sense of achievement.

Another option on the app is to schedule times to do things and the children will be reminded by the app when they need to do certain tasks.

Woolly and Tig App

The Woolly and Tig app is available from the iTunes store for £2.99.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.


Woolly and Tig Books – Review

Woolly and Tig has been a surprise hit with my two children since it started on television – they are absolutely glued to the programme and love Tig with her pet spider Woolly in their day to day adventures.

Woolly and Tig Night NightNight Night, Woolly is a delightful paperback book from Random House for young children.  The book is beautifully  made with each page being thick and sturdy.  With it’s rounded corners it looks smart and inviting, full of bold bright colours that little ones will love.  On the corner of each page is a little image of Woolly with the words “Lift me up…”, a simple but fun guide to turn the page which my two found fun.

The storyline is all about Tig overcoming her fear of the dark with Woolly by her side to help.  At first her parents give her a little lamp to glow through the night but then she sees shadows on the wall which turn out to be her sheep mobile.  Woolly shows her how to have fun making shadow puppet shows on the ceiling which becomes a fun thing to do and Tig forgets about her fear of the dark.

I love how all the Woolly and Tig stories follow an experience that many little ones face in life and then show them a way to overcome it.  Woolly the friendly spider is a big hit with my children.  They trust him and listen to his guidance with open ears and keep asking for a cuddly Woolly of their own.

Woolly and Tig Sticker bookThe Woolly and Tig Let’s Play Sticker Book is a glossy covered activity book, packed full of pages to colour, practice writing skills, counting and do observational puzzles.  There are also plenty of sticker pages in the centre which my two love, to be used across the pages of the book with some extra stickers to use how you want.

woolly and tig picsI think this activity book covers a good selection of things to do, all fun but incorporating hidden educational aspects.  This is ideal for preschoolers, giving them something to focus on and something to sit down and do with the aid of a parent.  My two both wanted to have a go, so Miss M took charge and did the harder activities but very kindly guided Mister B through the simpler ones encouraging him to have a go at tracing the letters.  She also helped him to place the stickers in the correct places.  Being big Woolly and Tig fans they loved it and in my opinion the sticker book is well thought out with a good variety of activities and of a nice quality.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

Woolly and Tig: One Step at a Time DVD – Review and WIN

Woolly and Tig: One Step at a Time is the second Woolly and Tig DVD to be released by Abbey Home Media and one that I knew my children would love.  When I first saw the Woolly and Tig series on CBeebies I wasn’t to sure that my children would enjoy it but it has been one of them very surprising hits that they adore watching as well as singing to the theme tune!

Woolly& Tig One stepFeatures 15 episodes:
• One Step at a Time
• Timmy’s Monsters
• Splash
• The Painting Day
• Museum of
• The Dog
• Bus Ride
• Supermarket
• The Hospital
• Sleep Over
• Busy
• Big Stomps
• The Dance Class
• The Clown
• The Party

This DVD contains 15 Woolly and Tig episodes is perfect for any young Woolly and Tig fan or even someone new to the programme.  My children love watching the day to day going’s on with Tig doing normal day to day things and her toy spider Woolly helping her along the way, encouraging her to do things she is not sure about.

Splash was Miss M’s favourite episode on this DVD, all about the swimming pool – something Miss M loves herself.  In this programme Tig is afraid of going into the big pool but Woolly encourages her and she finally is brave and takes the plunge herself.

The DVD is released on 16th September 2013 and can be purchased from all good DVD stockists.

For more information can be found on the Abbey Home Media website or their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Woolly and Tig – First Day DVD Review

When Woolly and Tig first started on CBeebies, I have to admit I never took much notice of it but I kept noticing Miss M mention it and get all excited, telling mummy to be quiet as it was one of her favourite programmes.  So when we were sent a copy of the new Woolly and Tig DVD  by Abbey Home Media to review I knew it would be a hit.

WoollyIt follows a young girl called Tig and her cuddly spider Woolly who go about their day doing different things.  Woolly is always there to support and encourage Tig in things she does like when she doesn’t want to wash her hair, won’t share her toys with her friends or has to learn how to adapt to a new baby brother being in the house etc..  Definitely lots of lessons to be learnt here in a fun, friendly way.

My two have loved watching this DVD over and over – I’m quite surprised at how many any times this DVD has been played but if it’s sending out good messages and they enjoy it, then it’s fine by me!  I would say the ideal viewing ages for this are between 2 and 5.

The NEW Woolly and Tig – First Day DVD is available to purchase now from all good DVD stockists.

Find out more at www.abbeyhomemedia.com
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All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.


Woolly and Tig – First Day DVD – 5 to Giveaway!!

Woolly and Tig is an entertaining little programme shown on CBeebies that my two children absolutely adore.  At first it didn’t catch my eye but it certainly caught my children’s and they love watching it whenever it comes on and always ask me to be quiet!!

Join three-year-old Tig and her cuddly toy spider Woolly as they share new and exciting days together. From a first day at nursery school to meeting a man with a beard, uncertainty and worry are replaced with fun and laughter when Woolly is magically animated to life.

The TV series explores the feelings that many children have when faced with new experiences in a simple, fun and positive way.
This DVD also includes a FREE Woolly and Tig reward chart and stickers!  A perfect way to help encourage and acknowledge your little ones daily achievements!

Features 15 episodes

First Day                                                 Swing Park
Changing my Room                             The Funfair
Hair Wash Day                                      Eating New Foods
Baby Ben                                               Choosing
Granny No No                                        Fire Alarm
Sharing                                                   The Beard
Losing Things                                        Hair Cut
Open Wide

The NEW Woolly and Tig – First Day DVD will be available to purchase from 1st April 2013 from all good DVD stockists.

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