Woolly and Tig – First Day DVD – 5 to Giveaway!!

Woolly and Tig is an entertaining little programme shown on CBeebies that my two children absolutely adore.  At first it didn’t catch my eye but it certainly caught my children’s and they love watching it whenever it comes on and always ask me to be quiet!!

Join three-year-old Tig and her cuddly toy spider Woolly as they share new and exciting days together. From a first day at nursery school to meeting a man with a beard, uncertainty and worry are replaced with fun and laughter when Woolly is magically animated to life.

The TV series explores the feelings that many children have when faced with new experiences in a simple, fun and positive way.
This DVD also includes a FREE Woolly and Tig reward chart and stickers!  A perfect way to help encourage and acknowledge your little ones daily achievements!

Features 15 episodes

First Day                                                 Swing Park
Changing my Room                             The Funfair
Hair Wash Day                                      Eating New Foods
Baby Ben                                               Choosing
Granny No No                                        Fire Alarm
Sharing                                                   The Beard
Losing Things                                        Hair Cut
Open Wide

The NEW Woolly and Tig – First Day DVD will be available to purchase from 1st April 2013 from all good DVD stockists.

Find out more at

If you fancy getting your hands on a copy of the Woolly and Tig – First Day DVD, then Abbey Home Media have kindly offered me 5 copies to giveaway to my readers – so just follow the instructions below.

1.To enter, please comment below telling me whether you love or hate spiders!!  (compulsory entry)
2.Subscribe to my blog (at top right of page) – either through email or RSS feed (bonus entry)
3.Like my Facebook page(bonus entry)
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5.Google+ this post (bonus entry)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry for it to be counted up to a maximum of 5 entries per person.

Terms & Conditions
Winners selected at random

If a selected winner has not fulfilled the first entry criteria or any others to which they made comments they will be disqualified
No automated entries
Competition ends Sunday 14th April 2013 at midnight – any entries received after this time won’t be counted
If a winner does not make contact within 48 hours an alternative winner will be drawn
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  1. I hate spiders!!! but I can make an exception just for wooly 😉 lol
    anna m – @ummziyad

  2. i’m subscribed by email

  3. already liked your facebook, anna marikar

  4. g+ it on the name mohammed marikar

  5. ashleigh says:

    i hate them!

  6. Jo welsh says:

    Don’t mind very small ones but that’s as far as I go!

  7. ashleigh says:

    i am subscribed with google reader as mummy24

  8. Jo welsh says:

    Follow on Facebook – Jo welsh

  9. ashleigh says:

    i follow and have tweeted as @ashlallan

  10. When you grow up with a Dad who is an Entomologist you learn very quickly not to be scared of any little animal. I’ve often been called to ‘rescue’ friends from spiders and the like 🙂

  11. and I already follow your blog, and liked on Facebook and Twitter, have google+ too , tweeted as @minnowmep 🙂

  12. Jane Brown says:

    Depends on the size of the spider. Tiny little money spiders are ok, the big ones with the hairy fingers, no thanks!

  13. Jane Brown says:

    I follow your blog via email

  14. Jane Brown says:

    I have liked your Facebook page

  15. Jane Brown says:

    Am following you on Twitter )Belle7268) and have tweeted the message

  16. Jane Brown says:

    I think I have google plus’d (not sure if it worked properly!)

  17. alison says:

    I hate them, but my youngest nephew loves them and loves this programme too!

  18. I don’t like spiders but Maxx does!

  19. I don’t mind spiders – they eat flies!

  20. John Taggart says:

    I love spiders 🙂

  21. iain says:

    dont mind really

  22. Tracy C says:

    I certainly don’t love spiders but my husband who hates them relies on me to remove them, I’m not a complete hater.

  23. Tracy C says:

    Just Liked and left a comment on your FB page too!

  24. Kerry Edwards says:

    A spider once jumped at me and landed on my skirt, it was huge!!! And I’ve never liked them since then I also swear it screamed….although that could’ve been me!!

  25. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    I don’t have any phobias about any creepy-crawlie. In fact where I used to work we had a floor safe and I was the one that used to get the spiders out of the safe before anyone would get the money out. Daft thing was there were 3 men in the office!! lol Used to cost them a mug of coffee (they were the bosses so they had to make me one – started off as a joke – about the coffee – but worked).

  26. VERONICA BUTT says:

    Really don’t like them but always have to rescue them, however big and however long it takes.

  27. Christine OPrey says:

    I don’t like large spiders …. but small ones i can deal with 🙂

  28. Christine OPrey says:

    Subscribed to blog as Following on twitter as @christinaop and liked facebook as Christine O’Prey 🙂

  29. Sarah Morgan says:

    My kids love this spider

  30. I don’t mind spiders, as long as they stay away from me!

  31. Already following you by email.

  32. I like you on FB

  33. Following you on Twitter and I have tweeted @RedRoseMummy

  34. +1’d as Pippa Ainsworth

  35. stacey tripconey says:

    I hate spiders!

  36. stacey tripconey says:

    Have liked on Facebook.

  37. stacey tripconey says:

    Have followed on Twitter and tweeted.

  38. clairew137 says:

    Hate them.

  39. clairew137 says:

    3.Like my Facebook page – done – claire samuel

  40. clairew137 says:

    Followed and tweeted @clairew137

  41. Victoria Leedham says:

    I don’t love them but they don’t scare me either!

  42. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldridge says:

    i hate spiders

  43. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldridge says:

    subscribed to blog

  44. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldridge says:

    liked your facebook page

  45. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldridge says:

    followed and tweeted on twitter @gothlass88

  46. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldridge says:

    google+ this post

  47. sarah rees says:

    i like spiders, dont have a problem with them

  48. karen Martin says:

    Never been a fan of spiders but when we have one in the house im the one that gets rid of it as my partner seems to act all dramatic if i ask him to do it lol

  49. Fiona Matters says:

    I can never quite decide. I like the lack of flies but I hate the webs. Not too sure on the actual spiders. The little ones are usually OK

  50. andrea lloyd says:

    i don’t mind spiders they are ok

  51. Alex C says:

    Hate spiders! We love Woolly though!

  52. Alex C says:

    Following via email (

  53. Alex C says:

    Liked on Facebook as Alex Cox

  54. Alex C says:

    Following and tweeted (@Maddiesmummy88)

  55. Alex C says:

    G+ as Alex Cox

  56. says:

    as long as they’re not too big

  57. Natalie Booth says:

    I hate spiders, absolutely terrified of them but my daughter loves wooly 🙂

  58. Can’t bear spiders!!

  59. Liked your Facebook page.

  60. Following on Twitter as @AttachmentMumma, and have tweeted 🙂

  61. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I don’t really like spiders but if I find one in the house I capture it in a glass and take it outside. I would never kill one.

  62. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I’m a liker on facebook

  63. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    i’m subscribed by email

  64. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    ive Google+ the post

  65. Louise says:

    Hate them but won’t kill them

  66. Natalie Holland says:

    I’m pretty afraid of spiders – I don’t mind, (and have even held) the big giant sort, but I don’t like the ones with fat bodies and skinny legs burgghhh oh no, most spiders scare me.

  67. Natalie Holland says:

    I *like* you on facebook x

  68. Natalie Holland says:

    i follow your blog via google reader x (natalie holland)

  69. Natalie Holland says:

    I follow on twitter and have tweeted x

  70. Natalie Holland says:

    I G+ the post

  71. Phyllis Ellett says:

    We all love spiders

  72. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Subscribed with same email as on this form

  73. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Already like on FB with Phyllis Ellett as ID

  74. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Already following and tweeted with @phyllgerry

  75. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Google + post (Google + ID is Phyllis Ellett)

  76. L Farnworth says:

    I like spiders…..from a distance! Wouldn’t want to touch one or have one in the bed but they’re webs are amazing.

  77. L Farnworth says:

    Already like you on Facebook

  78. L Farnworth says:

    Follow on twitter @LAFhusky and I tweeted about the giveaway.

  79. says:

    Love Spiders 😀

  80. Kayleigh Devlin says:

    liked on facebook Kayleigh Devlin

  81. Kayleigh Devlin says:

    liked and tweeted @kaydee86

  82. I absolutely hate spiders, petrified of them, hoping I can get my little girl to deal with them when shes older 🙂 x

  83. Janine Atkin says:

    i hate spiders! i work on a checkout and there was one on my till today and a customer has to move it for me before i let the belt move!

  84. Janine Atkin says:

    im already liking your facebook page

  85. Janine Atkin says:

    im following on twitter and have tweeted

  86. Linda McGarrigle says:

    I hate spiders eeeeeew! but my son and my daughter loves them lol

  87. Caroline Hammond says:

    I hate spiders, I’m a big wuss but they don’t bother my children at all

  88. Caroline Hammond says:

    I’m already subscribed by email

  89. Caroline Hammond says:

    I like you on Facebook as Caroline Mcgovern

  90. Caroline Hammond says:

    I am following you on twitter @Carolinehammon1 here is my tweet

  91. Caroline Hammond says:

    I have google +’d you as Caroline Mcgovern Hammond

  92. irene gilmour says:

    I like spiders

  93. irene gilmour says:

    liked on facebook (Irene Gilmour)

  94. irene gilmour says:
  95. olivia kirby says:

    HATE! HATE! HATE! Spiders!

  96. olivia kirby says:

    I like on FB

  97. olivia kirby says:

    tweeted and following too!!! @olivia280177

  98. olivia kirby says:

    I google + the post as olivia kirby

  99. olivia kirby says:

    I subscribe by email! Yay!

  100. Kirsty Fox says:

    I absolutely love spiders

  101. Kirsty Fox says:

    I subscribe via email – robertfox24 [at] aol [dot] com

  102. Kirsty Fox says:

    I like your Facebook page – Kirsty Fox

  103. Kirsty Fox says:

    I follow you on Twitter and have tweeted – @bloomingfox

  104. melanie stirling says:

    I hate spiders!

  105. melanie stirling says:

    I have subscribed via email

  106. melanie stirling says:

    I have google +’d

  107. Emma clement says:

    I can’t stand them! If they stick to the outdoors, fine, but not in the house please!
    My 3 year old is spiderman obsessed and by default, also fascinated by spiders so I have to be careful how I react!

    Both my 1 year old and 3 year old love woolly and tig – I didn’t know there was a DVD yet!

    Emma xx (@beachpebble on twitter)

  108. Emma clement says:

    Bonus entry

    I subscribe and follow your blog on bloglovin

    Emma xx (@beachpebble)

  109. Emma clement says:

    Bonus entry

    I follow and have RT’d on twitter @beachpebble

    Emma x

  110. Hate spiders :L

  111. KATHARINE B says:

    Hate real ones but love Woolly

  112. KATHARINE B says:

    Subscribed to blog

  113. KATHARINE B says:

    Liked on facebook

  114. Michelle Addy says:

    I am absolutely petrified of spiders, though toy ones don’t bother me.x

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