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WIN Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD – 5 copies up for grabs!!

Anyone that watches CBeebies will know and love Mister Maker – my 2 children are huge fans as they love to make things, get their fingers in gloopy glue and stick googly eyes on things!  So if you have some aspiring little artists then this is definitely the new Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD to watch.

Mister Maker 2
Join in the fun with Mister Maker and his friends in his magical art studio.  Watch and make along as he transforms everyday objects into fun pieces of art!

The new Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD contains over 20 fun makes including:

A splattered space picture, noisy coin clackers & hilarious worms in a can!
Splattered stencils, an incredible ice cream cone game and wobbly eggs!
Bubbles, a fabulous fish with shiny paper & space skittles that are out of this world!
Brilliant bubble wrap picture, a straw powered rocket & crazy carnival shakers!
Transform everyday objects into incredible insects, torn paper & a space age city!

The DVD is out now and can be purchased from all good DVD stockists

For more information can be found on the Abbey Home Media.

To win 1 of 5 copies of the new Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD simply fill in the form below.


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  1. anna says:

    we made some pressed flowers yesterday

    1. we do scrap booking..

  2. we made scrapbook.

    1. Darlene says:

      I also made a little scrapbook with my son the other day 🙂

  3. Endless painting! We used it for wrapping paper this week which was fab.

  4. karen Martin says:

    The last crafty thing i done was design piggy banks with my nieces.I now use them to put pocket money in for the girls.

  5. ashleigh says:

    We made some jewellery with a set my daughter got for her birthday

  6. Spicers1976 says:

    We made a dream catcher last week

  7. We made some flowers, rocket and stars with Playfoam

  8. Emily H says:

    We made a robot collage

  9. laura banks says:

    we did some painting

  10. jo boote says:

    we made a sun out of paint and paper plates thats now hanging on the wall

  11. melanie stirling says:

    We made a miniature garden with a little pond.

  12. MisseyJ says:

    We had a paint fest in the garden on Sunday. We stuck lots ( I mean lots) of scrap paper together to create a huge blank canvas. Out came the finger paints and My boy and his cousin made footprints, handprints, rolled around in it which erm made bottom prints! (pants on of course ;-)). It was probably the messiest thing we have ever done but they had great fun and loved every minute of it.

  13. Mummy Fever says:

    We spent half term working on a picture the size of the dining table of Noah’s Ark @MummyFever

  14. Susan says:

    Great to take on holiday for the wet days.

  15. iain says:


  16. We made a mod roc rocket for a homework project!

  17. Rebecca Phillips says:

    We did a salt dough keepsake for his gran x

  18. Sue Bowden says:

    We made a funky hatfrom cardboard and old bits of material.

  19. says:

    me and my children made paper mache and stuck it on balloons, I use to this as a child so showed them what to do we made faces on them and they now sit in the garden on sticks by our vegetables we are growing

  20. Jackie Foster says:

    A Lovely Easter Card

  21. Laura Plews says:

    Me and my children made their own kites

  22. sam cornford says:

    my daughter likes doing anything messy.

  23. andrea lloyd says:

    we love painting

  24. Jo welsh says:

    We made a model together

  25. lisa marks says:

    My son is the biggest fan especially of the shapes

  26. Anna says:

    Colouring @anna8301

  27. says:

    we made some cards

  28. Sarah Higgins says:

    We made Birthday Cards for dad, it’s his birthday next week.

  29. Victoria Leedham says:

    Chalk drawings as it was sunny out today

  30. Clare Scanlan says:

    We love doing crafty things and my daughter loves entering them in competitions and winning!

  31. Lindy hamilton says:

    A telescope thing lol

  32. Debbie Hercock says:

    We decorated a box with 3-D glitter pens

  33. caroline kelly says:

    we made animal masks and baked cupcakes

  34. Fiona Matters says:

    I made some crochet dinosaurs!

  35. Sarah says:

    Mr Maker is responsible for glue patches all over my table cloth and wiggly eye creatures everywhere which we aren’t allowed to ‘recycle’!!

  36. Home hand made cards

  37. julie baxter says:

    me and my son made a sheild and sword together 🙂

  38. Karen Barrett says:

    Finger painting

  39. caroline pawson says:

    me and my kids are always doing arts & crafts together last thing we made was my sons model rocket for his school homework. x

  40. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    We made a Birthday Card for Grans 60th

  41. Sarah Parkin says:

    We made Play doh sweets

  42. Lauren says:

    A cut out silhouette

  43. Paul Scotland says:

    We made a hedgehog – play doh and matches (I cut off the sulpher ends)

  44. We made a snail out of clay.

  45. Kayleigh H says:

    We made scrumptious pasta dinners from play dough today! :0)

  46. says:

    we made some cardboard houses

  47. stacey kirkbride says:

    hand made soaps

  48. Jane Brown says:

    Play-doh food

  49. victoria thurgood says:

    A fathers Day pot with a card

  50. Therese says:

    My son made a boat out of an old eggbox 🙂

  51. Lucy says:

    A boat from a cardboard box

  52. jessica agyin says:

    we made some popcorn necklaces

  53. Rachel Craig says:

    A colourful picture of an elephant.

  54. Kelly Dudley says:

    Customized flip flops for Auntie Kim!

  55. Peter Gilby says:

    We did lots of painting

  56. christy beckett says:

    We used some empty boxes and made robots, we then covered them in paper.

  57. Lucy J says:

    Hope I win 🙂

  58. Phyllis Ellett says:

    A collage of the sea side using old birthday cards cut up and felt tip pens to add background.

  59. victoria says:

    We made a fathers day card

  60. janet e says:

    looking after the grandchildren in summer so will be using some of the ideas on the dvd

  61. Val swift says:

    We made birthday cards

  62. stephanie thornley says:

    We made crowns so we could be a princess and queen!

  63. jennifer thorpe says:

    the last crafty thing my children did was a fathers day card for their daddy

  64. Tammy Tudor says:

    A drawing of our family 🙂

  65. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    A Birthday Card

  66. Amy Ripley says:

    We made some popcorn jewellery!

  67. claire little says:

    father’s day card

  68. Clare White says:

    We made little spiders from pipe cleaners and wool, then stuck on eyes and little stars for Woolly & Tig

  69. Andy D says:

    Book Mark

  70. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Fathers day card

  71. Kelly Hooper says:

    My daughter made a cake for her gran out of lego

  72. Nick Alexander says:

    We do crafty things all the time because it keeps the kids happy and occupied. We painted pictures of fruit this morning.

  73. elizabeth yeates says:

    fairies in a jar!

  74. Linda Bird says:

    Making cards

  75. Emily Nelson says:

    painting and colouring in!

  76. sarah cheshire says:

    my daughter made a happy daddy day card with pom poms and metallic stars and hearts and doddles

  77. francis lee says:

    we hand made my mum a bithday card

  78. Samantha R says:

    my daughter was please to have won an easter egg decorating competition at school this year

  79. Nicola Reynolds says:

    my son made a fathers day present at school for his Daddy

  80. Amanda H says:

    We painted animal masks and decorated with glitter, feathers and tissue paper.

  81. Mark Palmer says:

    A moon buggy

  82. Janine Atkin says:

    we made a pen pot from a gravy pot!

  83. Emma Ellison says:

    Sponge painting 🙂

  84. Jamie Berwick says:

    We drew a lovely picture of a puffin and the decorated it with paint and glitter sprinkles

  85. Joanne Kelly says:

    A fathers day card 🙂 We made 2 hands out of card then glued one concertina of card to each hand (and glued together) – on the front of the first hand we wrote ‘we love you….’ then on each side of the concertina we wrote t h i s m u c h. It was lovely & Daddy was very happy 🙂 x

  86. lia burns says:

    We made our own money box x

  87. Emma Smith says:

    We made homemade pizza’s for dinner last night


    We made a car this morning out of some cardboard boxes and added a balloon for an airbag (then we drove to the zoo!)

  89. Irene Wares says:

    My son made a ‘self-portrait’ of himself the other day from a balloon, pipecleaners, card, crepe paper and glue! It was great fun

  90. says:

    we made clay dinosaurs

  91. Karen R says:

    My daughter made a card for the birthday party she went to last week 🙂

  92. Rachael Donovan says:

    we painted paper plate faces x

  93. Micky Ricketts says:

    A Book about dinosaurs for school

  94. emma schramm says:

    My son loves making any of the mister maker things at the age of 3 it has taught him so much about recycling what others would class as junk and using it to make things like robots and planets etc xx

  95. Rebecca Shelton says:

    We made a roman shield and sword had great fun .

  96. nicola reynolds says:

    we did some painting this morning, my little girl painted a picture of our house while my little boy just painted himself lol

  97. claire matthews-curtis says:

    We made some picture frames for fathers day


    We made a finger paint heart picture for Daddy 🙂

  99. Kelly Tobin says:

    A vase

  100. liz ferguson says:

    My daughter made mini frog puppets, out of poppet boxes.

  101. rachael says:

    helped my son make a birthday card for granded yesterday 🙂 it looks like a shirt & tie lol !

  102. Lani Nash says:

    We made a caterpillar out of stuff around the house, including a pringles tube

  103. says:

    I love cross stitching. I made a picture of bird.

  104. Charlotte Clark says:

    Made a Father’s day card!

  105. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    My children made Father’s Day cards for their Dad last weekend.

  106. says:

    great giveaway

  107. Mummy of Two says:

    A story in a frame for Father’s Day

  108. Mickie Bull says:

    Paper mache piggy banks

  109. Susan Willshee says:

    mr maker is responsible for most of the ornaments around my home at the moment – lol!

  110. says:

    We made a photo album for Daddy’s birthday!

  111. Jane Middleton says:

    School project about garden

  112. We decorated an elephant mask.

  113. jo glasspool says:

    A fathers day card x

  114. says:

    A door hanger saying keep out!

  115. Yazz Newman says:

    We made a fathers day card & a birthday card for my dad (my sons grand dad). =) Great comp!

  116. zoey deacon says:

    A wrestling ring using matches

  117. Nick B says:

    A birthday card

  118. Sally Poole says:

    Painted glass jars

  119. says:

    We planted some some vegtable seeds in the garden

  120. Solange says:

    We made scrapbook.

  121. jade says:

    We made a carriage from Cinderella

  122. Belinda Matthews says:

    we made a papier mache pig moneybox

  123. GEOFF GREEN says:

    Made a mess with painting.

  124. Rachel B says:

    a fathers day card

  125. Leanne Nash says:

    My son made a sock monster using my husbands entire sock collection this morning – he wasnt impressed but I thought it was AMAZING

  126. Stuart Wells says:

    My eldest mad an iceberg complete with penguins and a polar bear.

  127. Shelley White says:

    Great idea for kids – they love making things!

  128. Adrian Clarke says:

    We made Bow & Arrows

  129. james rowlands says:

    This is great

  130. Ian Cooper says:

    Face Masks 🙂

  131. A flower press picture.

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