WIN Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD – 5 copies up for grabs!!

Anyone that watches CBeebies will know and love Mister Maker – my 2 children are huge fans as they love to make things, get their fingers in gloopy glue and stick googly eyes on things!  So if you have some aspiring little artists then this is definitely the new Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD to watch.

Mister Maker 2
Join in the fun with Mister Maker and his friends in his magical art studio.  Watch and make along as he transforms everyday objects into fun pieces of art!

The new Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD contains over 20 fun makes including:

A splattered space picture, noisy coin clackers & hilarious worms in a can!
Splattered stencils, an incredible ice cream cone game and wobbly eggs!
Bubbles, a fabulous fish with shiny paper & space skittles that are out of this world!
Brilliant bubble wrap picture, a straw powered rocket & crazy carnival shakers!
Transform everyday objects into incredible insects, torn paper & a space age city!

The DVD is out now and can be purchased from all good DVD stockists

For more information can be found on the Abbey Home Media webite or their Facebook and Twitter pages.

To win 1 of 5 copies of the new Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD simply fill in the form below.


134 thoughts on “WIN Mister Maker: Watch & Make Vol. 5 DVD – 5 copies up for grabs!!

  1. The last crafty thing i done was design piggy banks with my nieces.I now use them to put pocket money in for the girls.

  2. We had a paint fest in the garden on Sunday. We stuck lots ( I mean lots) of scrap paper together to create a huge blank canvas. Out came the finger paints and My boy and his cousin made footprints, handprints, rolled around in it which erm made bottom prints! (pants on of course ;-)). It was probably the messiest thing we have ever done but they had great fun and loved every minute of it.

  3. me and my children made paper mache and stuck it on balloons, I use to this as a child so showed them what to do we made faces on them and they now sit in the garden on sticks by our vegetables we are growing

  4. Mr Maker is responsible for glue patches all over my table cloth and wiggly eye creatures everywhere which we aren’t allowed to ‘recycle’!!

  5. me and my kids are always doing arts & crafts together last thing we made was my sons model rocket for his school homework. x

  6. We do crafty things all the time because it keeps the kids happy and occupied. We painted pictures of fruit this morning.

  7. A fathers day card 🙂 We made 2 hands out of card then glued one concertina of card to each hand (and glued together) – on the front of the first hand we wrote ‘we love you….’ then on each side of the concertina we wrote t h i s m u c h. It was lovely & Daddy was very happy 🙂 x

  8. We made a car this morning out of some cardboard boxes and added a balloon for an airbag (then we drove to the zoo!)

  9. My son made a ‘self-portrait’ of himself the other day from a balloon, pipecleaners, card, crepe paper and glue! It was great fun

  10. My son loves making any of the mister maker things at the age of 3 it has taught him so much about recycling what others would class as junk and using it to make things like robots and planets etc xx

  11. we did some painting this morning, my little girl painted a picture of our house while my little boy just painted himself lol

  12. My son made a sock monster using my husbands entire sock collection this morning – he wasnt impressed but I thought it was AMAZING

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