Mister B’s Street Scene Collage #Art #Craft

This week at Mister B’s craft group at the local museum we did collage, one of his favourite things.  There’s nothing more he likes than getting a glue stick and sticking things on.  His interest in crafts has really grown over the last few months and he takes an active interest in the things we make each week, more so if a glue stick is involved!  The theme this week was to create a street scene with inspiration from a post war model of the city’s civic centre area that was displayed in one of the museum’s galleries.

City map museum2We cut out some building shapes out which we stuck onto our background.  Then used some cut up shapes from patterned papers to add interest to our design.  Once everyone had finished we lined up all the pieces along the floor to create a long scene of buildings and trees and stood back to admire all the children’s pieces of art side by side.

City map museum1

Mister B really enjoyed this weeks project and put lots of enthusiasm into his work.  Another successful week of artwork at the museum  – we look forward to going again soon.

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  1. anna says:

    this looks great!

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