Win a Canvas with photo of your choice!

Have you ever wanted your favourite photo turned into a canvas?  Well here’s your chance to get that done.  Canvasdesign are offering one of my readers the opportunity to turn a photo of their choice into a canvas of any size, ranging from 6×6 inches up to 40×40 inches!

CanvasThese sound amazing!  I’ve always wanted to try a canvas but never actually had one done.  The Canvasdesign website makes it simple to order and you can get a bespoke canvas the size and finish you want.  I’ve had a look at the order process and it looks really fresh and modern and easy to get the look that you want.  Why not take a look?

If you fancy ordering a canvas, I can offer you 15% discount off any canvas including free delivery.  Just use code BLOG15 as the discount code.

To win a canvas of your choice, just enter the rafflecopter form below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to UK entrants only
Winners will be emailed and will need to reply within 28 days or a new winner will be drawn
Winners will be required to email me the photo they require, their address and mobile number and I will forward them to Canvasdesign for fulfillment of the prize.


235 thoughts on “Win a Canvas with photo of your choice!

  1. I already have one canvas picture of my dog Loki, but last year took on another rescue dog called Boo! I think he feel’s a bit left out not being up on the wall as well, so I would definitely get his image printed onto canvas so he can join his brother! 🙂

  2. A picture of me and my best friend on holiday last year as we dont get to see each other much since we both went to university.

  3. We are getting married in March and want to print a picture of us 2 for all our guests to sign to remember what will be a great day

  4. We’ve owned two bull terriers – one was a bitch called Saffi who sadly died a few years ago, the other is our dog, Kai who is nine and has a lot of health problems. We have a beautiful photo of them both when Kai was young and that is the image I would love to have on a canvas.

  5. My eldest who has just recently got into modelling, has a red bedroom and modelled a red outfit and thought it would look absolutely amazing on canvas and hung in her bedroom!

  6. It would have to be me, hubby & our son as we don’t have a nice one yet (our son is 2) 🙁
    If I won we would have to make the effort to get a nice photo of the 3 of us 🙂

  7. I have an old black and white pic of my nan and grandad on their wedding day. They are long gone now, so would have that put on the canvas for my mum and dad 🙂

  8. we had a mad hatters themed engagement party in October, everyone dressed up in costumes so id love to have one of the group shots put onto a canvas as a lovely memento x

  9. I’d have a picture of my baby girl – she is growing up so quickly and a canvas would be a wonderful memory of when she was small.

  10. We lost my precious Gran in October and I’d have a beautiful picture of her with me , my daughter and my brother and sister printed onto a canvas .
    It would mean so much to me.

  11. I have a stunning picture of my partner on her 60th birthday. She is doing a twirl in her party dress and it would make a wonderful reminder of her speial day

  12. I would have the three grandchildren from a picture taken last summer, it was taken without them knowing and I think it’s a beautiful photo.

  13. I would get a photo of my children put on canvas, I took it last month, a rare photo where both my children are holding hands with each other and smiling…usually one or the other is screaming/hitting the other one lol

  14. If I won I would get out the tripod for a family group photo specially for the frame. I am not used to square format photos, that should get me thinking.

  15. I have a great photo from last summer with all the family together, it would make a great present for my Mum!

  16. I would love a canvas of the very first photo I took of our newborn little girl, only minutes old, with my husband holding her in his arms with a look of total awe and love in his eyes. It is my favourite photo in the whole world.

  17. last night my partner and i met our 4 day old niece and during the tears had a lovely picture taken i want to keep that memory forever

  18. I’ve got some lovely photos I’ve taken of wild orchids that are currently hidden away on the PC … I’d love to get one of those on canvas so it can go on the wall for all the see 🙂

  19. I Would love to surprise my hubby with one of his thousands of photos that he takes,and never gets round to putting them anywere other than in the computer!!He has a Heart of Gold!I Love him Tons XX

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