Princess Personalised Colouring Book – Review

Find me a are an online retailer selling a huge variety of gifts – something for everyone in fact, which they break down into various categories to help you find the ideal gift for the person/event that you are purchasing for.  When we were asked to review an item from the children’s gifts, I chose the Princess Personalised Colouring Book which looked different, exciting and girly.

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One of Miss M’s favourite activities at the moment is colouring.  She’s always bringing coloured pictures home from nursery and loves finding paper or printed pictures which she can colour in, so I knew she would be excited to try the princess colouring book from find me a

When we received the personalised colouring book I knew it would have Miss M’s name across the front but what was really special was that the name you choose is actually printed on each of the colouring pages inside.  I think this is a really unique personal touch especially for children as they love to see their name on things.

The pictures in the Princess Personalised Colouring book are clear, bold designs with lots of colouring space, perfect for younger children.  And what I really loved was how girly the pictures are – lots of princesses, castles, carriages, stars and hearts.  So hard to find in normal colouring books which are tend to be generic.

princess personalised colouring book

princess personalised colouring book

The novelty of having the childs name on the pages is excellent and the way the name is displayed in the pictures is varied from being written in little stars, large cloud shaped letters or simply along the turret of a castle. We had fun on first opening the book, trying to look for Miss M’s name on each page – she was so excited to see her name – it definitely added a “Wow” factor to the colouring book.

This is a lovely sized colouring book with a good selection of girly pictures to colour in.  They are plenty of hours of entertainment to be had from this and with it’s unique personalised aspect would make an excellent gift, that any young girl would be delighted to receive.

We thoroughly enjoyed this colouring book and would definitely recommend it.  It is available from find me a currently priced at £7.99.

Here is a short video showing inside the personalised colouring book:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

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