Avoid the 5p carrier bag charge with Trolley bags – Giveaway

With the 5p carrier bag charge introduced this week, the search for the perfect reusuable bags is upon us and I have found just the thing to use in supermarkets.  From the company Packing Sorted comes these rather clever Trolley Bags!

WP_20151003_14_22_39_ProAs you can see they fit perfectly in your trolley, meaning no wasted space and just four bags to lift out into your car.  What’s more, they are all velcroed to each other at the top to stop them sliding apart until you need to remove them , but they also all roll up together for easy storage in your car boot between shopping trips.

WP_20151003_14_18_54_ProWP_20151003_14_20_49_ProThey are easy to carry into the supermarket as demonstrated by my 4yr old son on the left who loves to help out!

Then you simply hang them on the hook at the end of your trolley as above whilst you shop.  If you are scanning your own shopping you can of course put the items straight into the bags otherwise keep them rolled up until you go through the till.

The beauty of these bags are that there’s no messing around trying to open fiddly carrier bags, you simply place the bags at the end of the trolley and open them out to the end.  They have velcro at the top to keep them together, which you then simply undo to lift them into the car.

WP_20151003_15_06_18_ProThese really do make shopping so simple and are the perfect solution to avoid the carrier bag charge.  These are built to last, fill the whole trolley and can be used time and time again.  As you can see the ones above are designed for a shallow trolley but they do also make a set for a large trolley which you can see here.

For one of my readers, I am giving away a set of Trolley Bags.  All you have to do is fill out the Gleam form below.

trolley bags

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the shopping bags in order to write the review.

213 thoughts on “Avoid the 5p carrier bag charge with Trolley bags – Giveaway

  1. Recycle everything we can! Also if we use a bucket of water for something like handwashing we use the water afterwards to flush the toilet

  2. Review labels of household cleaners you use. Consider alternatives like baking soda, scouring pads, water, or a little more elbow grease.

  3. as we live in Wales we have not used plastic carrier bags since October 2011, any carrier gags that have been bought the money has been donated to a local charity. For example in my local supermarket £7000 was donated to the local cancer hospital in the first 12 months of the charge being introduced

  4. I dont use bags at all- I load the trolley with the shopping take it to the car and put it in plastic boxes in the boot- however these bags would save a lot of time!!

  5. Avoid unnecessary packaging, especially if you can’t recycle.
    If you need to run the tap to get the water hot, catch the run off in bowl and collect to use for watering plants or flushing the toilet.

  6. Recycle everything possible. I think the 5p charge on carrier bags will work wonders for the environment because people won’t be too quick to just throw them away and hopefully re-use

  7. We recycle as much as we can, re use plastic carrier bags and also plastic bottles and sometimes even toilet/kitchen roll tubes for craft purposes

  8. Dig for Victory
    Get an allotment to grow your own or use a widow box to grow your own herbs.
    Easy cheap way to grow herbs, supermarkets cram several live herbs in pots which you can separate into more pots and in a couple of weeks you will have three or more plants for the price of one AND they will grow bigger and last longer.
    Food straight from the ground tastes sooo much better —- and it doesn’t come in plastic to rot away (Veg which is washed as in supermarkets rots in a few days — my carrots and spuds last for ages 🙂

  9. I did have a habit of abusing carrier bags when I got them. Used to throw everything in them and then wonder why they split. But now I’ve got a lot of “Bags for Life” instead, which last a lot longer. We also take “unwanted stuff” to the charity shops (including magazines etc) and I like to look round them for “bargains” instead of spending a fortune. Christmas cards fronts can be reused as postcards (for competitions) or you can cut them up and use them for tags for next year, the same with birthday cards. 🙂 Christmas cards are great in the sales, you can use the envelopes for letters too, so actually get 2 uses out of one card. 🙂

  10. We help the enviorment by growing as much food ourselves as we can, all waste food goes to chicken and we cycle when we can

  11. By using bicarb and vinegar for cleaning it helps the environment by not overloading with chemicals, also airdry washing as much as possible, saves on energy and money

  12. we recycle everything we can.
    we have replaced all the light bulbs with energy saving bulbs.
    we try not to waste water, we have more showers than baths
    we try not to buy products with excessive packaging
    and we don’t use the car if we can walk

  13. We recycle weekly as part of our normal council’s rubbish collection, but I also reuse my plastic bags in our bins (have done all my life) and donate clothes I no longer need or want.

  14. Buy a collapsible bucket to keep in the bathroom and collect the cold water that runs from the hot tap before it gets hot. Use that water to rinse out the basin or shower after use.
    Once you’ve had your bath, you can also use it to collect the cold bath water to water plants, wash paving slabs, the doorstep and window frames.

  15. We always walk to school and the village shops, we always re-use our carrier bags & we also use our left over washing up water to water the plants…….plus many more

  16. I always use my food & recycling bins. Help the landfill disgrace & make sure everything that is recyclable gets to the right place!

  17. We recycle everything in our house and we often use recyclable items for crafting as well so we get fun craft afternoons from them too.

  18. If you have less than two miles to travel then walk. If it’s not raining or snowing and you can get where you are giong by walking in under an hour, then walk.

  19. I re-use plastic pots from soup and hummus. The soup pots are excellent for making homemade soup, chilli or pasta sauces to fill the freezer. The hummus pots are perfect for salad portions and picnics!

  20. If your an organised type of person (unlike me!) shop online to reduce the amount of cars on the road and the amount of food wastage from impulsive in-store buys.

  21. We always take our reusable bags shopping (until our son borrowed them yesterday and I don’t expect to get them back) and always recycle our waste.

  22. Recycle everything that is recyclable, walk / cycle where possible instead of using the car. Wash on lower temperature. Use fabric bags not carriers for shopping.

  23. we have a water butt in the garden which we use to water the plants and grass. we also have a compost dalek which we put all our vegetable cuttings in. we use this as food for the plants. we also do the usually recycling bins each week

  24. I use my bread wrappers for my food waste that can not go in the compost bin and also for storing onions in the fridge that smell

  25. Recycle as much as you can. try and save any leftovers for lunch the next day or if there is enough for a tea the next night

  26. Recycle as much as you can. try and save any leftovers for lunch the next day or if there is enough for a tea the next night

  27. show and teach children from as early as possible and it will become second nature, and automatic. Recycling should be as natural as tidying up

  28. I have been walking my daughter to and from school instead of driving. My husband is lazy and drives wherever it is his turn, but if we are both off I make him walk

  29. I save buttons from any clothes that are being binned (not good enough for the charity shop) and I use these to make necklace gifts.

  30. I think it’s about one’s attitude, more than one or two specific methods. I care about my carbon footprint, and this effects most things I buy, do and discard, from not overfilling the kettle, to sending as little as possible to landfill.

  31. We use old carrier bags as bin liners, walk everywhere locally rather than driving and we make sure we don’t waste water by turning taps off whilst brushing teeth, and using rain water to water plants

  32. We recycle all our packaging where we can and the free newspapers that are delivered I use as cage liners for my birds in the cage

  33. I help the environment in LOTS of ways –

    1 – Recycling or reusing just about everything I can
    2 – Using public transport or walking everywhere
    3 – We never use any chemicals in our garden, everything is done naturally.
    Nat Ralph recently posted…Mummys day out!My Profile

  34. recycle or reuse everything we can, use public transport or walk everywhere and collect rain water to water the garden.

  35. We recycle as much as possible and our little ones are already very good at putting the right things in the right bins. Little ones leading the way for the future.

  36. We do like to be environmentally friendly as much as we can. We recycle, try to turn off electrical items when not in use and walk or use public transport when we can.

  37. As the festive season is fast approaching, rather than buying wrapping paper, use/reuse other methods of wrapping – old maps, newspapers and reuse gift bags. I do all of the above and my parcels look good. Anyhow, who is interested in the packaging, they should be more interested in the gift they receive.

  38. We reuse everything we possibly can for crafts, old milk cartons are currently ghost, coffee jars we have painted to store little trinkets I even have some cardboard toilet roll christmas angels that my eldest son made 13 years ago, its amazing what we can reuse and treasure in years to come

  39. I don’t eat meat. We recycle everything we can and compost most leftovers if I can’t use them up in another meal. I try to dry my washing on airers or outside and I use an ecoegg in my washing machine.
    I don’t personally drive (although my husband does) so I walk a lot or use public transport. I’m just starting to try home made cleaning products which are more natural and less damaging to the environment.
    And I grow lots of my own vegetables and fruit.

  40. We walk everywhere that our little legs will take us! We have not used plastic bags for a while now, instead opting for a massive rucsack!

  41. I always recycle where possible, take my own bags to the supermarket, try and not use my dryer and only do washing every other day x

  42. buy big potatoes. don’t peel them – thickly slice peel off. Then make what you were going to make – and tomorrow, potato skins! No waste.

  43. We recycle as much as we can, walk wherever possible, and re use the plastic bags we get as poo bags for both our dogs and the lazy ^$*£ who don’t pick up after theirs.

  44. Have a “No Electricity” day once a week.
    Eat salad or ready prepared food, drink water rather than tea, read a book rather than watch telly, cycle to work.
    Only use lights at night time 🙂

    One day a week clean, (almost) electricity free living can save so much money and also save the environment!! And it is fun, you can come up with all sorts of idea’s for no-cook dinners, and no-power activities!!

  45. All our packaging from the small amount of processed stuff we have like cartons and boxes is sent to my sons nursery so they can use them for crafts.

    When my son grows out of his clothes they are given to our local childrens centre to pass on to other families.

    We use our own bags at the supermarket and what we don’t use are used as small bin bags.

  46. Use carrier bags for the bin – still can get FREE carrier bags when shopping at shops with less than 250 full-time equivalent employees

  47. I compost all my vegetable peelings and cores and we recyclethe water from the dehumidifier to flush toilets and water the plants.

  48. We recycle everything possible, including clothes which we take to charity shops. We put all our vegetable and fruit peelings, cores and leftovers into our compost pile. We have a water butt that collects the rainfall, and we use this to water our plants and clean the car. We turn off lights and switch off and unplug appliances from all rooms once we’ve finished in them.

  49. i compost and i also find new homes for my little girls clothes which are too small,toys which she is too big for,either to friends or charity

  50. I recycle all the stuff I can in my area. I’m encouraging the kids to not waste food – no dessert unless they have a clean plate, and if they ask for it, then they eat it

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