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Goodbye Grandad Fred – You’ll be greatly missed!!

Things have been a bit quiet on here lately – we’re still here – just been through some difficult family times with my Grandad Fred having passed away at the ripe old age of 85.

Last week we made the 250 mile trip back to Kent where I grew up, back to my parents house to attend the funeral.  One of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had to have with 4 year old Miss M to date, was explaining what had happened and give her an overview of the funeral itself to ensure she had an idea what was due to happen on the day and to avoid any awkward questions during the service itself.

She seems to understand that people and things can die as when I told her the funeral was our way to say goodbye to Great Grandad Fred, she asked “How do we say goodbye to someone that has died?”.

After a very sad but lovely service it was off to the wake where I met up with lots of family members, many whom I had not seen for over 10 years.  With my Nan and Grandad having 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren there was a lot of catching up to do, a lot of photo opportunites to be had and overall a successful afternoon had by all.

It was also a great opportunity to catch up with my brother and his family and watch the three little cousins running around having fun together.  Miss M being the oldest took charge and with Miss L just learning to talk it was really interesting watching them communicate together.

Even mummy got a small break from childcare when Grandad (my dad) took them to the park:

Roll on our summer holiday at the end of May when we’ll meet up again for more fun and frollicks, this time by the sea!!

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