Trutex School Uniform – Review

One thing every child needs when they go to school is a uniform, be it red, green, blue or another colour.  When Miss M started school last year I didn’t really think too much about it and just brought the required colours at the local supermarket.  Although overall I was pleased with it there were a couple of things that I would like to see improved like the colour fading of the cardigan.

One brand I remember from my days at school is Trutex so when they sent me some of their uniform to try, I was keen to see the quality of the clothes in this long established brand that believes it’s schoolwear is “made to last” and “colours stay true wash after wash”.


We received a bright red cardigan – which Miss M loved, a pack of two white blouses and a grey skirt.  Miss M’s immediate reaction to the cardigan was she that she loved the brightness of the red colour – apparently she’s always wanted one like this!  Although as a parent I always look out for the quality and fit in a uniform, it also helps if the child likes it and is happy wearing it.

The cardigan is well made, soft to touch and a bright colour.  It is a generous fit with plenty of length which I prefer in school uniforms.  My favourite piece has to be the white blouses.  When presented in a pack you can never tell exactly what they are like but I think the Trutex ones are a really good cut, feminine with a slight nipped in waist and Miss M’s prefered sleeve length.  She doesn’t like long sleeves and neither the shorter capped sleeves you often find. They have a good crisp feel to them as well as being soft and comfortable to wear with the added bonus of being non iron!  The pleated skirt is a nice design, with permanent style pleats that are easy to iron.  With it’s Teflon coating it is tough on stains and easy to wipe clean between washes.  The style looks good and the fit was perfect – not too short.

Miss M loved the whole Trutex uniform, enjoyed wearing it and looks forward to September when she can show off her new pieces to her friends.  We are very happy with the style and quality of the pieces and look forward to testing out the ‘made to last’ promise over the Autumn term.  So far though Trutex is definitely recommended by us.

Trutex M

This year for the first time Trutex have produced a ‘Back to school guide’ for parent.  You can pick these up from your local Trutex retailer and they are full of advice and information from leading experts such as the Nspcc, Beat Bullying, The Children’s Food Trust and many more.

Trutex brochure

Why not check out your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform and get your uniform ready for September?


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  1. You can’t beat Trutex – it’s so much better quality than the supermarket uniforms 🙂

  2. The boys both have Trutex uniform that has lasted well over a year

  3. Mummy of Two says:

    This looks really great quality – I must admit to been a supermarket buyer when it comes to uniforms but I have to say you can really see the difference in quality

  4. Great review! Much more thorough than most.

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