Potty Training with “George & Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties” book!!

For the last couple of months Mister B has been proudly going on the potty before and after bathtime each night.  I thought, great, this is the start of potty training and was keen to carry it on throughout the day, but unfortunately Mister B was having none of it.  There was no way he wanted his trousers or pull up pulled down during the day.  So I have remained a little frustrated that we have not been able to move forward with the inevitable potty training and be rid of nappies once and for all.

Then My Carry Potty sent me their new book “George & Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties” written by Amanda Jenner aimed at encouraging little ones to take the grown up step of learning to use their own special potties.  So would this book be enough to encourage Mister B to pull his pants down during the day??  I only hoped so as he is so proud of going for a wee at bathtime.

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I waited until a day I could be at home for the most part and sat down with Mister B – keeping his potty nearby – and read him the book.  The story follow twins George and Hollie as they go to the shops to choose their potty and new pants.  Back at home daddy explains what to use it for and that they will get a special sticker for their reward chart if they do a wee or a poo.  The illustrations in the book are bold and bright making it attractive for little ones to look at and give them something to talk about along side you reading the story.

Also included in the book is a pull out reward chart and a double page of stickers to use – I liked the stickers and found them a bit different to the usual ‘stars’ or ‘well done’ you usually see and Mister B had good fun looking at them, telling me what they were before picking one to use.

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After reading Mister B the book, I stuck the reward chart on the door and showed him the stickers.  I then asked if he wanted to be like George and Hollie and have a go on his potty to which he replied “yes”.  So he had a go and out came a little wee – he was so proud with a big grin on his face.  He picked a train sticker, because it reminded him of Thomas, and proudly stuck it on the chart.  We had a further two wee’s that afternoon which I am really pleased with.

Reading the book, which I did several times during the day really seemed to reiterate and remind Mister B that he should be going on the potty and made him think about having a go.  He seems to know what to do, although can be lazy and the book helped keep the idea of using the potty in his mind.  I also kept the chart on the door in the front room to remind him every time he saw it.

We have definitely seen an improvement in potty action since reading the book regularly to Mister B although haven’t quite managed a poo yet.  Hopefully we are getting closer to cracking being dry in the day and then just need to work on night times.  I feel it is important to keep mentioning the potty throughout the day but not in a nagging way, therefore including this book amongst his other story books keeps it fun.

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    This book looks lovely! Thanks for the review!

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