Potty Training – How to go about it

One thing I’m struggling with at the moment is potty training.  Although Mister B seems to know when he wants to go, he neglects to tell me which can be very frustrating.  Below are some hints and ideas on how to go about it.

The Dreaded Potty

Unfortunately, we all know that potty training isn’t the easiest of steps in a child’s life. We all expect mishaps and mistakes, but what do we do when nothing is working? What do we do when they just don’t want to use the potty?


A lot of success in potty training comes from positive reinforcement and praise. When someone praises us or acknowledges our accomplishments we strive to do it again or achieve something greater. The same is true with our children, but a nod or simple “well done.” doesn’t quite cut it. A lot of children, while starting to feel more independent and grown up, will strive on the claps and cheers as they use their potty.

The Potty

There are some great products out there to help your child feel triumphant as they tackle the potty and new found independence. Whether you let your child come with you and buy the potty they like the most, or make them ruler of the toilet with a throne potty, it’s a good idea to involve your child in “potty training” before they even start. Remember that you are making a big deal of their achievement and not potty training as a whole. Think about how you give praise too. Is a sweet or chocolate the best reward?


Potty Thrones (as mentioned above) are available from www.bambinodirect.co.uk


Remember that you child may feel really anxious and worried about using the potty. It is best to make light of any accidents and keep them from being a big deal. Just get out the mop or something, clean it up and move on. Accidents will happen and they may come even after a long period of success. Don’t be shocked or disheartened.

Smells and Mess

Imagine you have just been to a public toilet and … lets be blunt – pooped. As you leave someone goes in after you and says. “Phoawrr!” or they start to gag. How would you feel? Obviously it’s not exactly the same for your toddler, but do your best to keep any disgust at bay. Yes it may smell. Yes it may go everywhere. Yes you may get it on your hands. All those things are unpleasant, but just stop and think how your little one may feel.


When should I start? How old should they be? These are commonly asked questions and the answer is simple. 1. Generally children are unable to control bowel movements until 18 months, so before that is somewhat impossible. 2. The majority of children are potty trained between the ages of two and three, but many are not ready until after this. 3. You child has the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to readiness or ‘the right time.’ Don’t rush it or put too much pressure on either of you.

Hand Washing

This is something that is often over looked and of course you need to be careful that they aren’t washing their hands too much, as this can lead to dry skin and irritation. Hand washing is important though and the sooner you help your child get into the routine the better.

Potty training is different for every child and every parent. Don’t compare as this won’t help in the slightest and may just lead to frustration or disappointment. Of course search out help and support if needed, but ignore ages, stages and statistics. Take on the challenge with your little one and accomplish it together at the right time for you.

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Potty Training with “George & Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties” book!!

For the last couple of months Mister B has been proudly going on the potty before and after bathtime each night.  I thought, great, this is the start of potty training and was keen to carry it on throughout the day, but unfortunately Mister B was having none of it.  There was no way he wanted his trousers or pull up pulled down during the day.  So I have remained a little frustrated that we have not been able to move forward with the inevitable potty training and be rid of nappies once and for all.

Then My Carry Potty sent me their new book “George & Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties” written by Amanda Jenner aimed at encouraging little ones to take the grown up step of learning to use their own special potties.  So would this book be enough to encourage Mister B to pull his pants down during the day??  I only hoped so as he is so proud of going for a wee at bathtime.

potty book

I waited until a day I could be at home for the most part and sat down with Mister B – keeping his potty nearby – and read him the book.  The story follow twins George and Hollie as they go to the shops to choose their potty and new pants.  Back at home daddy explains what to use it for and that they will get a special sticker for their reward chart if they do a wee or a poo.  The illustrations in the book are bold and bright making it attractive for little ones to look at and give them something to talk about along side you reading the story.

Also included in the book is a pull out reward chart and a double page of stickers to use – I liked the stickers and found them a bit different to the usual ‘stars’ or ‘well done’ you usually see and Mister B had good fun looking at them, telling me what they were before picking one to use.

potty Collage

After reading Mister B the book, I stuck the reward chart on the door and showed him the stickers.  I then asked if he wanted to be like George and Hollie and have a go on his potty to which he replied “yes”.  So he had a go and out came a little wee – he was so proud with a big grin on his face.  He picked a train sticker, because it reminded him of Thomas, and proudly stuck it on the chart.  We had a further two wee’s that afternoon which I am really pleased with.

Reading the book, which I did several times during the day really seemed to reiterate and remind Mister B that he should be going on the potty and made him think about having a go.  He seems to know what to do, although can be lazy and the book helped keep the idea of using the potty in his mind.  I also kept the chart on the door in the front room to remind him every time he saw it.

We have definitely seen an improvement in potty action since reading the book regularly to Mister B although haven’t quite managed a poo yet.  Hopefully we are getting closer to cracking being dry in the day and then just need to work on night times.  I feel it is important to keep mentioning the potty throughout the day but not in a nagging way, therefore including this book amongst his other story books keeps it fun.

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