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A weekend away and a poorly Mister B!!

With my dad’s 65th birthday last week my mum arranged a surprise weekend in Bristol with approx twenty friends and family.  This meant us travelling up after school on Friday and for a change, but also to avoid the Friday evening traffic we decided to catch the train.  As anticipated the children loved it, we found it more relaxing and we arrived in perfect time for dinner!

It was a great opportunity to catch up with family we don’t see very often and nice to be away from home for a few days.  We stayed at the city centre Marriott with views across the park, right across the city to the hills beyond.  Being next door to Cabot Circus, Bristol’s newest shopping centre kept mummy occupied on Saturday morning.


Saturday night we had a special meal to celebrate my dad’s birthday at Raymond Blanc’s Brasserie restaurant which tasted delicious and Miss M was first at my dad’s side to assist him in blowing out his birthday cake candles!!

Unfortunately poor Mister B went downhill from the moment we arrived.  A high temperature, refusal to eat and a constant desire to sleep left us feeling slightly anxious and unable to fully relax all weekend.  The return journey on the train, he laid across my lap dozing and it was a relief yesterday get him to a doctor to find out he has a virus and just to dose him up with Calpol and Ibruprofen.

A busy weekend, but a highly enjoyable one being away from home and spending time with people we see so little and infrequent.


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