Samsung Fridge Freezer Silver (RB29FSRNDSA) – Review

The Samsung Fridge Freezer from looks sleek and modern from the outside with a brushed stainless steel effect on the front and slightly darker graphite coloured sides giving it a minimalist streamlined look that would suit any modern kitchen.


On the inside there are 4 main shelves and a full width and full depth drawer at the bottom. This opens fully with the door open at 90 degrees with nothing blocking its way. The second shelf down from the top is an easyslide shelf meaning it pulls in and out for easy access to items at the back. A 2 bottle wine rack is included, which is also removable if not required. Although there is nothing wrong with the shelves and they are perfectly strong, they are quite basic in build and design.

On the inside of the door from the top down are a lidded shelf suitable for small items and eggs etc. Below this is a split shelf with the option of setting each half at a different height. The lowest shelf is full width and has plenty of height suitable for milk/wine etc. Just a note that the bottom shelf can not be positioned at the bottom of the door due to the full depth drawer therefore may be higher than you are used – I found this when lifting milk but I guess you would get used to it. Also my daughter can’t safely reach it whereas she had been used to preparing her own breakfast.

The freezer is frost free which is great for busy lifestyles. It contains 3 drawers, the top one being slightly shallower than the others. They are all the same depth and didn’t seem that big although once I’d packed everything into them they easily held as much as my older freezer. In fact they seemed really deep and I was able to get a large amount of food into each one.

Overall I think this is a very stylish fridge freezer which looks great and although a little basic inside – it does the job and is the perfect size for a small family.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

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  1. estorefdl says:

    If you’re after a freezer, you won’t find too many cheaper than that. It’s a good one for small family.

  2. Undoubtedly, Still one of the great Fridge brand

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