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Baking biscuits with Miko Cat and Miss M!!

Miss M has been desperate to play with all her Xmas/birthday presents particularly the messy creative ones (e.g Moon Sand) that are really unsuitable around Mister B.  So when Mister B had a nap yesterday afternoon I agreed we could try out her new ‘Miko Cat Make and Bake Gingerbread Baking Set’.

199083811It came in a gorgeous solid cardboard case (which we’ll use to store little bits & pieces in Miss M’s bedroom).  Inside was a lovely apron, rolling pin, mixing spoon, 3 cutters and a recipe card for ginger biscuits.

So we got started with mummy measuring out the ingredients and Miss M sitting excitedly on her kitchen chair waiting to pour each item into her mixing bowl.  And the question I kept hearing was “When can I put my hands in mummy?”.  So upon adding the butter to the dried ingredients I let Miss M loose with her hands in the bowl to rub it all together in a bid to form a dough.

And I must say I was very impressed with Miss M’s efforts as within a few minutes she had created a fine powdery blend with not a buttery lump in site.  We added the egg and made a dough which we rolled out and had lots of fun cutting it into shapes.

When the biscuits were cooked and cooled I made a small amount of royal icing in a piping tube and let Miss M free to decorate as she pleased.

DSCF3751 DSCF3753 DSCF3752





I thought the resulting biscuits were delightful and Miss M was very proud of her creations.  It was great to spend time baking with my daughter and I hope to make it a more regular activity once Mister B discovers a bit more independence and is able to entertain himself or even join in and have a go at some baking alongside his big sister.

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  1. Sammie B says:

    Hiya!! I bought my daughter the same bake set and have to say I loved the recipe! Only problem is, we seem to have misplaced the recipe and I can’t remember it 🙁

    Could I be really cheeky and ask you for it please? Devastated that I can’t find it 🙁

    Many thanks,

    Sammie B xxx

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