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Terrible Two’s is one thing… but the Feisty Five’s!!

So before I had children I was well aware of the Terrible Two’s – I’m sure most people have heard of them.  In fact looking back now I would consider them relatively tame.  Miss M was a typical tantruming two year old and I couldn’t wait to reach the threes.  But unfortunately no one had warned me of the tiresome three’s!!  And then there was the Fearless Four’s but the Feisty Five’s – that is something else!!

As much as I had understood that children were hard work, I do truly believe that this is the hardest year yet of caring for my Feisty 5 year old and Terrible 2 (although Mister B is an absolute angel and I don’t believe he has reached the “Terrible” stage yet!!).   Miss M on the other hand is one demanding, fiery, feisty little madam who throws a tantrum at every given opportunity of not getting her own way.  Tiredness is a huge factor although the simple matter of getting her to bed is a battle going on until 9/10pm most nights!!  In the morning the debate starts over clothes – she doesn’t like skirts/dresses/tights/leggings/cardigans – you name it!!  Pass over some Hello Kitty tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and she’s happy.  I wouldn’t mind so much if her wardrobe wasn’t adorned with price tagged, unworn dresses and pretty little jackets that she turns her face away at in favour of her old school anorak, trainers and hat to cover the unruly curls that she detests being brushed or pulled back in pretty little plaits with ribbons.

Ok I admit she does have a tomboy streak in her which is something I wasn’t overly prepared for but am trying to adapt to, but her overall behaviour is still not to be excused.  The rudeness when she doesn’t get what she wants to eat, the argumentative manner that is displayed when it’s daddy’s turn to bath her and the emotional state she puts on when I dare to leave the house for an exercise class in the evening twice a week (the only 2 hours a week I spend apart from Miss M unless she’s at school).  Often it’s like the flick of a switch where’s she’s playing us but it becomes incredibly draining over the months especially with Mister B deciding that after two years of sleeping the night through he has decided that it is appropriate to wake at 1 and 4am and wander into our bedroom, then proceed to climb into our bed!!

Ok, so I am having a bit of a rant now but I am getting beyond tired, stressed and craving just a couple of hours of time to myself, child free, husband free – just me, a hot bubbly bath and pure silence!!

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  1. I feel your pain, but it does subside. It has to so that it can make way for the hormonal teenage years ahead…..muhahahaha

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