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Freddie the school bear visits for the weekend!!

When I picked Miss M up from school on Friday, she was grinning from ear to ear, as she was very lucky to have her name picked out the hat to bring Freddie, the foundation class build a bear home for the weekend.  She had wanted to bring Freddie home for a while now and had been eagerly awaiting her turn.  With Freddie’s bag on her back she walked hand in hand with Freddie along on the ground.

First stop with Freddie was Miss M’s ballet lesson where Freddie had the pleasure of joining all the little girls in their pink outfits in the dance studio.

Fred6Then it was home for tea, bath and bed.  I was very surprised and how keen Miss M was at caring for Freddie and he joined her and Mister B in everything they did.  At bed time, she carefully changed Freddie into his pyjamas before brushing his teeth and tucking him in alongside her in bed.

Fred5On Saturday morning, the sun was shining bright and Miss M couldn’t wait to take Freddie to the park.  So after squeezing him into the little basket on the front of her bicycle, she carefully cycled down to the park and took Freddie for a ride on everything.  She was so excited and proud to have him by her side.

Fred1Fred2After a lovely morning Miss M then spoilt things by being very naughty, not doing what she was told and being rude to us, so unfortunately we had to take Freddie away from her until she calmed down and behaved properly.  But she did get Freddie back in time for bed and they snuggled up for a well needed, good nights sleep.

On Sunday morning I had promised Miss M and Freddie that they could make cakes.  So off to the supermarket we went to buy some eggs and Miss M insisted she took Freddie for a go on all the rides outside the entrance!!

Fred4When we got home Miss M and Freddie eagerly put on their aprons and mixed up a lovely chocolate batter which we put into some little pink cases.  Mister B did join in for a final mix and to help Miss M lick the spoons and bowl at the end.  With a little assistance from mummy to ice the cakes, Miss M carefully decorated them.  She was very proud of her cakes and I was very proud of my little cook.  She loves baking and likes to be very independent too – doing as much as she can on her own.

Fred3Unfortunately, the weekend soon came to an end so we packed Freddie’s belongings in his bag and wrote in his diary.  We had a lovely few days with Freddie the class bear and Miss M was very sad to see him go on Monday morning as he returned to school, but she did have the pleasure of telling her class about all the activities they had done and sharing a few cakes with her teachers.

The idea of Freddie bear is to give the children a bit of responsibility of caring for somebody and having to look after them etc.  Her enthusiasm shone through over the weekend and I’m very proud of how well Miss M performed this task set upon her.

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  1. Wow! Your school will be pleased. I’m afraid when we had Bradley Bear he didn’t have as much fun at our house as Freddie did at yours! 😀

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