Professor Scrubbington’s Review and Giveaway

Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean is a new brand range of young persons wash products with a quirky style that I love and products that have been thought about in both packaging and what’s inside.  Suitable for both males and females, I was keen to see what my children thought about them.

scrubbingtonsWhen my parcel of goodies arrived, I was immediately impressed with the packaging, therefore knew there must be something good inside.  The cardboard box resembled a suitcase with various luggage style stickers attached – so cute!!

Inside was a selection of Professor Scrubbington products ranging from hand wash to body wash, hair shampoo and conditioner and even a deodorant.

scrubbingtons 2The packaging is very unisex and the bottles a good chunky, easier to hold design.  Where they are a little bit different is in the lids.  The hand wash has a large, chunky pump style top which is great for younger hands to push down.  The body wash, shampoo and conditioner have large style lids with a flat end meaning you can keep them stored upside down, meaning the product is always at the end of the bottle you need it at.  A simple squeeze and the product is easily dispensed into your hand.

scrubbingtons 3All the products are a minimum of 95% and free of parabens.  With gentle, mositurising Aloe Vera in them they have a light, delicate fragrance.  One of the best properties about these products is the way they foam into a rich lather, perfect for little hands to help spread the product across their bodies.

scrubbingtons 4My children loved using these products and I love the ease of use and they look good in the bathroom.  I’m therefore happy to offer one of my readers the chance to win a set of Professor Scrubbington products, just fill in the gleam from below:


Professor scrubbingtons


All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

148 thoughts on “Professor Scrubbington’s Review and Giveaway

  1. Allow some independence and encourage your children to start washing themselves or helping to wash a sibling who is in the bath with them. I bath my two girls together and they enjoy washing eachothers back and hair!

  2. Make it as fun as possible. If they don’t like bathtime… use toys, bath crayons or bath products that change the water colour ( depending on skin type) to make it more appealing.

  3. Bath times shouldn’t be a chore and as long as they have a bathtime routine then it should be simple.

  4. Make it fun, make it creative and engaging, encourage interaction and let them have a say in what THEY really like to do

  5. Always make bath time fun but do the essentials first, then the play, & tell them in advance when they will be getting out.

  6. Ensure that there’s lots of fun products and toys and bath crayons involved so they don’t consider it a chore!

  7. Lots of bubbles, lots of toys & lots of fun, make getting out part of your game too so it doesn’t cause tears xx

  8. Make it fun, loads of bubbles and singing. My daughters love bath time, they sometimes refuse to get out!

  9. Make it fun for them. We always let our son pick a sensible toy (not battery operated) to take in the bath. We also bought him a buzz lightyear water gun with a floating Zurg target which he LOVES!
    Get the ‘trauma’ of washing done straight away so they can play before they get out. Get a character towel or dressing gown for when they get out. Our boy loves his spiderman hooded towel & his George’s Dinosaur dressing gown 🙂 x

  10. No tv, no radio, no phones. Just parent and child using the time to have fun and communicate with no distractions.

  11. make it fun, my little girl loves toys in the bath, she will spend a little while in their playing, its hard to get her out sometimes.

  12. It’s a fun time, so use an extended bath as a time filler when you are feeling under the weather. Specially good when you have a cold, as the steam helps you too!

  13. Don’t discourage your kids from spending time and playing in the bathtub, you will soon be greatful for them wanting to take one.

  14. Lots of fun! make bath time fun. Children develop a fear of water very early on and can dislike water in their eyes or face. From a very early age I have splashed their face a little in games and mine love the water! I add glow sticks to the water and turn the light off and the bathroom glows up. Bath time is the best time of the day!

  15. My top bath time tip is to make it into playtime! I have a 16 month old and I sing songs (like “five little ducks went swimming one day”), some bath toys (duckies!) and make up stories as I wash.

  16. Make it fun, my children have lots of empty shampoo and bubble bath bottles that they love to play with and pour wanter into.

  17. Make it fun. We have loads of bath toys and water pistols so our children can have a good splash about and they see it as a real highlight of our day!

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