Women’s Health Magazine – Review

Women’s Health magazine from Unique Magazines, is a lifestyle magazine for females covering all aspects of life from diet, nutrition, exercise, beauty, fashion, relationships and more.

magThis months edition features Britney Spears on the front cover who is interviewed and talks about her current fitness regime.  There is also a page of exercises you can follow at home that Britney currently does in the ‘Totally Drenched’ fitness class she regularly attends.

The magazine as a whole is well thought out and does contain lots of reading material.  There are loads of food, nutrition, skincare and relationship tips in a series of pages entitled The Brief which gives you snippets of facts and information across each topic.

There are various other exercise pages you can follow at home which is great for me as I’m currently on a mission to feel fit and fab at 40!  One useful article explores high street food chains and shows you a healthy option to choose against and unhealthy meal choice.  Some of the differences in calories can be quite surprising!

mag 2The article on breakfast pots gives you ten ideas on super healthy and filling breakfast ideas, some not what you’d conventionally expect to see on a breakfast menu, but definitely a great way to start the day and see you through to lunchtime!

I’m quite surprised by both the quantity and variety of articles in this magazine and it has lots of great ideas I can incorporate into my new healthy lifestyle.  There are even some pages on fashion – just what I need to look fit and fab at 40!

Why not check the magazine out yourself, whether you are looking to start a new healthy lifestyle or just want to find out about simple everyday things to look good, feel fit and boost your daily nutritional intake, then this magazine would be perfect for you!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the magazine in order to write the review.

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