Trutex School Uniform Review

Trutex is the familiar brand when it comes to school uniform and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint.  We’ve tried various brands of uniform over the three years my daughter has been at school and I can honestly say her prefered brand is Trutex as she likes the cut and design of the clothes.

TrutexYou can feel as soon as you touch the uniform that it’s good quality.  There is a good,  thickness to it, and it’s well made.  Miss M loves the Trutex cardigans, she finds them comfy to wear and easy to do up the buttons.  She also likes the style of the blouses and will always take a Trutex one out her wardrobe before any other brands.

Trutex 2The grey skirt is pleated all round but requires minimal ironing after a wash.  We do find the skirts come up a little small so prefer to go up a size as Miss M finds them more comfortable on the waistline and would rather have it down to her knees (I wonder if that will change in a few years time!)

Trutex 3I find the Trutex uniform washes well, is easy to iron and durable.  It will last until the child grows out of it.  If you are looking for school uniform, then I’d definitely recommend giving Trutex a try, as it gets a big thumbs up from us!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the uniform in order to write an honest review.


Back to school with F&F school uniform

Anyone with children will know that the summer holidays means purchasing school uniform ready for the start of the new school year in September.  With two children in primary school this September, a girl and a boy means I require two sets of uniform, therefore I want it to be good value to buy and also items that will last.  I also like something a bit different especially for girls rather than completely plain, and I have to say I’ve been very impressed with what F&F have to offer this year.

f&fAs you can see above both my children were very excited to try their uniform on and big sister Miss M was so proud of her little brother and thought he looked very smart!  F&F really do cover everything you need to get back to school from the basic uniform, to P.E. kit, shoes, bags and accessories.  We received a selection from both the girls and boys ranges to see what we thought.

f&f 2First off is Mister B who is due to start school in September, he was very excited and I think he looks super smart in his new uniform.  The red jumper is v neck and 100% cotton and looks great over the shirt.  I’ve given it a quick wash which has performed well and I’m sure this will last well when worn at school.  The grey trousers are what I expected but with the added bonus of a reinforced knee – this sounds like a godsend knowing we went through 4 pairs of general trousers through the knees over the last few months at home!

f&f 3The white shirts he tried are of excellent quality (excuse the pale blue tint – I must purchase some white vests for him before September!), they feel well made with strong seams and what really impressed me was the collar button.  The button is sewn onto the outside to make it look real, but actually inside there is velcro to do the top of the shirt up, making it super easy for little fingers to do.

f&f 5The school shoes are coated leather with a chunky sole to withstand wear and I think they look really smart.  They are also very easy to get on and off, with just one large velcro strap that Mister B really got to grips with.  The plimsolls are of a high quality to ones I’ve brought for my daughter previously and having a velcro tab across makes them easy to put on and you can adjust accordingly for a tight fit.  Mister B loved these and asked if he could wear them everyday!!   Unfortunately not, they are just for P.E.!!  I chose some patterned grey socks which were a bit nicer than the plain school selection and I have to say these don’t disappoint.  They are all really soft, making them very comfortable on the foot and something Mister B loved wearing.

f&f 4Miss M was thrilled with her new blouse, it has pretty flower buttons and and lovely embroidery on the pocket making it stand out a bit from other plainer blouses out there.  I like the curved collar and shaped sleeves.  There’s also flower buttons on the cardigan and a bow design on the pockets.  Miss M loves the pockets and finds them useful for things like a tissue, we often find a lot of cardigans don’t have pockets, so this one is perfect.

f&f 6I also like how the cardigan pocket bow detail matches the pocket on the white P.E. tops.  The P.E. tops also had a nice scallop around the sleeves and a slit up the sides making them look really stylish rather than your bog standard polo shirt.  The black girls P.E. shorts also proved really comfortable as Miss M has worn them to her gymnastics crash course this week and can’t wait to take them to school for P.E., one of her favourite lessons!

f&f 7Everyone needs a school bag and Miss M likes a backpack that she can put everything in, such as her cardigan, waterproof mac, lunch, pencil case and homework.  This Hello Kitty bag has been a big hit with her and she has used it everyday already on our day’s out or visiting friends etc. The bag has lovely padded sides and is a nice quality.  There is a pocket on the front and two handy carry handles on the top to use if it’s not on your back.  The only thing I’d like to have seen to improve it would be a drinks bottle pocket on one side as this would have been very useful.

f&f 8

Overall I am very pleased with both the quality and style of the school uniform range from F&F, and it is definitely a brand I’d go back to again.  The children are happy and feel comfortable in their pieces and I can’t wait for them to start wearing it all daily in September.  Have you got all your kids school uniform for September yet?   Be sure to check out F&F, some great value pieces!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the uniform in order to write the review.



School Uniform Name Tags – Nametags4u Review

With the start of a new school year nearly upon us, one thing we all need to think about is labelling our children’s school uniform.  It’s one thing I dread and tend to leave to the last minute so finding easier and simpler ways of doing things is always handy.  For the first two year’s of Miss M’s time at school I have spent a lot of time using sew on tags so was keen to try something new and that’s were Nametags4u came in.  They sell a variety of different labels from stick on, to sew on and the one I was keen to try, Easyfix Clip.

name tags 1I received a selection of Nametags4u stick on labels and Easyfix Clip on labels.  The stick on labels are well made and perfect for things like books, pencil cases, lunchboxes etc.  I tried these on drinks bottle and a lunch box and they were simple to apply and looked good.  I like that you can choose a little picture logo to go alongside the name, I chose a butterfly for Miss M and a helicopter for Mister B.  You can also choose from various colours for the names to be printed in.

name tags 3The Easyfix Clip system comes with thin fabric labels that you fold in half and place on to the item of clothing.  You then place a plastic pin underneath and press the clothing and label over the top to pierce a hole through which the pin comes.  Then press a flat plastic cap over the pin against the label.  Then using the tube of a biro pen (included in the label pack), you place this over the pin and bend to the side to snap off the outstanding bit of the pin to reveal a flat surface.  A clever little idea that does make labelling quicker than the sew on method and probably a little more durable than an iron on label.  I preferred to secure the Easyfix clips through the clothing label inside the uniform rather than the fabric itself but that was my personal choice.

name tags 2I found the Easyfix Clips easy to use and once I’d done the first few, could quickly add labels to items of uniform ready for September.  The quality of the labels and clips seem good and durable and have certainly made my life easier this year when it comes to naming the school uniform.

Why not check out Nametags4u?  They really do have a good range of types of labels as well as a bit of personalisation with the colour and logo.  Something for everyone!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and some Nametags4u labels were sent to us in order to write the review.



Matalan School Uniform – Review

Since my daughter started school almost two years ago, uniform is something I have had to start to think about and purchase.  We’ve tried pieces from various high street shops and supermarkets with varying results in quality and durability so I was intrigued to see how the new Matalan uniform fared.

We were sent a selection of pieces to try out and first impressions were very good.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the designs were, nothing was plain, they all had pretty features such as flower shaped buttons, some flower stitching and other nice finishing touches.

The Matalan red checked summer dress was an instant hit with Miss M, with the warm weather we are having now it’s perfect to keep her cool in the hot school classrooms.  The collar was a nice round shape with pretty flower buttons down the front to put the dress on and off.  These undo easily which is essential for P.E. days.  I know some shaped buttons can often be tricky to undo.  There is a belt that fastens at the front and is fixed around the back so can’t be lost.  There is also a pocket which Miss M likes incase she needs a tissue or lip balm with her.  She enjoys wearing this dress, found it comfortable and is happy to wear it each day.

Matalan uniform 1Her favourite feature of the dress was the matching hair scrunchie!  With her unruly curls she hates having her hair done but has insisted in wearing this in her hair to school each day.  I like this extra touch and think it’s great to have a hair accessory to match the outfit.

matalan uniform 4Miss M was also very impressed with the pack of three socks and the shoes. I thought the socks were excellent, quite a thick quality cotton and three different pretty designs that match her uniform.  She has loved them so much and worn them all, and eagerly awaits for them to go through the wash each time.  I already have these on my list to buy her another pack as they are some of the better socks I have seen around.

She also adored the shoes and couldn’t wait to put them on.  They are a half size too big but as they only come in whole sizes we tried these.  Miss M is really pleased with them, although I’m always dubious when it comes to shoes.  These are coated leather so it’ll be interesting to see how well they wear, although hopefully any scuffs can be covered with shoe polish.  For me it’s the soles that I find wear out in shoes, usually the heel area, which is something I won’t be able to judge until we’ve had a couple of months worth of wear. On the other hand these shoes cost a bargain price of £12 so if they were to last a term then great value.  We have had much higher priced leather shoes that only last one term due to the heel wearing through.  In fact we usually go through 3 pairs of school shoes a year!!

matalan uniform 2We were also very pleased with the skirt and blouses.  The grey skirt is a lovely design with a nice pleated detail at the side and some flower stitching on the bottom right of the skirt.  The material felt good and it was easy to put on with an adjustable waist.  Miss M isn’t too keen on long sleeves so we received a pack of two short sleeve blouses.  These were a lovely design with a small rounded collar, cropped sleeves and a pretty pintuck detail on each side of the buttons.  Again with these the buttons were all a pretty flower shape.  I am really impressed with the designs, just the sort of thing I look for when buying uniform.  Miss M also loved wearing both of these, in fact these are the only two blouses she’s worn from her wardrobe since receiving them!

matalan uniform 3Essential school staples such as vests and tights were gratefully received.  The vests come in a three pack and are a lovely soft stretchy 95% cotton with 5% elastane.  They have thin silky straps and a small bow detail.  Miss M loved the comfort of these and has happily worn them day and night.  The tights feel nice and soft and fit well.  Miss M did try these on but hasn’t worn these for a whole day due to the weather.  She seemed happy with the fit though and will gladly wear these once the colder weather comes in later in the year.  We have had Matalan tights before so I’m sure these will be worth buying and I would again.

matalan uniform 6The grey pinafore we received is really lovely, I like the design and the quality I wouldn’t have put as Matalan.  It feels a good weight and looks modern.  It’s very easy to undo with large round buttons and has two pockets which are always a bonus!  Miss M was happy to wear this (excuse her face below – it was exceptionally sunny!).  It seems very comfortable and is perfect for days at school.

The polo shirts were yet again another pretty design, flower buttons and some flower stitching on the right side.  These feel well made and definitely ones I’d consider purchasing.

matalan uniform 5Overall I have to say I have been impressed with the Matalan range of school uniform.  The designs have surpassed my expectations for what I imagined to them to be.  Thought has gone into the designs, they are pretty and something that young girls will enjoy wearing.  But the great thing is that although they look pretty, the quality hasn’t been comprised.  I am really happy with how the items feel, the thickness of some of the materials and the comfort.  An important aspect of school uniform is not just what I think as a parent but whether the child likes it and how comfortable it is.  Miss M has can be very fussy in her clothes and won’t wear anything too tight or that doesn’t feel right – she loved all of this uniform and gave it a big thumbs up.

I would definitely consider Matalan a place to check out school uniform, I’m sure it’s improved since I first looked there two years ago when Miss M first started school and the items I’ve received have definitely shown me that they are as good, if not better than some of the other main supermarket and high street chains that sell uniform.

Why not check them out – Matalan?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the uniform was sent to us in order to write the review.

Our Design for Debenhams School Uniform

When I heard about the competition from Debenhams to design your own school uniform, I knew Miss M would be up for the challenge.  She loves to be creative and a bit crafty so I thought I’d see if she wanted to have a go.  Having been at school a year already she was used to the dull grey skirt she has worn all year so I wondered if she would come up with something a bit different.

We first had to select a piece of uniform from Debenhams school uniform range.  We chose a Girls Grey Pleated Skirt as this fits in with what she is required to wear at school.

DI then drew an outline of the skirt on a piece of paper for Miss M, who then was left to work her magic on the skirt and come up with a design she would want to wear to school.


As you can see 5yr old Miss M decided to bling the skirt up a bit, with some shiny stars across the waistband, lots of glitter and pearlised lines across it.  She even added her name down the side.  I’m quite impressed with her design – it was all her own work and certainly brings some glitz and fun to the school day!

From this….                                                      To this….

Debenhams2This is our entry into the Debenham’s design a uniform challenge

Trutex School Uniform – Review

One thing every child needs when they go to school is a uniform, be it red, green, blue or another colour.  When Miss M started school last year I didn’t really think too much about it and just brought the required colours at the local supermarket.  Although overall I was pleased with it there were a couple of things that I would like to see improved like the colour fading of the cardigan.

One brand I remember from my days at school is Trutex so when they sent me some of their uniform to try, I was keen to see the quality of the clothes in this long established brand that believes it’s schoolwear is “made to last” and “colours stay true wash after wash”.


We received a bright red cardigan – which Miss M loved, a pack of two white blouses and a grey skirt.  Miss M’s immediate reaction to the cardigan was she that she loved the brightness of the red colour – apparently she’s always wanted one like this!  Although as a parent I always look out for the quality and fit in a uniform, it also helps if the child likes it and is happy wearing it.

The cardigan is well made, soft to touch and a bright colour.  It is a generous fit with plenty of length which I prefer in school uniforms.  My favourite piece has to be the white blouses.  When presented in a pack you can never tell exactly what they are like but I think the Trutex ones are a really good cut, feminine with a slight nipped in waist and Miss M’s prefered sleeve length.  She doesn’t like long sleeves and neither the shorter capped sleeves you often find. They have a good crisp feel to them as well as being soft and comfortable to wear with the added bonus of being non iron!  The pleated skirt is a nice design, with permanent style pleats that are easy to iron.  With it’s Teflon coating it is tough on stains and easy to wipe clean between washes.  The style looks good and the fit was perfect – not too short.

Miss M loved the whole Trutex uniform, enjoyed wearing it and looks forward to September when she can show off her new pieces to her friends.  We are very happy with the style and quality of the pieces and look forward to testing out the ‘made to last’ promise over the Autumn term.  So far though Trutex is definitely recommended by us.

Trutex M

This year for the first time Trutex have produced a ‘Back to school guide’ for parent.  You can pick these up from your local Trutex retailer and they are full of advice and information from leading experts such as the Nspcc, Beat Bullying, The Children’s Food Trust and many more.

Trutex brochure

Why not check out your nearest stockist of Trutex school uniform and get your uniform ready for September?