Our Design for Debenhams School Uniform

When I heard about the competition from Debenhams to design your own school uniform, I knew Miss M would be up for the challenge.  She loves to be creative and a bit crafty so I thought I’d see if she wanted to have a go.  Having been at school a year already she was used to the dull grey skirt she has worn all year so I wondered if she would come up with something a bit different.

We first had to select a piece of uniform from Debenhams school uniform range.  We chose a Girls Grey Pleated Skirt as this fits in with what she is required to wear at school.

DI then drew an outline of the skirt on a piece of paper for Miss M, who then was left to work her magic on the skirt and come up with a design she would want to wear to school.


As you can see 5yr old Miss M decided to bling the skirt up a bit, with some shiny stars across the waistband, lots of glitter and pearlised lines across it.  She even added her name down the side.  I’m quite impressed with her design – it was all her own work and certainly brings some glitz and fun to the school day!

From this….                                                      To this….

Debenhams2This is our entry into the Debenham’s design a uniform challenge

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  1. much more exciting than the usual school uniform!! lol. she did a good job 😀

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