Forest Animals from Schleich

Schleich figures are always a winner with us being of high quality and very durable for play for many years.  With such a variety of ranges available there is always something that is great to add to your collection and boost your little one’s imagination though play.  We received the European Forest Dweller set to try out with my little boy age 6.

The set consists of a Wild Boar, Red Deer and a Fox that are all inhabitants of forests across Europe.  The three figures are a good size and feel exceptionally durable which is perfect for play with little fingers.  They are well detailed  and beautifully hand painted to allow children to learn as you play.

We are really impressed with these animals and they make a lovely addition to any collection or can easily be incorporated into play with other existing toys.  They are also very sturdy and you can’t fail to stand them up on four legs first time which is great for children.  Children can ask questions about the animals, learning facts about them which is great for engaging parents and children at the same time.  Play can and should be fun which is something we always encourage at home.

Once 6yr old Mister B caught sight of the European Forest Dweller set from Schleich he couldn’t wait to get them out to play. He used his magnifying glass to inspect their detail and was catching them in his bug net.  He has an amazing imagination and came up with multiple scenarios to play with the animals in.  He’s also excited to introduce them to his other figures from Schleich which form all sorts of his daily play.

Overall we’d highly recommend the European Forest Dweller figures.  Great quality, well made and a toy that will last for years of imaginative and fun play.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Wildlife Animals from Schleich

Schleich is always a popular brand for it’s durabiliy, quality and realistic looking creatures.  They have every type of animal you could be looking for from horses to dinosaurs, dragons to fun playsets. This week we have been looking at some of their wildlife animals in the Wildlife Starter Set.

With a zebra, lion, elephant and monkey as part of the collection I just knew my little boy would love these, particularly the monkey which has turned out to be his favourite.  He loves using these in all sorts of imaginative play, adding them in with his other toys, such as tractors, trucks and other figures for fun playing.

As you can see the animals are incredibly lifelike with lots of attention to detail.  Being realistic is great for kids because they can really see what the animals are like and talk about their features and learn to recognise different creatures.  The durability in Schleich figures is fabulous too and they will last without dulling in colour or legs breaking off.  They are without doubt the best quality figures we’ve played with.

If you are looking for animal figurines for little ones to play with then do check these out, you can’t go wrong with them and kids love them.  Here’s my little cheeky monkey with his favourite couple from the Wildlife Starter Set!

Available from Smyths Toys for £14.99.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the dragons in order to write the review.





Schleich Pick Up with Horse Box Playset

Schleich is a well known established brand that builds toys to last so we were excited to check out the Pick Up with Horse Box playset.  A fun set containing a pick up truck, horse box and a number of accessories, there is sure to be some imaginative play from this set.


Included to go along side the pick up truck and horse box is a horse, 2 figures (one is a driver), saddle, bridle, horse coat, bale of hay, bunch of carrots, 2 grooming brushes.  The horse box requires some minimal assembly and also the sheet of stickers needs to be carefully applied.  I did this myself to ensure they were neatly placed whilst the children helped put the box together.


After a few minutes we had our complete playset and I have to say at first glance you can see the quality.  It definitely stands out amongst other toys, the plastic is solid, the parts are sturdy and you know this will withstand years of play.

schleich-horse-box-3The pick up is a dark pink with a great space in the back to put the accessories during play.  The doors also open and there is a driver figure who is fixed in a position to sit on the front seat.  The bonnet also opens so you can see the engine.

The horse box is well thought out allowing the top half to come off to gain access to play inside.  The back folds down to create a walkway for the horses to get up and there is a divider inside allowing two horses to be placed inside.

schleich-horse-box-4Each front corner of the horse box reveals an opening door, on one side for the groom to get in and out, and on the other is a cupboard for storing the bridle equipment.

The horse has a lovely bundle of accessories that really do keep children entertained.  Although my daughter was first to play with this, it was my little boy who really let his imagination go as he played for the whole afternoon with just this toy.  The horse went on all sorts of adventures and he particularly liked putting the horses coat on and off and grooming it with the brushes.

schleich-horse-box-5I think this is are really lovely playset by Schleich and lives up to all of their high standards.  We do have a set of Schleich horses which we have now integrated into play with this, along with my little boys tractors and other farm sets which he loves creating a whole play scene with and taking his animals on adventures.

schleich-horse-box-6A fabulous playset that leads to lots of imaginative play for little ones and retails at £39.99.  To see the full collection check out Schleich.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.


Schleich Dragon Island Figures – Review

Schleich dragons from the Dragon Island series are a great set of mythical figurines that are of the familiar high quality I’ve come to love and know with Schleich.  Each figure is intricately detailed and hand painted to give it an impressive look that draws children into an imaginative world of play.


There are six dragons in the series:

  • Dragon Flyer
  • Dragon Hunter
  • Dragon Fighter
  • Dragon Warrior
  • Dragon Runner
  • Dragon Battering Ram

We received Dragon Fighter and Dragon Runner shown above, and I have to say they were larger than expected with dimensions being up to 20cm across.  This makes them great for play and my little boy loved holding them and fighting them against each other.

dragon 1They really bring out my little boys imagination and you can hear him talking about their features and how they are going to fight as they go into battle against each other.  The detail really is fantastic on these and you can’t see any joins in the body.  They seem very durable as the plastic isn’t solid, it has a slightly flexibleness to it which allows for a bit of rough play.

dragon 2We love these dragons from Schleich and think they’ll be very popular with young children especially if they are into figure toys. Schleich have a huge range of figurines available in all sorts of ranges.  I’ve just spotted the new Peanuts range that has been launched so there really is something for everyone!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the dragons in order to write the review.

Schleich Mini Dinosaurs – Review

Schleich mini dinosaurs are the latest collection of creatures from Schleich, the world renowned company for producing high quality, detailed figurine toys.

schleich 1 We received five of the Schleich mini dinosaurs including:

  • Velociraptor
  • Triceratops
  • Saichania
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Stegosaurus

schleich 2These figures are made of a high quality plastic with loads of attention to detail to give them a realistic look.  Mister B was thrilled with these dinosaurs and being a mini version they are perfect for little fingers.  His imagination went wild with this as he took them on little adventures around the house, climbing up furniture, taking them for drives in the back of toy trucks and they are even perfect sized to take out to a restaurant and keep him entertained while waiting for his meal which we did one day.

schleich 3These Schleich mini dinosaurs have been a big success with us and are a toy that I know will last, is durable and doesn’t ever seem to date.  Schleich have an excellent reputation already and I feel that these dinosaurs continue that standard and are an excellent addition to the range of products already on offer.  I particularly love the idea of mini creatures as these have been perfect for my 4 year old.  We would highly recommend them.

All reviews are my own opinions and I received the mini dinosaurs in order to write the review.


Schleich Braided Horse Figurines – Review

We received six braided horse figurines from the ‘World of Nature’ range by Schleich new to the collection in 2013.  These horses have been created with realistic attention to detail and all come positioned in a dynamic pose.

H1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6

                                           They are aimed at girls aged between 5 and 8, so with Miss M being 5 she was the perfect age to try them out.  My first impression was the beauty of the intricate detailing and likeness to real life.  They are made to an exceptionally high quality making them very durable and definitely toys that stand the test of time.  They range in size from 9-12cm tall.

The detail on them is amazing and I sat with Miss M and we looked at each one picking out the little intricacies, like the red roses on the tail of one, the little plaits and pink ribbon on another to the silver horse shoes detail on another one.  They are all beautifully designed with gorgeous braided detail.

Miss M found these a joy to play with and they easily integrated into play with other toys and even joined us at the dinner table!!  Two year old Mister B even showed an interest and commandeered the small black foal as his own to carry around.

Overall these are high quality animals that would give a lot of play value in a variety of situations.  A durable product with lasting play value over a good range of ages.

RRP: Stallion: £5.99; Mare: £5.99; Foal: £3.99

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.