Schleich Pick Up with Horse Box Playset

Schleich is a well known established brand that builds toys to last so we were excited to check out the Pick Up with Horse Box playset.  A fun set containing a pick up truck, horse box and a number of accessories, there is sure to be some imaginative play from this set.


Included to go along side the pick up truck and horse box is a horse, 2 figures (one is a driver), saddle, bridle, horse coat, bale of hay, bunch of carrots, 2 grooming brushes.  The horse box requires some minimal assembly and also the sheet of stickers needs to be carefully applied.  I did this myself to ensure they were neatly placed whilst the children helped put the box together.


After a few minutes we had our complete playset and I have to say at first glance you can see the quality.  It definitely stands out amongst other toys, the plastic is solid, the parts are sturdy and you know this will withstand years of play.

schleich-horse-box-3The pick up is a dark pink with a great space in the back to put the accessories during play.  The doors also open and there is a driver figure who is fixed in a position to sit on the front seat.  The bonnet also opens so you can see the engine.

The horse box is well thought out allowing the top half to come off to gain access to play inside.  The back folds down to create a walkway for the horses to get up and there is a divider inside allowing two horses to be placed inside.

schleich-horse-box-4Each front corner of the horse box reveals an opening door, on one side for the groom to get in and out, and on the other is a cupboard for storing the bridle equipment.

The horse has a lovely bundle of accessories that really do keep children entertained.  Although my daughter was first to play with this, it was my little boy who really let his imagination go as he played for the whole afternoon with just this toy.  The horse went on all sorts of adventures and he particularly liked putting the horses coat on and off and grooming it with the brushes.

schleich-horse-box-5I think this is are really lovely playset by Schleich and lives up to all of their high standards.  We do have a set of Schleich horses which we have now integrated into play with this, along with my little boys tractors and other farm sets which he loves creating a whole play scene with and taking his animals on adventures.

schleich-horse-box-6A fabulous playset that leads to lots of imaginative play for little ones and retails at £39.99.  To see the full collection check out Schleich.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.


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