Healthy Lunchboxes with Flora #FloraLunchbox

Flora have recently carried out research into the contents of children’s lunchboxes and the results have shown that only 1.6% of children’s lunchboxes meet school food nutritional standards.  Based on this they are now trying to encourage and inspire people to make healthy packed lunch creations that children will enjoy.

wp_20161008_07_48_44_proLook out in the supermarkets as currently a double pack of Flora comes with a free lunchbox.  My children love these lunch boxes as they look fun and there is a also a little space for their name on it.  Pack lunches and picnics are something my children have always been fond of and love the idea of their food packaged up and having a selection of little things to eat.  But ultimately they do get bored if it gets too repetitive so we try to change up the contents regularly to keep them interested and keen to eat.

I find that even the same thing on two consecutive days gets boring for little ones so it’s crucial to change it up everyday.  Whether it’s a piece of fruit or a sandwich, I try and give them a different variety each day.  So for savouries you could change up a sandwich for a roll, wrap, pitta or a pot of rice, pasta, couscous etc.  And don’t just add ham or cheese, add a few thinly sliced cucumber slices to a sandwich or diced vegetables to the rice and pasta pots.

wp_20161008_07_52_03_proFor snacks, we always include a vegetable such as cherry tomatoes, or carrot sticks with a little pot of houmous or a bunch of colourful pepper sticks.

For dessert we normally include a tube of yoghurt for ease and a small treat such as a box of raisins or a little biscuit snack.  I try and avoid chocolate at school as there is plenty of time for special treats like that on the weekends with the family.

By encouraging healthy eating during the week, it will become habit and your child will see it as their normal way of eating, which hopefully will follow through as they grow up into adulthood and become a way of life.  So think about what you put in your childs lunchbox as habits that are instilled in them when they are younger tend to stick with them for many years onward!

This post is an entry for the #FloraLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Flora. 



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