Forest Animals from Schleich

Schleich figures are always a winner with us being of high quality and very durable for play for many years.  With such a variety of ranges available there is always something that is great to add to your collection and boost your little one’s imagination though play.  We received the European Forest Dweller set to try out with my little boy age 6.

The set consists of a Wild Boar, Red Deer and a Fox that are all inhabitants of forests across Europe.  The three figures are a good size and feel exceptionally durable which is perfect for play with little fingers.  They are well detailed  and beautifully hand painted to allow children to learn as you play.

We are really impressed with these animals and they make a lovely addition to any collection or can easily be incorporated into play with other existing toys.  They are also very sturdy and you can’t fail to stand them up on four legs first time which is great for children.  Children can ask questions about the animals, learning facts about them which is great for engaging parents and children at the same time.  Play can and should be fun which is something we always encourage at home.

Once 6yr old Mister B caught sight of the European Forest Dweller set from Schleich he couldn’t wait to get them out to play. He used his magnifying glass to inspect their detail and was catching them in his bug net.  He has an amazing imagination and came up with multiple scenarios to play with the animals in.  He’s also excited to introduce them to his other figures from Schleich which form all sorts of his daily play.

Overall we’d highly recommend the European Forest Dweller figures.  Great quality, well made and a toy that will last for years of imaginative and fun play.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

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