Songmics Interlocking Storage Cube Organiser Giveaway

Songmics are an online household company that sells primarily through Amazon and has some great value, economical storage ideas.  With everything from storage cubes to make up holders, shoe racks to laundry boxes there really is something to suit everyone at fantastic prices.  We’ve been checking out a set of storage cubes which you can read about below and I also have the chance for you to win a set for yourself (choosing from the options below).


These are flat pack kits that you build yourself, I did mine myself and found they didn’t take anywhere near as long as I expected although did require a little strength pushing the pieces together.  I did have to get my husband to click a couple of the doors in when he got home as I couldn’t quite push them in fully. The cubes came together nicely and I was pleased with the results.  These are mix and match so you can build them in any configuration you like, they could be in one long line, or built into a cube of nine like I did below.

I chose a black scroll design which looks pretty and modern and is suitable for any room in the house.  We’ve currently built this for my daughters room and she loves the easy to swing open doors and has filled each box with a different item of clothing, one cube for shorts, one for t-shirts, one for pj’s etc.

These are lightweight storage cubes so I wouldn’t use them for heavy items such as books and they are very reasonably priced due to the light nature of the materials.  They are therefore excellent value for money and make a great space to store things in like clothing.

My daughter is really pleased with her new storage cubes, they look good, hold a lot of her belongings and she loves to line her teddy bears across the top!

For your chance to win a set of Songmic Storage Cubes in the colourway of your choice, just fill in the Gleam form below:

Songmics Storage Cubes

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

317 thoughts on “Songmics Interlocking Storage Cube Organiser Giveaway

  1. All my bakery bits!! Would be fantastic to have all the tins. ingredients and decorating bits in the same place 🙂

  2. I have a corner that’s a bit of a dumpling ground – I’d use these boxes to finally organise it! They look perfect for getting my clutter off the floor

  3. I would use it to tidy my hallway. Would be perfect for all the stuff the kids need for school and would help to organise our mornings. Shoes, lunch boxes, water bottles, pe kit etc.

  4. Craft supplies – everyone in this house has crafty interests so this would be great for containing some of the clutter!

  5. Each of my kids have a small shelf for the bits they need for school, but it isn’t big enough as they need so much- bags, PE kit, books, equipment etc. This would be perfect for that use as it would make it easier to organise so they’s always have the right stuff to hand. Plus it is much more attractive than what we currently use.

  6. These would be great to store all of my craft and stationery supplies and all the “stuff” which my grandchildren feel compelled to leave “at grandma’s” until they come again!

  7. Ah I love these! I’d pop them under my stairs and use them for shoes and possibly the dog’s bits and bobs too! They’re gorgeous!!!

  8. so much could go in these, i would use it for the princess’s hair bows/bands/ribbons. Her socks and shoes and her underwear and nighwear

  9. If I was lucky enough to win I’d use it to store my five year old and five month old daughters toys, thank you very much for the chance xXx

  10. I would love to use these for storage for all my needle felting and crafts bits and pieces. It would look so much more organised and be nice to know where i can lay my hands on certain items without creating a mess!

  11. if l were lucky enough to win these l would use the to store the children’s toys . . . neat and tidy is the word

  12. this would be perfect for my sons room, for all his minecraft toys, games and books, plus its the perfect shape!

  13. I think it would look great in my little boy’s room and it’s the perfect size and shape for all those toys that are usually strewn all over the floor 😉 x

  14. For my daughters toys, they’re currently all over the house! She has the boxroom so good storage is needed!

  15. It would have to be the kids toys especially the amount of books we have and the few DVDs to be kept away neatly

  16. I’d use it in my daughter’s room, she’s starting to have lots of random ‘stuff’ that she wants to keep but doesn’t know where to put it.

  17. Currently redecorating our daughters bedroom. The cubes would be great for holding all her extra bits and bobs. Hair clips, school accessories etc

  18. My grandchildren have a bedroom/playroom at my house, perfect for book and toy storage for my wonderful, ever growing number of grandchildren!

  19. I would use it in my daughters room! My youngest is only 5 months old but I’ve been rearranging 3yo room already to try move toys to safer places for once baby is on the move lol

  20. My teenage daughters bedroom is a disgrace. She is studying art at college so it would be a massive help to have somewhere to put all of her art things

  21. I would use these to store toys – probably all my daughters ‘cuddlies’. It would feel like they would have their own little high-rise rooms to live in. She would love that!

  22. These look fab, they would go lovely in my sons bedroom which as not long had a face lift. Fingers crossed, good luck everyone

  23. For storing the kids toys nice and neatly. Too much goes on the floor and they need somewhere to put them where they wont make a mess.

  24. Hoping to move my 7month old daughter into the bedroom with her big sister in the next few months, my 5 year old’s bedroom is so unorganised, this would be lovely to organise her toys to make room for her little sis.

  25. I would put it in our hallway and use it store all our shoes… It would be perfect and make the hallway much tidier!!

  26. I would use it for all my Gransons toys. He has lots of cars, action figures, sets of Paw Patrol bits and a collection of My Little Ponies

  27. I’d love to use these as a shoe rack I’ve got lots of shoes and they’d look fab in these funky storage cubes, what a fab idea

  28. A hallway organiser for all the things we can never find in the morning, school bags, pe kits, dog leads, work bags etc. If these had a place to live then maybe we might leave the house on time for once!

  29. My daughter loves arts and crafts and has bits everywhere! This would make it all be stored together in separate compartments and less cluttered so easy to find and put away!

  30. with seven grandchildren and hopefully more soon, this would be perfect for keeping all the little bits I collect ready for their precious visits

  31. would be awesome to keep the twins toys seperate, to avoid the fighting, and that way they would learn to look after there own items at the same time 😡

  32. My son & his girlfriend, who both live with us, are musicians, and they have loads of small items such as leads, pedals, earphones, etc. which are very hard to tidy away. This storage unit would help to corral the various things and would also look stylish.

  33. I would use this in the downstairs toilet so that we can all easily collect what we need as we go out of the door – especially hats and gloves now winter is heading our way

  34. I would use it to store my sons toys – however much I seem to tidy them up they always seem to be everywhere. This looks ideal 🙂

  35. so I’m a hairdresser, masseuse, wax and nail technician (and also a forensics student lol) so I would use them for stashing my products and tools in my beauty room

  36. I would put this in my twin girls bedroom for storing toys, books and all there Barbie accessories which seem to end up all over the bedroom

  37. My granddaughter would use this for all her little dolls’ house bit and pieces which are always getting lost.

  38. My daughter collects little teddies that have been thrown away , she washes and fixes them up , I’d use them to display and store some

  39. I would use them to store my partner’s shoes; she has millions of them. Well, not quite millions but there are quite a few and we have been meaning to get a suitable storage unit for a while now! 🙂

  40. I would use it in my dining room, for my partner to put his work away in them. Then hopefully we could eat at our dinner table again!

  41. These are absolutely fabulous! My eldest daughter has just spotted these and has said she would love these for her shoes, make-up and handbags!

  42. Id use it in my own bedroom to keep all my hair and makeup bits away from the kids and sorted out properly instead of rammed badly into drawers!

  43. for my daughters clothes as i need some more storage space for them as her old drawers arn’t going to last for much longer!

  44. For storage I’d stack them to home all the toys etc for the living room. Repeat in hallway for shoes etc and any spares the bedrooms for the rest of the clutter.

  45. I would use mine for our arts and crafts. I have cross stitch and my daughters have numerous pens, colouring books and lots of sticking papers which seem to end up all over the house.

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