Mokuru Desktop Fidget Toy & Giveaway

Mokuru is the latest desktop toy to hit our shores and consists of a 9cm wooden cylindrical shaped piece with rubberised end pieces.  The idea is that you flick it from side to side and it will bounce across the floor multiple times as well as it’s ability to spin around so I can see how it can easily become an addictive finger toy that can keep you occupied for hours.  Available in seven bold colours, we received the red one to try out.

On first viewing it seems like a simple toy and you wonder how it’s going to perform but once you try giving it a roll, it’s really interesting how you can balance it and flick it from end to end. My 9yr old daughter was fascinated with it and spent much time in the hallway on the floor trying to fathom it out.

We found Mokuru to be a fun in that it can either be played on your own or with others, flicking it across the table to each other was a preferred one ( I can see this being popular for kids in restaurants passing the time whilst waiting for their food!).  A hard surface is a must so either a table, hard floor, desk, windowsill – you name it, there is always somewhere you can find to flick it around!

Miss M is progressing well and you can see her initial attempts in the video below, it gives you an idea of the way it works and as you can tell she is completely absorbed with the toy seeing how many times she can flick it around:

Mokuru is definitely the next must have craze to hit the UK after the fidget spinner and will be sure to have kids and adults up and down the country competing to see how many times they can flick the toy across the floor!

For a chance to win 1 of 3 (please note colours will be sent out at random) just fill in the Gleam form below:

Win 1 of 3 Mokuru fidget sticks

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

80 thoughts on “Mokuru Desktop Fidget Toy & Giveaway

  1. Usually practice some gymnastics moves with my son, board games, play in the garden or to the park to get some more steps for my fitbit challenges 🙂

  2. We bake cookies, explore nature and go geocaching, build an indoor tent or fort with sofas and some bed sheets, play Frisbee, put together a jigsaw puzzle or plan a scavenger hunt.

  3. That looks like fun the kids allowed thousands of hours with them that’s what kids are short of playing with toys instead of let Computers or mobile phones

  4. We find jobs, or fun things to do. If the weather is good we’ll go out somewhere, even if its only the park.
    If the weather is bad, than its board games and maybe a film.

  5. I could hear my own mum’s answer when I read that question- “Read a book!”
    This may work sometimes but at other times we play games if we’re bored.

  6. We live opposite a swimming pool centre so we go swimming or to the park next to it, or even just in the garden xXx

  7. Either we go to the park for a walk and to play on the outdoor toys but we also read books,draw pictures or watch a movie together.

  8. If we are out I try and focus his attention on what is happening around him, talk about the things we can see etc. I also try and have a bag of toys with us for times we need to be sat still. As a last resort I will let him play games on my phone!

  9. we jump in the car drive two miles down the road to our favourite wood and walk our and our neighbours dog! no one sits around at home bored ! if it is in the evening the kids are given jobs to do if they say they are bored! funnily enough they don’t say it too often

  10. We keep entertained playing games like go through the alphabet naming animals or fruit etc. Some are surprisingly hard. You’re not allowed to move on until that letter has been answered.

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