NEW Malt Loaf Bars from Soreen

Soreen is a household name for the traditional malt loaf snack but with ever busy family lifestyles and the volume of individully wrapped ‘on the go’ snacks appearing on the market, Soreen have upped their game in recent years with seasonal flavours, small individually wrapped lunchbox loaves for kids and now the NEW Malt Loaf Bars aimed at all ages but a great size for adults as a snack at home or on the go.

With an aim to support active lifestyles Soreen have created the perfect NEW Malt Loaf Bars with the deliciously unique taste that we all love about Soreen malt loaf in a convenient, individually wrapped format.  These are just perfect for me and a great addition to the range on top of the already existing lunchbox loaves which are the ideal snack for kids.  The Malt Loaf Bars are a larger size to the lunchbox loaves making them great for adults although my children insisted on trying one and will make a filling snack for them.

These have lived in my handbag this week and been my perfect break time snack at work although I’ll also be using them for out and about snacks.  Why I love them?  Well firstly I’ve always been a fan of malt loaf, secondly they are so easy to grab and pack in your bag being individually wrapped and thirdly I absolutely love the crust edge of malt loaf and with the individual bar you get a piece of that in every bite along with the squidgy tasty insides.

Soreen for me will always be a winner, the kids love the flavoured lunchbox loaves, at home we all love the larger loaves that we slice and butter and these New Malt Loaf Bars are a hit with all the family and will be in my handbag, the husbands lunchbox and can be used for the kids when out on long days out to keep them filled up between mealtimes.  If you haven’t tried the NEW Soreen Malt Loaf Bar’s yet, check them out now, available from The Co-op and WHSmith Travel Stores!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

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