NEW Malt Loaf Bars from Soreen

Soreen is a household name for the traditional malt loaf snack but with ever busy family lifestyles and the volume of individully wrapped ‘on the go’ snacks appearing on the market, Soreen have upped their game in recent years with seasonal flavours, small individually wrapped lunchbox loaves for kids and now the NEW Malt Loaf Bars aimed at all ages but a great size for adults as a snack at home or on the go.

With an aim to support active lifestyles Soreen have created the perfect NEW Malt Loaf Bars with the deliciously unique taste that we all love about Soreen malt loaf in a convenient, individually wrapped format.  These are just perfect for me and a great addition to the range on top of the already existing lunchbox loaves which are the ideal snack for kids.  The Malt Loaf Bars are a larger size to the lunchbox loaves making them great for adults although my children insisted on trying one and will make a filling snack for them.

These have lived in my handbag this week and been my perfect break time snack at work although I’ll also be using them for out and about snacks.  Why I love them?  Well firstly I’ve always been a fan of malt loaf, secondly they are so easy to grab and pack in your bag being individually wrapped and thirdly I absolutely love the crust edge of malt loaf and with the individual bar you get a piece of that in every bite along with the squidgy tasty insides.

Soreen for me will always be a winner, the kids love the flavoured lunchbox loaves, at home we all love the larger loaves that we slice and butter and these New Malt Loaf Bars are a hit with all the family and will be in my handbag, the husbands lunchbox and can be used for the kids when out on long days out to keep them filled up between mealtimes.  If you haven’t tried the NEW Soreen Malt Loaf Bar’s yet, check them out now, available from The Co-op and WHSmith Travel Stores!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Soreen Disney Mini Loaves in Toffee and Chocolate

Soreen a household name in malt loaf products have brought out Disney themed mini loaves in both Toffee and Chocolate flavours.  How could they not be a winner with kids?  With Pixar images on the chocolate flavour and Frozen images on the toffee flavour I couldn’t wait to share these with my children for a full verdict!

Soreen is a popular snack in our household, the larger loaves with the adults and the mini loaves with the kids as they are absolutely ideal for snacks, especially when out and about.  Not only do they come individually wrapped, they aren’t messy, can’t melt and provide a fairly healthy bite to eat.

We kind of knew what the Chocolate flavour would taste like as we’ve had the large Chocolate loaves before and we all love them.  The Toffee flavour was new to us but proved to be a hit and was enjoyed by both children.  I have to say that the Disney packaging didn’t go unnoticed either and they loved picking out which character they were going to have before eating one.

I love Soreen products, not only do they taste great, they are low in fat.  The mini loaves all come in at 100 calories or less, are individually wrapped and loved by both children and adults.  Great for days out or snacks on the go – I know I use them for a multitude of occasions such as after school trips to the park, a snack after swimming/sports lessons, family days out, picnics etc  Also watch out for special edition Soreen flavours in various sizes such as the Winter Spice edition large loaf that is available over the festive season – with every new flavour that Soreen release, be it chocolate, toffee or Winter Spice, they’ve never failed the taste test with us!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Soreen Winter Spice Festive Fruit Loaf

Soreen have come up with an ultra tasty limited edition of their traditional malt loaf with a festive twist.  The Soreen Winter Spice Festive Fruit Loaf contains raisins, currants, cherries, a hint of citrus and warming winter spices.

wp_20161217_12_25_46_proWell what can I say?

It’s utterly delicious and everyone I’ve offered a slice too totally agrees.  It smells Christmassy, it’s moist, rich and just so tasty it’s hard to stop at one slice.  I’m happy eating it on it’s own, but you can add some butter on top or how about lightly toasting it for a warm Winter snack and if you really want to be indulgent then heat it up and add some cream or brandy butter on top.

Overall this limited edition Soreen Winter Spice loaf hits all the right buttons for me and is a complete winner in my household!  If you haven’t tried it yet, head down to the shops and buy some because this isn’t to be missed.  A great treat for the festive season packed full of taste, flavour and squidgy goodness!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.




Sweet Snacks and Treats – Reviews

Following on from the fantastic bloggers night in at the end of last year, I did a round up of all our savoury snacks and here is a look at the great selection of sweet treats we had the opportunity to try out.

Bloggers night SoreenSoreen very kindly sent us each a goody bag packed full of the Soreen range to try.  I took this home to my family who couldn’t wait to get stuck in.  The Chocolate Soreen stood our for us and is a firm favourite with all of us – it didn’t last long, with a husband and two children devouring it at every opportunity!  The fruity Soreen was perfect for the husbands pack lunch box and the sliced loaf made perfect snacks for the children at home.  The banana lunchbox loaves are a favourite of three year old Mister B, being individually wrapped I keep them for out of the house or in his nursery lunch box.  Overall I have to say as a family we are very impressed with Soreen and think they have made some wonderful additions to their range recently.  We are definitely fans and Soreen is always on our shopping list!


Bloggers night Green and blacksGreen & Blacks, a name we all know well in the world chocolate,  kindly gave us a bar of their organic dark chocolate to taste.  Personally I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but the husband is, so I let him try it for his opinion.  He said it was “rich and smooth”, a taste he could savour and enjoy and only needing a few squares at a time meaning it lasting him several nights.  A great quality chocolate he enjoyed.



Choc Shot by Sweet Freedom is a Bloggers night choc shot revolutionary 100% natural liquid chocolate with only 14 calories per teaspoon. It can be used in multiple ways from hot chocolate, milkshakes to toppings for ice cream, porridge or fruit.  Choose your own way of using this multi functioning product.  When my children saw it they immediately wanted to make hot chocolate and it couldn’t be easier, no more powdery lumps, just stir into warm milk and there you have a cup of creamy hot chocolate.  My children loved it and it was great that they could make it themselves.  We also tried it on ice cream for dessert and this was a hit too.  The only thing that could be improved is perhaps an easier to squeeze bottle as once we were half way through the rest of the chocolate was a little difficult to get out – apart from that, what a fantastic product.  Being suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetic and GM, dairy and gluten free this really is a product that anyone can try – why not give it a go?


Bloggers night OrgranAnother brand we tried that caters for special dietary needs is Orgran, a top brand in the gluten free food market.  All Orgran products are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg free, Yeast Free, GMO Free and Vegan.  We were sent a selection of sweet treats to try including shortbread hearts, Amaretti biscotti and chocolate biscotti.  We did find the shortbread hearts a little hard and not quite the crumbly shortbread texture that we are used to but they did look pretty on the plate.  The biscotti were nice and I did like both of the flavours.  I took some samples home and found that they make the perfect accompaniment to Sweet Freedom’s Choc Shot.  I think for someone limited to certain dietary requirements, then these Orgran biscuits are the perfect treat.  They all look good and are perfect paired with a hot drink to dip in.  If you are following a gluten free diet then I’d definitely recommend checking out the Orgran website as they have a wide variety of food choices and even a great range aimed at children following a gluten free diet.


Bloggers night popcorn darling


Darling Spuds have brought out a sweet and salty popcorn.   They come in handy size snack packs and I left the pack I had for my children to try.  I did intend on trying one or two pieces myself but by the time I came back into the room they were gone!  I think that speaks for itself – they obviously taste good and were a hit with my two.  These are great as a snack and another that is gluten free along with being suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.  But the best feature has to be there are just 39 calories per bag!!




Bloggers night swizzels matlowWhen I opened my bag and showed my children the Swizzels-Matlow goodies, their eyes popped out in excitement!  Can we have one now they asked?  With traditional favourites such as Love Hearts, Drumsticks and Fruity lollies my children were in sweetie heaven – oh but I did keep the  Parma Violets for my handbag though!


Last but not least I have saved you the best till last.  When I was offered my favourite ever chocolates to review how could I refuse.  Guylian, the Belgian chocolate seashells are made from 100% pure cocoa butter with a unique hazelnut praline filling that is utterly divine.

Bloggers night GuylianThe distinctive, glossy seashells and seahorse shapes are a sign of quality, a box of these is perfect as a gift for someone being affordable but luxury chocolates at the same time.  I highly recommend these!!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the reviews.