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Miss M’s 6th Birthday!!

Six years ago today, I spent New Year’s Eve in labour to give birth to the first baby born in 2008 at our local hospital. Having rushed to hospital at 11.30ish pm after finally realising the twinges I had been feeling all evening were contractions, I eventually gave birth to my amazing daughter Miss M just after 1am.

To see her progression over the last six years is amazing, rewarding and incredibily challenging at times but what a delightful daughter she has turned out to be.

With a desire for ice skating we promised she could go a couple of days before her birthday, I have to say it wasn’t an experience I enjoyed with the water logged ice, and bunches of teenagers whizzing their way round in groups, but Miss M was at home on the ice gliding round without a care in the world!

B skatingThe next challenge was to make her a birthday cake.  She had requested a princess cake and after much decision making over the last few months I decided to  make her a doll cake.  I had planned on purchasing a poundshop doll to use but due to the horrific weather and lack of time I hadn’t been out so used my circa 30 year old Barbie doll as the centerpiece!!  Wrapping her in clingfilm and making sponges using 10 eggs, 500g each of sugar, flour and butter I finally created 4 round sponge cakes and 12 cupcakes.  I covered them in pink buttercream using my favourite nozzle to create rose like swirls and then sprayed the cake in with a silver spray to give it a fabulous glimmer in the light.

The cupcakes were used to hand out in party bags at Miss M’s party on New Year’s Eve and the main cake to be kept until New Year’s Day, Miss M’s official Birthday!!

B Barbie cakeThe lunchtime of New Year’s Eve was Miss M’s birthday party at a local soft play centre, the first time I haven’t had any direct involvement in the party and although it wasn’t my ideal venue, it was the easiest party I’ve ever held and it was Miss M’s choice of venue so she was happy.  It felt so good to walk away at the end and not have to clear up but have a happy little girl who had the party of her choice!

B Drakes DenHad you not noticed above, I just have to point out that Miss M is in a dress, and not just any old dress, a NEXT party dress.  Something that I never thought I would see, but something that she voluntarily chose and I bought, and she did not disappoint by wearing it on the day!

B smartIt was so lovely to see both my children dressed up, Mister B loves his tie and would wear it every day if he could but seeing Miss M in a dress is so nice, she’d normally rather be in shorts and tights!

For New Year’s Eve evening we went for dinner at Prezzo, a restaurant I like as it is perfect for children with it’s loud atmosphere and a menu they love especially with the bambinocino to finish the meal!  It also emptied out on a few tables behind us as we ate early, and Miss M and Mister B took to the floor to do a bit of Strictly Come Dancing which was really cute.

B PrezzoIt was back to Nan and Grandad’s house for some Wii games with Mister B and Cousin L  before taking a huge bubble jacuzzi bath then going to bed for the official birthday wake up!

On New Year’s Day Miss M was thrilled to received a dolls house tall enough to fit her Barbie dolls and my Sindy dolls that she plays with.

B HouseAll in all a lovely day enjoyed by all the family and a six year old daughter, Miss M!!


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  1. Mummy of Two says:

    Sounds like the perfect birthday and she looks absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday Miss M 🙂

  2. Jo Hutchinson says:

    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year

  3. She looks proper gorgeous there, what a handsome pair of children you have!
    Disappointed there weren’t 2 giant loo rolls under Barbie’s satin skirt though :p

  4. Looks like she had an amazing day. Can you please teach me to be able to ice like you have on her cake!!
    over40andamumtoone recently posted…Goodbye to 2013My Profile

  5. spicers1976 says:

    wow that’s a dolls house and a half! Looks amazing. Happy birthday Miss M, she looks lovely in a dress.

  6. You are such a great baker! Love your cake! Happy Birthday to Ms M!

  7. mummymakescakes says:

    It looks like you had a lovely couple of days, we love Prezzo too. I’m very impressed you still had your old doll for the cake – I think all mine disappeared over the years. Thanks for linking to celebration cakes and bakes 🙂 The cakes look very effective as a princess dress.
    mummymakescakes recently posted…Zizzi’s Italian Restaurant at The Coliseum Leisure ParkMy Profile

  8. January’s Celebration Cakes and Bakes Roundup | Mummy makes cakes says:

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  9. Charles Baker says:

    Whenever I hear of kids celebrating their birthdays I get elated for I know that they grow up too fast. Such events help create fond memories to look back to. Your kids seemed to have enjoyed every last bit! While at it, how do you decorate such stunning cake?

  10. My little darlings have grown up now, so I really enjoy seeing blog posts like yours. It’s a natural instinct to want the best for our children and the psychological rewards that come from making them feel special cannot be overstated.
    Oh.. and love the cake
    Well done..

  11. wow that’s a dolls house and a half! Looks amazing. Happy birthday Miss M,

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