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Potato & Carrot stamping – crafty fun!!

Fancy getting crafty with your little ones, hate the mess and clearing up – well that’s me and I tend to avoid too many messy activities with my two. They do plenty on the two and half days they spend at nursery each week so they I don’t feel that they are missing out in any way. But with the Make Time to Play campaign to encourage us to play more with our children I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and set up an exciting messy activity for Miss M to do at home.

I decided to try potato stamping. Miss M was thrilled when I told her what we were going to be doing and couldn’t wait to get started. It’s actually very simple and the only materials required are potatoes and some paint!!

Not only can you make pictures, but  you can create greetings cards, wrapping paper or many other ingenious ideas such as a rocket out of a kitchen roll tube with stars stamped up the side…

StampingPlease watch our video of how to do potato stamping with Miss M:



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