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Fancy some Pink Soup??

Whilst musing at the fresh soup in Tesco the other day, a pink leopard skin box caught my eye and looking more closely I saw that it was in support of Breast Cancer.  On  checking the flavour it was Beetroot and Apple so being a vegetarian and for a good cause I thought I’d try it.


It was a very easy to eat soup with no strong flavours but very acceptable.  With 120 calories per half a carton and a donation to charity it is perfect for a light lunch.  Go Tesco and pink soup – I’ll definitely be buying you again!!


A rich creamy soup which I then topped with lots of black pepper worked out as a great low calorie tasty snack for me. What a fabulous way to support Breast Cancer?

I tried this soup as part of my weekly shop – I wasn’t paid to try or write about it. 

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