Horrid Henry DVD – Review and Giveaway

With Christmas looming, there is nothing better to get you in the festive mood than a Christmas themed DVD.  So when we were sent the latest Horrid Henry DVD from Abbey Home Media, Miss M couldn’t wait to watch it.

Horrid Henry and the Early Christmas Present is the latest in the series of Horrid Henry DVD’s to be released and will be available from 12th November 2012.

It contains six exciting episodes:

Horrid Henry and the Early Christmas Present
Horrid Henry and the Silly Siblings
Horrid Henry and the Tickly Treats Thief
Horrid Henry Alone At Home
Horrid Henry So not a girl
Horrid Henry Bogus babysitter

Miss M is a huge fan of Horrid Henry and it never fails to disappoint.  She thoroughly enjoys sitting down to view his naughty antics and I always catch her giggling to herself – she finds his naughty behaviour hilarious and with his lively personality he is constantly up to mischief to keep Miss M entertained throughout each episode.

Miss M’s favourite episode on this DVD is ‘Horrid Henry and the Early Christmas Present’ about the build up to Christmas and Horrid Henry’s naughtiness leaving him in jeopardy of receiving no presents on Xmas Day.  The contrast between Horrid Henry and his younger brother Perfect Peter is a great example for Miss M to take on board as to the consequences of bad behaviour!

This is a great DVD to keep young children entertained – they’ll love all the fun and antics that form the everyday part of Horrid Henry’s life and it is definitely a DVD that will be watched again and again.


Abbey Home Media have kindly offered me 4 copies of the New Horrid Henry DVD to give to my readers – so if you fancy a copy, just leave me a comment below.

To enter, please answer the following question and comment below (compulsory entry):
I would love to see a comment about something naughty your little ones have got up to recently or perhaps something naughty you got up to when you were younger.  If you’d prefer to just say you’ve entered then that’s fine too. 🙂

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137 thoughts on “Horrid Henry DVD – Review and Giveaway

  1. When my brother was little, we were getting ready to go to the fair. He was in a hurry but my mum was still trying to get everything together. K thought it would be a great idea to open the front door by standing on a huge tin of gloss paint – the first my mum realised was when she seen glossy footprints running down the hall, up the stairs and across 2 bedrooms 🙁 She didn’t have any issues finding him but needless to say the fair was cancelled and there was several £’s worth of damage lol x

  2. My daughter who was 4 at the time decided to get up early 4am and decided to make cakes…..Came downstairs to find her sat in a pool of cooking oil….In a mixing bowl she had cornflakes, a jar of coffee, sugar, juice, gravy, tomato sauce and god knows what else….I was not amused….Sent her back to bed….to angry to shout at her….lol Spent the next 3 hours cleaning it up!!

  3. My kids are always up to something. A couple of weeks ago my son got a bottle of suncream and poured it everywhere! Very hard to get out!

  4. My little girl once got in the cupboard and spilt all the dried macaroni and while I was cleaning that up I stupidly forgot to close the cupboard and she grabbed the rice and spilt that all over the floor!!

  5. hi 🙂 naughty thing one of mine keeps doing is pouring drinks everywhere the minute by back is turned! they have also covered the room in sudocrem once before but that was a while back. when me and my sis were little the naughtiest thing we did is probably cutting each others hair, or used to bite our selves then scream and blame it on the other one, lol!

  6. When I was a toddler I seemingly poured a whole bag of granulated sugar over the kitchen floor and was “skating” back and forward thinking it was great…needless to say my Mum was not amused (though cant remember that myself!).

    Now got a 2.5 yr old and on the whole she’s a good girl unless you could meltdowns in Tesco and her screaming “YOU A NAUGHTY AND BAD MUMMY!!!!!!” at the top of her lungs..instant red face and amused stares from the shoppers.

  7. I put my son to bed and then he got out again and played with his torch I didn’t find out til the morning where things weren’t where i’d left them!

  8. When me and my friend were in our early teens we used to replace the sugar in her kitchen with salt so her step mum would use it in her brew!!

  9. i was quite naughty when young i hid behind the couch and gave myself a haircut my mum was gutted as i had to get all my lovely locks cut off to fix it and get a bob. She still goes on about it thirty years later.

  10. My 3 year old found his 6 year old brothers joke ‘poo’ and flushed it down the toilet. It got caught in the bend and my poor dad had to come round, dismantle the toilet and remove the joke poo alongside the blocked real poo he had done afterwards!! Not very nice but we eventually saw the funny side 🙂

  11. My 6 year old grandson painted his 4 year old sister with white emulsion( while playing quietly upstairs).They then went on to paint most of his pine bedroom furniture and dripped all over his dark blue carpet.It took weeks to clean up !

  12. My son’s just turned 20 months & the tantrum phase – he threw a banana across a room because I wouldn’t carry him from the kitchen to the dining room (3 metres!) 🙂

  13. my eldest son, 6 at the time, fancied some breakfast… he put a pot noodle in the microwave while i was still in bed (he does have some sen’s but anywayyy)
    List can go on with my lot!
    I currently have blue permanent marker on my cream walls thanks to my 3yr old.

  14. My little boy is a mischievous little monkey and just a couple of weeks ago he threw his drink over the side of a bridge – he was so upset to see his drink floating down the river that he proceeded to SCREAM non stop until we got to the shop where he could get a new drink.

  15. When I was little my younger sister made a den complete with an ice cream container for a toilet! (she had a good imagination). Unknown to anyone else that this was in there she then used it (yes to do a number 1 and 2!!!) and told me to come and visit her in her new house. I went inside and screamed!!!! I will never forget that! Now that I have a little boy I’m always wary if he makes a den!

  16. I cut my own fringe as a 10 year old, wanted a swanky bob with a spiky fringe (it was the 80s) and finally round my mother down. She took me to the hairdressers and when I got back I cut it again as wasn’t short enough to spike. Consequently, when it dried, it was wonky and awful and my mum marched me back. I never did own up to it being me that cut it! Poor girl got the sack!

  17. When I was about 10, my sister was 8, one morning just before we left for school my sister was annoying me so I decided to get one of those bath pearls, I popped it on her head! She had to go to school stinking to high heaven with an oily head as there was no time to wash it….needless to say my mother was NOT happy with me x

  18. I scraped my name with a broken tile in the snow on my grandad’s car…when the snow melted my name was still there…oopsy

  19. When my boys were younger i always knew trouble was brewing if they went quiet one day i was working in the lounge and they went very quiet one was 4 and one was 2 i went looking for them ( we lived in a bungalow ) the oldest one had thought it funny to open the fridge and hand my eggs one by one to his little brother to drop on the floor .. it was a pack of 24 eggs! mmm not the best omelette i have seen

  20. my grandson keeps copying everything i say! which wasn’t too bad until he told his other nanna “gordon bennett, you’ll be the death of me, you will”. apparently i’m always saying that to him when he’s naughty

  21. we decorated our hall wall once with fab expensive designer wall paper and our little boy who was about 3 had drew a picture for me on it! i wasnt too happy when i seen – but he said mummy you cant be mad i did this to make you smile! (was his attempt at a portrait of me! just on my new wallpaper!)

  22. my dad has named me and my daughter bid d and little d ( d stands for demolition lol ) mu daughter recently drew all over the doors with black marker pen i asked her who did it she said it was our dog naughty norman.. great giveaway would love to be entered xx

  23. My eldest (Now 4) put her brand new clarks shoes in the bin as a toddler and i didn’t realise until it was too late.. I searched everywhere! Recently my youngest has started putting things in the bin, which is great until its her bottle or milk or toys!! (HAVE LIKED FACEBOOK)

  24. My oldest daughter loves horrid henry, she acts like him quite a lot too 🙂 recently we have been having words about her attitude but really shes just your typical 6 year old! we would love to win

  25. My little girl is 18 months and has just started doing things she shouldnt! She enjoys rooting round my cupboards in the bathroom and running off with her sands stuffed with my feminine products 😉 I have followed your twitter feed, and retweeted also liked your facebook page xx

  26. following you on twitter @missemmadunn and also via email – my son is always being naughty and cheeky. – we got a cat latly that he choose to call Henry!! lol the cat is also very naughty as always pulling the tolit roll and all sorts.

  27. There is a 3 year age gap between my 2 girls so when I walked into my 5 year old’s bedroom and found her name written on the wall in felt tip pen I was quite surprised to here her say that it was the youngst who’d written it – I obviously have a budding genius on my hands!

  28. When I tell my youngest that she is not going to see her friend if she has been misbehaving, she tells me she wasen’t wanting to go anyway so I tell her that its fine, she won’t be going again. I can see the slightly concerned look on her face, wondering if I really mean it.

  29. The naughtiest thing my kids have done? Well, there have been quite a few, but the one that sticks out in my mind was when my daughter (then aged 2) had crept out of her bed at nap time, into the bathroom and had smothered the brand new tube of toothpaste all over my bed. To be exact, it was all over her dad’s side of the bed and none of it on mine! She was very proud of her artwork and I didn’t have the heart to tell her off!

  30. We just watched Horrid Henry on CITV and it reminded me I had your blog bookmarked for the comp!

    When I was younger, I ripped all the tape out of all the video’s we owned because my Mum told me to go to my room, then threw them out the window and blamed my brother!

    Another time, my Mum wouldn’t make macaroni cheese for dinner, so I squirted ketchup all over the floors and walls and shouted I’ve fell over, trying to get her to feel sorry for me!

    Thinking back, I was so horrid as a child! Not all the time obviously!

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