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Heroes of the City Youtube Channel and Giveaway

Heroes of the City is a firm favourite of my 4yr old after we first discovered it back in 2013 and enjoyed watching Series 1.  The animated tv series is aimed at preschool children and follows various rescue vehicles about a town where everybody gets to be a hero teaching values of friendship and helping each other.

YouTube_EnglishThey now have a Heroes of the City youtube channel which has a total of 6 hours worth of entertainment across 18 different languages for worldwide appeal.   With characters such as Fiona the Fire Engine (my little boys favourite as it’s the same name as me!), Paulie the Police Car (that’s daddy cos he’s a policeman), Hector Helicopter, Troy Tractor, Hot Dog Herbie and many more including Calamity Crow who gets up to all sorts of mischief!

Not only are there plenty of episodes to keep little ones occupied there are activities such as Calamity Crow’s Sketch and Guess Show which are short clips of a minute or two where you have to guess the picture that’s being drawn.  Mister B had fun with these and liked clicking the mouse between the different ones himself.

Sketch&GuessThere are also some fabulous craft videos with Calamity Crow helping to demonstrate.  Some simple ideas using everyday crafting bits you would have around the house and a few bits out of the recycling box.  Mister B has spotted the marble run made out of cardboard tubes that he wants to make so we are saving a few tubes up to have a go.

Crafting_ShowThere are some really fun ideas to make, great for activities over the summer holidays!

Take a look at the Heroes of the City youtube channel and hopefully it will keep your child entertained for a while and give them ideas of things to make.

I have a goody bag to offer to one of my readers consisting of a Heroes of the City t-shirt, DVD and diecast model of one of the vehicles in the show.  Here is a sample of what you may get although any diecast model may be sent.

heroes of the cityHeroes of the city

All reviews are my own opinions and I received the products as part of my review.

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  1. tracy k nixon says:

    Pauli Police Car!

  2. gemma brown says:

    paulie the police car

  3. Kerry Locke says:

    Our fave episode is The Treasure map … my little girl adores Hot Dog Herbie

  4. aaron broad says:

    Calamity crow is pretty awesome

  5. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  6. kim neville says:

    Paulie Police Car

  7. hayley knapp says:

    Calamity crow xxx

  8. iain maciver says:

    paulie the police car

  9. ELAINE DALE says:

    Calamity crow

  10. Fiona R says:

    Fiona the Fire Engine 🙂

  11. laura banks says:

    paulie the police car

  12. Mel Daniels says:

    Fiona the Fire Engine 🙂


    Fiona the Fire Engine x

  14. Corinne Peat says:

    Calamity crow

  15. Calamity Crow

  16. Angela Turley says:

    My daughter loves Fiona Fire Engine

  17. Harley says:

    Fiona the fire engine x

  18. Andrea Williams says:

    Calamity Crow

  19. Natalie Crossan says:

    Paulie Police Car xx

  20. michelle pierce says:

    paulie police car

  21. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    My daughter and I love Calamity Crow!

  22. Karen Barrett says:

    Pauli Police Car

  23. Gemma Snell says:

    Calamity Crow

  24. Sarah rees says:

    Paulie police car

  25. Sarah Lee says:

    Paulie the Police Car

  26. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Calamity Crow is cool.

  27. lindsay chadburn says:

    paulie the police car

  28. Lisa Backhouse says:

    My Grandson loves Calamity Crow.

  29. catriona nation says:

    Fiona fire engine

  30. laura stewart says:

    Paulie Police Car

  31. Helen Grayson says:

    Tommy Tow Truck 🙂

  32. Michelle Banks says:

    Calamity crow xx

  33. Kay panayi says:

    paulie the police car

  34. Paul Witney says:

    Paulie Police Car

  35. Anthony Harrington says:

    has to be Paulie the Police Car!

  36. Alison Johnson says:

    Paulie the Police Car

  37. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Fiona the fire engine

  38. Sarah N says:

    Calamity Crow

  39. Kay Broomfield says:

    Calamity Crow!

  40. PAULINE HILL says:

    paulie the police car

  41. Kristy Brown says:

    Calamity Crow

  42. Ursula Hunt says:

    Tommy Tow Truck as my son is called Thomas

  43. Nikki Stewart says:

    Paulie Police Car 🙂

  44. Jo welsh says:

    Fiona the fire engine

  45. Karl Borowy says:

    Calamity crow

  46. esther james says:

    sorry to be predictable but its calamity crow!

  47. says:

    Tommy Tow Truck <3

  48. leanne weir says:

    paulie the police car

  49. Tommy Tow Truck

  50. Christopher Read says:

    Fiona the Fire Engine

  51. Emma Fox says:

    Tommy Tow Truck

  52. deborah smith says:

    tommy tow truck !!! fab giveaway x

  53. Linda McGarrigle says:

    We love Paulie x

  54. Ella L says:

    Paulie the Police car

  55. kayleigh Bates says:

    Calamity crow

  56. Monica Gilbert says:

    Paulie the Police Car looks fun.

  57. Dawn Totton says:

    Calamity Crow.

  58. Michaela Hannah says:

    We love Fiona the fire engine

  59. Lynsey Ward says:

    Fiona the fire engine

  60. Julie Ward says:

    Think grandsons would be Fiona the fire engine

  61. Allan Fullarton says:

    Calamity crow is great!

  62. jamie banks says:

    paulie x

  63. Minnie15 says:

    Fiona the Fire Engine 🙂 x

  64. julie perry says:

    Tommy Tow Truck

  65. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    Paulie -he is awesome

  66. Chrissie says:

    Paulie the Police car.

  67. Rick Carr says:


  68. Lara Latchem says:

    Calamity crow

  69. Clare S says:

    paulie the police car

  70. Ian Yates says:

    Calamity Crow

  71. Cheryl Irvine says:

    Calamity Crow of course!

  72. Mr James Holyland says:

    Paulie the police car

  73. Paula Phillips says:

    Paulie the Police car.

  74. Kelly Hooper says:

    Calamity crow

  75. sarah says:

    Fiona Fire Engine

  76. Michael McAulay says:

    Paulie the police car!!

  77. Jeanette Davison says:

    Calamity Crow is my grandsons favorite

  78. Helen Allan says:

    Pauli Police Car

  79. katie w says:

    Paulie Police Car

  80. jessica catherine says:

    Fiona fire engine

  81. says:

    Calamity Crow of “cawwwwws”

  82. rachael jones says:

    Pauli Police Car!

  83. Sheri Darby says:

    Paulie Police Car

  84. sandra ralph says:

    Fiona the Fire Engine

  85. sandra ralph says:

    i tried also to follow on blogloving but the follow button isn’t working on there

  86. Janice Mackin says:

    Paulie the police car.

  87. Tara Davies says:

    Hot Dog Herbie

  88. Patricia Avery says:

    My grandson loves Pauli 🙂

  89. Gary Martindale says:

    Hector Helicopter

  90. Hazele says:

    calamity crow!

  91. Paulie the Police Car
    ellie spider recently posted…+ 365 Days 140 – 146My Profile

  92. says:

    paulie the police car

  93. christy spencer says:

    My boys love Calamity Crow x

  94. david cavender says:

    Paulie the police car

  95. says:

    Calamity crow is ace

  96. liz ferguson says:

    Pauli Police Car

  97. samantha bolter says:

    Paulie the Police Car 🙂

  98. kerry Lethbridge says:

    Pauline police car

  99. Joanne Higgins says:

    Tommy Tow Truck xx

  100. Sarah Franks says:

    Paulie Police Car! 🙂

  101. Stacey Holmes says:

    Calamity Crow! He’s a tinker! xx

  102. pauline black says:

    Tommy Tow Truck

  103. steph lovatt says:

    Tommy Tow Truck

  104. LEE HARDY says:

    Paulie Police Car

  105. I have been told Calamity crow is the best
    Lydia Graham recently posted…Learning A New languageMy Profile

  106. James McKenna says:

    Calamity Crow

  107. Holly Boyd says:

    Calamity Crow

  108. champaklal lad says:

    Paulie Police Car

  109. Dale Dow says:

    Fiona the fire engine

  110. angela edmonds says:

    Calamity Crow !

  111. Jill hunter says:

    Paulie the police car 🙂

  112. Tamara Foster says:


  113. Diana says:

    Calamity crow 🙂

  114. Claire little says:

    Paulie the police car 🙂 x

  115. chris mayle-miller says:

    Paulie Police Car

  116. tina edwards says:

    paulie police car

  117. Charmian Filewood says:

    Paulie the police car

  118. Denielle Nicol says:

    Pauline the police car

  119. Denielle Nicol says:

    Paulie the police car (spell checker changed it before!). Dxx

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