Heroes of the City Youtube Channel and Giveaway

Heroes of the City is a firm favourite of my 4yr old after we first discovered it back in 2013 and enjoyed watching Series 1.  The animated tv series is aimed at preschool children and follows various rescue vehicles about a town where everybody gets to be a hero teaching values of friendship and helping each other.

YouTube_EnglishThey now have a Heroes of the City youtube channel which has a total of 6 hours worth of entertainment across 18 different languages for worldwide appeal.   With characters such as Fiona the Fire Engine (my little boys favourite as it’s the same name as me!), Paulie the Police Car (that’s daddy cos he’s a policeman), Hector Helicopter, Troy Tractor, Hot Dog Herbie and many more including Calamity Crow who gets up to all sorts of mischief!

Not only are there plenty of episodes to keep little ones occupied there are activities such as Calamity Crow’s Sketch and Guess Show which are short clips of a minute or two where you have to guess the picture that’s being drawn.  Mister B had fun with these and liked clicking the mouse between the different ones himself.

Sketch&GuessThere are also some fabulous craft videos with Calamity Crow helping to demonstrate.  Some simple ideas using everyday crafting bits you would have around the house and a few bits out of the recycling box.  Mister B has spotted the marble run made out of cardboard tubes that he wants to make so we are saving a few tubes up to have a go.

Crafting_ShowThere are some really fun ideas to make, great for activities over the summer holidays!

Take a look at the Heroes of the City youtube channel and hopefully it will keep your child entertained for a while and give them ideas of things to make.

I have a goody bag to offer to one of my readers consisting of a Heroes of the City t-shirt, DVD and diecast model of one of the vehicles in the show.  Here is a sample of what you may get although any diecast model may be sent.

heroes of the cityHeroes of the city

All reviews are my own opinions and I received the products as part of my review.

Threadsmiths Water & Dirt Repellent T-shirt – Review

Threadsmiths is a clothing technology company based in Australia that have created a rather new and interesting patented nanotechnology that can make fabric both water proof and dirt proof.  Sounds amazing, so I couldn’t wait to see what it was really like.

threadsmiths 2They have produced a line of T-shirts currently only available in adult sizes, so we received an XS for Miss M to try out.  They are plain white, but a high quality cotton and feel surprisingly normal.  I guess I was expecting them to feel a little different but they don’t, just a nice, soft, quality breathable cotton.

The nanotechnology in this T-shirt helps to minimise the surface area for water and dirt to stick to, resulting in it beading up and rolling off of the fabric.

threadsmithsWe couldn’t wait to put it to the test so went into the garden to see how wet and dirty we could make Miss M’s T-shirt.  We started by throwing some water over her but no matter how much we poured, the water just beaded up and rolled off.  All that got wet was her arm, but the T-shirt remained bone dry!  We then tried a couple of sauces on the top, but like the water they just rolled off, or required a little water and light rub of your fingers to brush it off.

You can watch us in action here:

I found the resistance to liquid and dirt to be quite impressive, better than I expected.  I see this as a potentially fabulous technology particularly in something like baby or children’s clothing.  Can you imagine all the drink spills, milk from the cereal bowl and toothpaste spills just rolling off their clothes, this is certainly something I’d like to see more of within fabrics.

Will the protection last on the T-shirt?  Obviously I haven’t had it long enough to tell, although Threadsmiths claim that the T-shirts are fully machine washable and to maintain the water repellency it is advised to tumble dry the T-shirts every few washes.

This T-shirt has certainly responded to liquids and dirt very differently to any other clothing we own and with a children’s T-shirt coming soon from Threadsmiths, it is definitely something to look out for in the future!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the T-shirt in order to write the review.