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Easter Egg Hunt at Anthony House Cornwall

Easter Egg hunts are something my children love and adore so I was determined to take them a few over the weekend.  Today we ventured out to Anthony House, a National Trust property in Cornwall to go on a trail.  I hadn’t mentioned anything to the children so after Miss M’s diving lesson this morning, instead of heading home, we drove towards the Torpoint ferry.  Miss M immediately picked up on the fact that she didn’t know where she was going and became intrigued, and then they saw the water “Where are we going, don’t drive into the water daddy”.  I loved watching their excited faces as we crossed the water on the ferry and then a couple of mile down the country lanes on the other side we arrived at Anthony House, the location where Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film was shot.

Anthony House National Trust 4 We wandered into the grounds and Miss M soon became aware of lots of people wearing the same hats. Then we came across the Easter tent which offered Easter Egg hunts and their eyes lit up.  They couldn’t wait to build their eggsplorer hat and then we set off looking for clues.  Mister B spotted egg no. 1 and ran ahead super excited.  Each egg asked a question and then hinted where to find the next clue.  The idea was to write down all the answers in order to exchange them for a chocolate egg at the end.

Anthony House National TrustBoth Miss M and Mister B got completely into the spirit of the egg trail and eagerly ran ahead looking for the next egg.  They found one under a huge bell and one in a cone shaped hedgerow.  The gardens were stunning, I’ve not visited here before but was impressed by what I saw and keen to come again some day.

Anthony House National Trust 2They soon spotted a croquet lawn and were more than keen to have a game, but we decided to press on with the egg hunt and if we had time later we’d pop back.

Anthony House National Trust 8We found more clues by a huge tree in the middle of the lawn, by a pear tree and by the pond.  It was a gloriously sunny day and it was so nice to see the children running around freely but also a with a goal of what they were looking for.

Anthony House National Trust 3 The clues then sent us down to the bottom of the huge back lawn where behind some trees we found a huge wooden caterpillar and a giant connect four game.  We also found the “rabbit hole” slide.

Anthony House National Trust 5They both couldn’t wait to have a go at sitting in the giant story telling chair.

Anthony House National Trust 6Then having completed all our clues we headed back to the Easter tent to collect a Cadbury’s chocolate egg!  The children also went in the craft room to make a grass head by decorating a piece of paper and glueing around a cup.  They then filled it with soil and grass seed and brought it home to water.  They now await the grass to grow so they can trim and style it’s “hair”.

Anthony House National Trust 7All in all we had a lovely afternoon at Anthony House and can’t wait to visit again.  The weather was glorious, the children were happy so we had a lovely family day out.

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  1. spicers1976 says:

    Looks like a great afternoon. We did one of the egg hunts yesterday too
    spicers1976 recently posted…Across The Water To Brownsea IslandMy Profile

  2. Merlinda (@pixiedusk) says:

    Love those hats =)

    Looks like you had so much fun. Those chairs are too cute even if they are so big =)


  3. Dean of Little Steps says:

    How lovely! We also live in Cornwall and yet haven’t visited Anthony yet! Been planning too, but never managed so far … Love their hats btw, so cute 🙂 #CountryKids.

  4. Wow! Look like a great place! Both kids having so much of fun!
    Eileen Teo recently posted…TOMY Popping Penguin Island ReviewMy Profile

  5. Oh, it looks so beautiful there, magical. Gorgeous photos, and admire them for keeping the hats on – my kids destroyed theirs early on! We did an NT Easter egg hunt yesterday and another hunt today. I think my mum is planning one for tomorrow, too…!
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Boo Draws FamilyMy Profile

  6. Saira says:

    So cute! We’re off there tomorrow 🙂

  7. Louisa says:

    It looks like a wonderful place to visit. The egg hunt looks like great fun and the hats are fab #countrykids

  8. Mummy of Two says:

    That looks and sounds like a brilliant day out. We were really disappointed to find out our local Easter Egg hunt wasn’t on today.

  9. Tina Mansfield says:

    This looks like a great day out, I love the hats!

  10. What a great place to visit, love those hats too.
    over40andamumtoone recently posted…Organix Goodies Banana Soft Oaty Bars – a reviewMy Profile

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