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Mister B is 3 and Dinosaur Birthday Cake!!

Yesterday was a very special day for my gorgeous little boy Mister B – he turned 3!!  We had a fairly normal day with daddy and I working, big sister Miss M at school and Mister B at nursery.  As I finish at 1pm on a Wednesday, I picked him up and we went home to enjoy the rest of the day and celebrate!!

Blakes 3rd birthday cakeUnfortunately mummy was a little tired the night before and didn’t get round to making his birthday cake, so once we got home from work/nursery, an eager to help little boy put on his apron and we set about making two chocolate sponge cakes.  While they were cooling we picked Miss M up from school then came home to open his cards and presents.  While they then played, I dashed into the kitchen to cook tea and assemble the cake – arghh!!  I wanted it to be ready for after dinner but time was against me and I didn’t have much of a plan of how to construct my cake.  I whizzed up some chocolate buttercream in the food processor, chopped the sponges into random shapes, slapped it all together in the hope it would become a recognisable creature.

chocolate dinosaur cakeWell Mister B was very happy with the finished result – a dinosaur cake, something he really wanted being a bit dinosaur mad at the moment.  A success!!

Dinosaur cake2A tired little 3 year old soon went up to bed to sleep off the excitement of the day, although he eagerly awaits for the weekend when his party takes place with all his friends.

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  1. Love this and the wonderful step by step photos. Someone looks like a very happy boy!

  2. Awww, Happy Birthday Mister B and what a great cake! I think it’s even better that he helped, I’m sure that’s why the dinosaur looks so calm and friendly 🙂

  3. Mummy of Two says:

    sounds like a lovely birthday afternoon and the cake is amazing! Happy birthday Mister B x

  4. That’s wonderful! Considerably better than Monkey’s 3rd birthday Fire Engine Cake. Hope he had a lovely day
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  5. thesoupdragonsays says:

    That’s a great cake! hope he enjoys his party too

  6. spicers1976 says:

    Happy Birthday Mr B. Well done on the cake it looks great

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