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An Interactive Kids Bedroom: Decorating Ideas


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Kids’ bedrooms can be a lot of fun. They should be an interactive place with zones and areas to explore. So make it interesting for them, but don’t forget that they’re still children who want things like bright colors and happy prints. Here are the best ways to decorate your kids’ bedroom.

Give It an Edge

You can give your child’s room an edge by taking the following steps:

  • Add some bold wallpaper or a fun accent wall
  • Install a loft bed or add shelves and other storage to create more space
  • Incorporate creative elements like a chalkboard or magnetic board
  • Choose exciting furniture and decor pieces, like an armchair instead of a traditional desk chair or a canopy bed instead of a simple frame

If you want to make the room feel exceptional, consider adding an interactive element. This could be anything from a chalkboard where they can doodle to a play kitchen that encourages imaginative roleplaying. Or go all out and install a Murphy bed that transforms the room into something different when it’s not in use.

Create Zones

You can create zones in your kid’s room by:

  • Using different colors
  • Using furniture or rugs to create boundaries
  • Hanging curtains or room dividers
  • Putting up shelves or hooks to store toys and clothes

Creating zones has the following benefits:

  • It keeps the room looking organized and less cluttered
  • It makes it easy for your kid to find his belongings
  • Keeps your kid’s toys and belongings in one place
  • It helps control the mess that is created when kids are playing in the room

Check out this blog for more information.

Don’t Shy Away From Dark Colors

It is easy to underestimate how many dark colors there are out in the world, as most people usually gravitate towards lighter and brighter palettes. But make no mistake: darker hues can be used to create a more dramatic effect on walls, floors, or even ceiling tiles.

Just remember that you do not have to go all black; try doing it with charcoal gray or navy instead if this is too much for your taste. For those who want something less heavy-duty than these deep colors, pick up some browns and put them together – they might look great depending on what work of furniture you choose to use in your kids’ bedroom’s decorating scheme.

Fake a Mural

A mural refers to an elaborate painting on the wall. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your child’s bedroom stands out from other bedrooms in their age group.

You can fake a mural by using removable wallpaper, which enables you to change the look whenever you feel like it without having to do any permanent damage or paint over existing walls.

Kids love murals because they can use their creativity to decorate them.

Give it a Secret hideout

Kids love hiding in small spaces, so turning part of the bedroom into a hidden spot is always an idea that will be well-received. You could try putting up curtains around the bed or even creating some trap door entrance for extra fun.

An excellent way to do this would be to create space under their bed by building shelves along its length and then adding cushions on top.


Decorating your kids’ bedroom can be a little complicated, but you can make it fun and easy by following the steps we’ve outlined in this blog post if your kids are old enough to help out with some of these ideas, even better. Let them get creative and involved. Making decorating time an interactive experience will create memories long after the room is finished.


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