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6 Steps To A Safe Garden For Your Kids

Although having a playground is a terrific way to let off steam and have some fun, it is sometimes overlooked when it comes to child safety.

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Kids can not only see themselves in trouble but also cut themselves or devour one of those wonderful red berries in the blink of an eye!

If you want your yard to be a secure place for your children to play when they’re old enough, begin planning as soon as they are.

Secure Your Gates And Fences

If you already have a fence, double-check that each panel is properly fastened. It’s a good idea to secure gates to keep children and visitors safe while also keeping strangers out. You can then let them play in the garden without feeling as though they will escape and run into the road. If you have locks on your gate make sure they are higher up, this way small children can’t reach them and unlock them in secret. 

Plants And Shrubs Must Be Examined

There are several plants and bushes in the yard that are dangerous to youngsters, such as roses, Rhododendrons, and mistletoe. Whenever in question about whether a plant is harmless and you cannot identify it, it is advisable to remove it. Keeping plant foods and insecticides in an unsecured container is also quite harmful.

Surfaces That Are Safe

Because children’s ability to walk is unknown throughout their first few years, having an even and stable surface in the garden is vital. Paving must be leveled and artificial turf could be used to create a cleaner, straighter grassed space. your children may now enjoy fun outside every day of the year since artificial grass won’t allow them to slip on the muddy lawn. They can also love playing outside without having to worry about bringing dirty items inside.

Ponds Are A Risk

Ponds are a no non for a safe garden this is because, children can drown in less than two inches of water, posing a serious hazard to them. If you wish to keep a pond, make sure it is secure and protected.  A lockable gate can be placed around it or you could cover the water with safety netting or a screen if you have enough space. Ticks and mosquitoes might be attracted to ponds, so make sure you use protection to keep the bigs at bay and prevent nasty bites. 

Garden Tools Should Be Locked

If they’re interested, you’ll have to hand over every tool you own. Your tools must always be kept out of the reach of youngsters. Keep lawnmowers, digging forks, and other sharp tools away from the ground for your child’s safety so that he or she can explore.

Allow Them To Have Their Own Space

If you don’t want your child to touch items you don’t want them to, make a separate area for them to play in. If you have the space, make a fun and safe play place for them. Wooden Climbing Frames are great for children’s spaces.  Add in some toys, a sandpit, and a mud kitchen and they will have hours of fun outdoors. 

This short guideline should assist you in making your garden child-safe. Do you have any other suggestions you’d want to contribute in the comments section?

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