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The Best Summer Vacations for Education

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No one needs an excuse to head off on vacation, but if you want to give your holiday a little more purpose, or you have children or students you want to educate, there are plenty of educational trips to choose from. Below you can find some of the stand-out places to visit. 


If you haven’t been to the USA before, now is a terrific time to start. The USA has everything, it has sun, sea, cities, and some of the best food and biggest portion sizes you could hope for, but it’s also a great place to educate children or students. America has lots of history and culture. 

If you want to teach your children about the history of America and how it has shaped the world today, then head to New York and some of the surrounding states that were instrumental during the revolution. If you want to educate them about nature, there are plenty of National Parks too. 


If Europe is more your thing, then head to France! France is one of the oldest and most culturally rich countries in central Europe. If your kids are learning the language in school, then even better, visiting France will become an immersive cultural experience you will never forget. 

Some of the educational travel that you get when you visit France includes its history, in particular, the French Revolution and Napoleon, which was important in shaping the direction of European and global politics for centuries. Additionally, you can enjoy some amazing food.


Perhaps, another of Europe’s most pivotal countries historically is Germany. Germany has a long and interesting history that has influenced our global culture and economy in interesting ways. Did you know that German was considered prior to English as America’s main language?

Along with an incredibly rich history and culture, Germany also has incredible landscape and natural beauty, so you can choose what kind of trip to go on with your children or students. Finally, there is no better way to learn the German language than with an immersive experience.

London, UK 

Along with Paris, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo, London is one of the cities that has a global reputation. London is worth visiting for this reason alone. But there are some excellent educational opportunities as well, such as a deep dive into the rich and ancient cultural history.

Start with the Tower of London, where high profile prisoners were kept before being taken to the gallows; you can also visit famous art museums such as the Tate Gallery and the National History Museum. Don’t forget to visit the London Eye for an unforgettable view of the city. 

Scotland, UK  

If London has given you a taste for history and culture, then head to Scotland next! As with London and England, Scotland has a long past with many famous sites to visit and learn about. There’s no better way to learn about history and politics than visiting Scotland’s ancient castles and modern museums. Forget about the weather and focus on an educational experience.

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