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WIN Barbie™ in Rock ‘n Royals on DVD

Barbie™ in Rock ‘n Royals is the latest DVD from Barbie™ and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.  With lots of musical scenes and singing, the films sees Princess Courtney and popstar Erika get mixed up and in the wrong training camps.  Princess Courtney in pop camp and Erika in Royalty camp.  The film’s storyline is all about friendship, team working and making the most of the situation you are in, which Courtney and Erika certainly do in order to succeed and it’s down to their determination that the film comes to a happy ending.

Barbie in Rock N Royals still 1I watched this with both my children who remained glued to the screen throughout, although 4yr old Mister B loved the funny bits and repeated them out loud.  7yr old Miss M really enjoyed it and liked the sing off finale at the end.  At 1hr and 20 mins long this is the right length to keep their attention.

Barbie in Rock N Royals still 4This Barbie™ film is fun, with the traditional style princess Barbie™ but also a modern edge with the pop camp where the girls had lots of funky coloured hairstyles and groovy dance moves!

Barbie in Rock n' Royals 3D DVD pack shotTo celebrate the release of the brand new super star musical Barbie™ in Rock ‘n Royals, available now on DVD and Digital Download, we are offering 1 reader the chance to win a copy of the DVD!

Barbie® stars as Princess Courtney, a modern princess whose world is turned upside down when a mix-up sends her to Camp Pop and Erika, a famous rockstar, to Camp Royalty! Both Courtney and Erika learn to adjust to the different worlds and have fun while making new, unexpected friends. When the girls learn both camps are at risk of shutting down, they must embrace their differences, find their true voices, and come together for an epic sing-off that shows anything is possible when you dare to dream big!


A range of dolls are also available to complete the Rock ‘n Royal experience, which we all had fun reviewing here!

Barbie in Rock n Royals DVD

Don’t miss this brand-new musical adventure, Barbie™ in Rock ‘n Royals, available now on DVD and Digital Download!

©2015 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved

©2015 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved

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  1. donna hale says:

    her ability to play so many different characters

  2. i grew up with barbie doll. she is everything i love!
    eileen teo recently posted…Dora and Friends DVD GiveawayMy Profile

  3. I loved my Barbie dolls so things like this bring back wonderful memories. My youngest loves Barbie now too 🙂
    Kim Carberry recently posted…5 Days with Braces – #WotWMy Profile

  4. tracy k nixon says:

    I grew up playing with Barbie! I loved her long hair and enjoyed plaiting it and crimping it and trying out new styles! Now my girls love doing the same!

  5. Katie skeoch says:

    I like watching Barbie with my niece, she’s an independent woman!

  6. Sandra Clarke says:

    Everyone loves a Barbie doll and she has so many different outfits and accessories!

  7. ashleigh allan says:

    it reminds me of the fun i had when little

  8. Claire Ward says:

    It reminds me of being young

  9. says:

    I love the fact that she is as popular now with my granddaughter as she was with my daughter and with me too!

  10. iain maciver says:

    my daughter has barbies

  11. laura banks says:

    i used to love changing all the outfits on mine

  12. Emma Burgess says:

    All the different jobs she’s had!

  13. I love that she has done so many different things

  14. Shelley Jessup says:

    I love Barbie’s creative fashion side to her.

  15. cheryl hadfield says:

    She is a toy that has lasted for years, you are never to old to like Barbie

  16. kayleigh Bates says:

    She really captures my liitle girls imagination x

  17. Theresa parker says:

    her figure!

  18. Kay panayi says:

    her ability to play lots of different characters

  19. Samantha Loughlin says:

    Reminds me of my childhood xx

  20. Linda Trinklein says:

    I love that she ( barbie) can be anything!!! Thanks for the chance

  21. Damian Thomas says:

    My niece love that she can be a rockstar or a mermaid 🙂

  22. Clare Hubbard says:

    Her sense of style!

  23. I love that she’s stood the test of time!
    Angela McDonald recently posted…Tesco Finest Cookies – Salted Caramel and Belgian Milk ChocolateMy Profile

  24. Paula Readings says:

    Barbie has always been my favourite.

  25. She can be anything you want!!
    Anna Robinson recently posted…Good things are happening hereMy Profile

  26. claire woods says:

    her pinkness

  27. Natalie Crossan says:

    Her hair 😀

  28. leigh boyle says:

    she can do everything x

  29. jules eley says:

    I had both growing up Barbie and Sindy but Barbie was always more glamours and had much nicer clothes, i still love her as much as i did as a child.

  30. aaron broad says:

    I like the variety you can get

  31. aaron broad says:

    I like the variety you can get

  32. ELAINE DALE says:

    she moves with the times

  33. Susan Jane Gray says:

    Barbie is totally cool and I love everything about her. Especially all her clothes and shoes. I always pretended she was a Miss World contestant and made her look ULTRA Beautiful

  34. melanie stirling says:

    I like her hair and ever evolving outfits.

  35. lynn HEATH says:

    I had the best Barbie doll ever with a horse! And now I enjoy watching the Barbie movies with the kids, they are just nice watchable movies that we can all enjoy!

  36. holly harmsworth says:

    I love that she has been around for so long. Even though she has changed over the years it’s nice to see my daughter playing with a toy that I played with as a kid 🙂

  37. Sally Collingwood says:

    She is so girly!

  38. STACY SORRELL says:

    i grew up with Barbie, she is stylish and cute. i used to spend ages choosing outfits and doing my barbies hair, and i remember doing fashion shows for my parents. Its great that my daughter now loves her too, and we can play together

  39. Tracy Newton says:

    I love her extensive wardrobe and shoe collection

  40. Tina Holmes says:

    My daughter likes to change her clothes and shoes

  41. Kirsty Ward says:

    Her hair!!

  42. gillian burden says:

    i like barbie because she never gives up

  43. JACQUI BRETT says:

    I loved peaches and cream Barbie, But I’m an 80’s baby!

    I Love that Barbie is so capable. Far from being and anti feminist icon she shows girls they can be an astronaut, doctor or a rock star, if they so wish!

  44. laura stewart says:

    reminds me when i use to play with them xx

  45. sarah rees says:

    reminds me of playing with them when I was a kid, my daughter now has some of my old barbies

  46. carole n says:

    styling her hair

  47. Michaela Jennings says:

    There is such a variety of barbies, something to suit most children

  48. caroline walliss says:

    I love her incredible style and outfits.x

  49. Becky Yeomans says:

    The imagination you can have with barbies is endless! Thats what I love about them. 🙂

  50. Charlene Aldred says:

    Love all the different outfits 🙂

  51. Deb Alexander says:

    Her outfits!

  52. helen tovell says:

    so many different varieties one to suit everyone

  53. Julie Ward says:

    Grandaughter loves the outfits she has

  54. Kat Lucas says:

    I love her because encourage play

  55. Becky Duffy says:

    I love how she changes up her fashion and accessories and I am a little jealous of her wardrobe! X

  56. Christina Palmer says:

    She was my favourite doll as a child and now she is my Granddaughters favourite doll. If she can go through 3 generations then she will never go out of fashion

  57. Corinne Peat says:

    She reminds me of my own childhood.

  58. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I love that I grow up with barbie and now my daughter does the same

  59. leanne weir says:

    i love the innocence and fashion!

  60. Laura Jeffs says:

    I used to have many Barbie dolls, I liked dressing them up and change their hairstyle all the time

  61. Pamela Gossage says:

    She shows girls what a variety of jobs and professions they can do

  62. betony bennett says:

    So versatile!

  63. Emma Jones says:

    I love the fact that she has appealed to children for generations..and the fact that she never ages (so jealous)!

  64. Karl Borowy says:

    high collectible value

  65. joanne phillips says:

    I love the glamour, all of the fashion, different outfits and accessories etc

  66. jodie harvey says:

    all her lovely outfits 🙂 and the peace i get when my daughters are playing with her 🙂

  67. wendy malone says:

    barbie is so cool, look how long she has been around,girls of all ages love grandkids always watch her dvds.

  68. katie says:

    love changing all her outfits with my daughter

  69. Mummy Fever says:

    she’s no pushover – very kick ass and a good role model

  70. vicki hennie says:

    I love her fashion always changing so many different looks x x

  71. Rebecca says:

    I loved Barbie as a child! Now my daughter loves Barbie and she likes to play pretend and carry her favorite Barbie everywhere

  72. kimberley ryan says:

    I love that she has ‘kept up with the times’ and she is as popular now as she was when I was much younger

  73. rebecca nisbet says:

    i know it has a bad reputation through the years, but its a doll i have grown up with, i have never felt like i want to be stick thin and my daughter who now plays with them has never said anything like that, i love how it moves with the times with fashion too.

  74. Greig spencer says:

    her figure!

  75. Laura Nice says:

    her many different characters!

  76. lia sturman says:

    love the glamour

  77. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    She is timeless

  78. Laura Finch says:

    Was always her hair xx

  79. Stacey Tripconey says:

    Her fashion sense – so many dresses 🙂

  80. Jodi T says:

    Her versatility!

  81. The fact she can keep the children quiet
    Lydia Graham recently posted…Gullivers World ReveiwMy Profile

  82. love that Barbie has remained relevant through the decades x

  83. Tracy Gladman says:

    She’s every girls dream toy.

  84. chantelle hazelden says:

    she keeps my girls entertained ;

  85. sarah clegg says:

    my daughter loves her outfits and the fact she can be anything she wants to be

  86. Jane Middleton says:

    love her hair, looks lovely

  87. MichelleD says:

    She’s timeless, my Daughter loves playing with hers and watching the Barbie films!

  88. Kerryanne Atkinson says:

    She’s just classic!! x

  89. Caroline J Robinson says:

    Barbie is beautiful, glamorous, girly and can do what she puts her mind to

  90. AnnaH says:

    She’s girly and pink!

  91. Diana says:

    When I was a child had so much fun with my cousin playing with barbies 🙂

  92. Eileen Tingle says:

    She’s simply gorgeous and what every little girl aspires to be
    Eileen Tingle recently posted…Avoid the 5p carrier bag charge with Trolley bags – GiveawayMy Profile

  93. Emma Fox says:

    I love her great range of outfits

  94. sandra bald says:

    Barbie is so glamorous

  95. claire little says:

    that she’s sassy

  96. katie w says:

    how she doesnt age, I have a barbie ive been able to pass down to my children, she spans generations

  97. Rebecca Austin says:

    I loved Barbie growing up and It is great to see my daughter enjoys Barbie now. I like the fact she is kind, confident and does not give up

  98. Emma Wolski says:

    The outfits! So much fun and I used to love her car and pretend it was mine!

  99. Donna Clinton says:

    I love all the songs Barbie sings!

  100. Barbara Handley says:

    She is my namesake!

  101. amanda davis says:

    it keeps my daughter quiet

  102. christine s says:

    i love that she shows respect to her friends! my kids adore her and now play with all my old barbies!

  103. mike williams says:

    I love that life in plastic is fantastic

  104. Allan Fullarton says:

    It reminds me of being young and fighting with my sis, ha.

  105. Leanne Newsome says:

    I like her hair and she’s always pretty

  106. Victoria Prince says:

    I love how many generations she spans and how classic she is – and that basically she is still just a doll that encourages imagination and play and isn’t full of electronic components!

  107. karen Howden says:

    Generations of children have played with Barbie, never dates

  108. Pauline Wilson says:

    I love that Barbie is so glamorous with an outfit for every occasion

  109. Lucy Carter says:

    We love barbie as she has so many different jobs and roles

  110. Victoria Cunniff says:

    I used to love my Barbie Peaches & Cream when I was little, I love the fact my daughter is into Barbie as well

  111. Jessica K says:

    love barbie since i was a kid myself! and all the clothes and accesories you can get these days is fab.

  112. esme mccrubb says:

    all the lovely outfits she has

  113. lynn neal says:

    she is so perfect!

  114. Caroline Signey says:

    All her outfits

  115. Joanna Sawka says:

    her lovely hair

  116. champaklal lad says:

    My niece likes Barbie, this would be great for her

  117. I personally am not a barbie fan but my niece loves her especially doing fashion shows with the different clothes
    ellie spider recently posted…October Freebies & WinsMy Profile

  118. Laura costello says:

    I’m jealous of her wardrobe haha

  119. Hannah P says:

    It allows for traditional imaginative play for my girls 🙂

  120. Laura Pritchard says:

    Her various different outfits & costumes!

  121. Jill fairbank says:

    She’s too perfect but it’s every girls favourite doll

  122. I had a Barbie growing up and it’s great she us still around for my own daughter to enjoy now!

  123. emma kinsey says:

    reminds me of my childhood

  124. JAMIE MILLARD says:

    her cool cars.

  125. janine atkin says:

    shes so fashionable!

  126. joanna smith says:

    It was barbie vs sindy in my day (she says like an ald woman!)… the longevity barbie has shown just proves she’s the winner!

  127. Susan B says:

    I love that Barbie is so versatile and enduring. She’s a marvel!

  128. Rebecca Lis says:

    I love all her outfits

  129. wendy malone says:

    barbie is great,is ken still around.

  130. rosie says:

    I love that she’s stood the test of time!

  131. Debra Winfield says:

    I love all her outfits

  132. Angela Morgan says:


  133. Victoria Langley says:

    Always thought she was so stylish

  134. Andrew Hindley says:

    Classical and timeless

  135. Laura Pyper says:

    her hair and all her fab clothes

  136. Kirsty Woods says:

    She can do anything 🙂

  137. Kirsty Greer says:

    Love that she can be whatever she wants to be X

  138. Teresa Moore says:

    I love her townhouse, her clothes and her movies!

  139. Irene Gilmour says:


  140. Susan Jane Gray says:

    I wonder if you can help me. On google searcher I have just seen an entry that says I am winner of this competition. I haven’t had any notification from yourself. Could you confirm whether I am the winner please.


    Kind regards

    Susan Jane Gray

    1. Fiona Martin says:

      Hi, sorry but you weren’t the winner, and the winner has already received her prize. Would be interested to see where on google it says that you are winner as that seems really strange!

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