Serenata Flowers Review and Chocolate Hamper giveaway

It’s always nice when you get a surprise delivery, be it a bunch of gorgeous flowers, a plant or a hamper and Serenata Flowers are an online company that can arrange for any of these gifts to be sent to the person of your choice.

I was delighted to be sent this Lavender Planter, perfect to stand on my patio, and one of my favourite colours.  Included is the wooden planter and inside are two lovely lavender plants.

serenata 1I’m really pleased with this gift and would have been more than happy to receive it as a surprise.  It fits perfectly in with the feel of my garden, is a style I like and I love the colour!

serenata 2The quality from Serenata is great and the plant I received was packed very well, certainly a company I’d use again if I wanted to send some birthday flowers, or a hamper treat.

Talking of hampers, Serenata have a wide range available from pamper hampers, to cheese hampers, food hampers and this rather delicious looking luxury chocolate hamper of which I have one to giveaway!


Belgian Choclate Infused Handmade Fudge 113g
Willow Hamper – Small
Luxury Ribboned Box of Belgian Chocolates – Small
Ballotin of Salted Toffee Truffles 100g
White Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Luxury Dark Chocolate Coated Brazil Nuts
Luxury Yoghurt Covered Peanut/Raisins

Standing_Large550_105910If you’d like to win the above hamper then just fill in the Gleam form below:


All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the a lavender planter in order to write the review.


604 thoughts on “Serenata Flowers Review and Chocolate Hamper giveaway

  1. I would try and wait until my two daughters were in bed and share with my partner but if that failed all four of us could share the treats 🙂 x

  2. I will share this with everyone in the family — we’re all chocoholics in this house! Good thing it looks like there’s quite a lot in the hamper.

  3. I’d like to save it for Christmas but I don’t think I’ve got the willpower so will share it with family who are visiting next month

  4. I’d have difficulty sharing but, if I didn’t share this with my husband, there’d be constant moaning … !

  5. I’d share with my husband but he doesn’t really like chocolate so I guess I’ll just have to have it all myself 🙂

  6. I would share with my partner and children. I`d have to watch my fingers though, always take care when feeding the animals xx

  7. I would freely and cheerfully share with the Hubster – unless I could find somewhere to hide it away and hog it to myself without him knowing 😉

  8. I’d share with my other half… wait till our Little Chap has gone to sleep for the evening, and then crack this out to indulge in a rare treat and even rarer ‘us-time’!
    What a lovely dream…. 😉

  9. I would share with my other half and little girl, They are both amazing and bring me joy each and everyday. My other half is a wonderful man who adores us both and is a great father and partner! I’d love win this for a treat for us all! – Thank you! 🙂

  10. I go on holiday soon with about 20 odd family and friends so I’d love to take a hamper with us and share it with them all!

  11. My grandfather who insists on indulging in some chocolate every day for his ‘health’, good a reason as any to be honest!

  12. I would share this with my partner who has various health problems but despite this he has been a fantastic father to our baby daughter despite the challenges he faces everyday.

  13. My daughter! She is in Sweden at the moment and I miss her lots. I Think this hamper would tempt her home though. Mind you, she would have to be quick. It looks delicious and I LOVE chocolate!

  14. I would share this Hamper a bit at a time with everyone who comes through my door…. I’ve always liked to spread Chocolate !!

  15. Well I’ll be selfish and keep it to myself, I have no children, and my hubby is away for 2 months with the army so I think I deserve a treat 🙂

  16. I’d share it with my husband,he has his likes and i have mine and between we really like almost every thing,we don’t normally buy chocolate so to win this would be wonderful and as it’s a prize it would rude not to eat it all !!!

  17. At first I though my mum, but then I remembered she is on a low sugar diet (doctors orders), then I thought my sister – but then I remembered she is going away soon and I wouldn’t want any of it to spoil and have her come back to gone off goodies. Then I thought my dogs but it seems they’re not allowed chocolate so I guess I’ll just have to do the selfless things and keep it to myself. Such a chore!

  18. With Two children and a hubby treats for mummy are very rare I would love to enjoy this whilst I relaxed in the bath or whilst I had the day off work and every body was out I know I sound selfish but sometimes things are much to good to share 😛 x

  19. I’d share with my Mum, she’s the biggest chocoholic I know. although her great-granddaughter is shaping up to follow in her footsteps

  20. Since I desperately need to lose weight (type 2 diabetic) I would leave my husband and sons to enjoy the basket (Me I’d prefer the lavender 😉 )

  21. I would share this delicious hamper with my hubby as we celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in October . XXX

  22. After discreetly removing the fudge and hiding it for personal midnight feasting …… I’d give the hamper to my mother in law who looks after our children on the days my wife works. Nursery costs would barely cover the income. A great way to say thanks

  23. What an amazing giveaway.Thank you for this opportunity.
    I’d share this fantastic hamper of chocolates with my dear granddaughter.
    She has been so supportive all threw this year she never complains.she takes it all on her stride.
    I am so lucky to have such a
    granddaughter and friend.

  24. I wouldn’t share 😉 I’d give the whole lot to my sister. She’s due to have her first baby in a month and this would be a lovely treat and give her some much needed energy for those first few days (and nights!!) If she decides to share with me, well that would be lovely.

  25. I’d share it with my sister-out-of-law jaymie (im not married to her lovely brother just yet) as she’s had a tough few years but has just passed all of her exams after going back to college and is off to uni in a few weeks to fulfil her dream of becoming a midwife. She deserves a treat 🙂

  26. Would love to share it with my hubby, daughters and son plus I suppose our two grandchildren would want a look in too.

  27. me and my hubby are celebrating our first wedding anniversary mid sept so i would share with him hopefully we could get one more nice day before it gets cold for a picnic

  28. I would intend to share this with my partner, but as my 5 year old can smell chocolate from a mile away she will have some too lol

  29. I would share it with my family , make a special night and have it as the extravagant ending to our meal .
    #love chocolate , champagne and good company.

  30. I’d share it with my neighbour as she always looks after my house when I go away, gives me fresh vegetables and takes in any parcels if I’m out – just to say a big thankyou

  31. With my grandma, not to post a sob story but she’s got alzheimers,and is going blind and death- but she still really enjoys chocolate! 🙂

  32. im having my mum come to stay next mth for a few days over her birthday
    while she is here iv my sister and her family visiting , so i would love to share with them all when they are here, it would be a lovely treat

  33. I would love to share this with my wonderful husband and my three amazing children. I would have to sit there drooling though as I am wanting to lose weight lol xxx

  34. I’d share it with my sister, who is just starting afresh with her two young children. It is a positive move but it’s not without it’s ups and downs so I know that this would be very welcome for her.

  35. Like I have a choice it’s going to be my other half, I will be lucky to get a look at them if I win and she sees them first!

  36. I would share this wonderful hamper,with my fantastic hubby,who is not only my husband,best friend and soul mate-but is also my carer,due to me unfortunately having two chronic illness’s,this would be amazing to win.

  37. I would share this amazing hamper with the hubby and kiddywinkles. Can just picture us all snuggled in the living room with the log burner going watching a cheesy film!

  38. My best friend Ellen because we hardly get to see each other that much due to work and I just want her to know that I haven’t forgotten about her 🙂

  39. With my mum. Love her so much and she cares for my dad who has dementia so i try and treat her and show her how much she means to us as much as i can.

  40. I would deffo share this with my wife and 3 daughters snuggled up in front of the telly with a cuppa watching a family movie. Yum yum!!

  41. I might share with my partner – although as I am carrying BabaBumpNo3 technically that means I am already sharing……Right?!?!?!

  42. Not sure Id share as much as GIVE it to my Parents
    I’ve taken a lot from them over the years and rarely been able/had to chance to give for a change So this would be a rare chance

  43. I think I would invite the girls round for a party and share with them – they all love chocolate as much as me and would appreciate it 🙂

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