Win 1 of 5, 12 Week Porridge on Tuesday Healthy Eating Plans

Porridge on Tuesday is not as the name suggests anything to do with porridge, unless you want it to be of course.  It is in fact the name of an exciting healthy eating plan that can help you to lose weight, at a rate that you want or even just maintain a steady weight by following healthy menus.  There are some delicious recipe ideas using everyday foods that are simple and quick to prepare.

pot foodA few months ago, I took the challenge and followed a Porridge on Tuesday plan in a bid to lose a bit of weight.  You can read about my first impressions here and after 4 weeks here.  I lost just over a stone on my journey and discovered that I loved the meal plans on offer, the flexibility to chop and change meals around, discard meals you are not keen on in exchange for others and tailor your weekly food to suit you.  This meant it was more enjoyable to follow and easier to maintain although for me I do find that following a plan like this keeps me motivated and on track.  When you haven’t got somewhere to check in each week it is easy to lose your way.

Hence why Porridge on Tuesday may be for you, a great opportunity to follow a healthy eating plan at the start of 2014 to get over any overeating you may do over the festive period and lose a few extra pounds you may have gained.  Or if you are looking for a little more weight loss, the plan can be tailored to your individual needs.

pot imageIf you’d like to try a plan, I’m pleased to let you know you can get 20% of any plan of your choice from the Porridge on Tuesday shop.  Each plan entitles you to:

  • A full menu plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks
  • Recipes for all meals
  • A Personal Shopping list
  • A suggested Exercise plan
  • Support via a closed Facebook group to help you achieve your goal

Just email for more info.

Even better I have five, 12 week plans to give away, just fill in the form below for a chance to win:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to UK entrants only
Winners will be emailed and will need to reply within 5 days or a new winner will be drawn
Win competitions at

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  1. Mummy of Two says:

    I try not to make NY resolutions as such as I never stick to them. I do often make a fresh start in January though we healthier eating etc

  2. kim nevile says:

    my new year’s resolution is to do some more exercise and tone up for my holiday and I stick with it as want to look nice in my bikini 🙂

  3. spicers1976 says:

    NY resolutions never get stuck to in this house, so no not generally

  4. Jo welsh says:

    No I don’t cause I never stick to it.

  5. Kay panayi says:

    Always to lose abit of weight

  6. claire woods says:

    No I never bother.

  7. emma falvi says:

    try and eat healther

  8. Angie Hoggett says:

    I never make them, never see the point!

  9. Cheryl Kean says:

    I always make ny resolutions , the same every year to lose weight and get fit!

  10. says:

    Yes- usually to diet. This time i am giving up bread

  11. Christina Curtis says:

    I try to but they usually do not last long.

  12. Joanna Moon says:

    I dont make new year resolutions as i never stick to them. i do however try to make a clean slate for january eg eating healthy and getting more exercise

  13. Natasha Male says:

    I do but i rarely keep to them!

  14. ashleigh says:

    Yes normally to lose weight!

  15. Georgina Ball says:

    No, Ive usually forgotten what they were after a week anyway!

  16. sarah birkett says:

    I try to, but rarely manage to keep them for long

  17. I would love to loose a stone in 4 weeks Well Done I never seem to have the will power 🙁

  18. mandy hart says:


  19. mandy hart says:

    Yummy tummy keeps you warm

  20. mandy hart says:

    Yummy tummy keeps us warm

  21. mandy hart says:

    All mummys should a warm yummy tummy

  22. Rachel Craig says:

    Sometimes. Though I have got more realistic as I have aged, rather than ambitious. Some change for the better, is better than none :- or failing to keep promise /resolution.

  23. Ruth Harwood says:

    I do make resolutions, and this year I have decided to be more tidy, stop hoarding, and to exercise more xxx

  24. Emily Clark says:

    Yes but I rarely keep them!

  25. Lesley-Ann Dunn says:

    I usually try and eat more healthily in the new year but it rarely lasts

  26. Sheila Reeves says:

    Not really as never seem to have followed them in the past

  27. Kirsty Fox says:

    Yes I do, but rarely stick to them

  28. Katrina Day-Reilly says:

    no not me

  29. Tamsin Dean says:

    NY resolutions is to get out of the house more and have some fun

  30. EMMA WALTERS says:

    i think about it for the first few days & usually fail lol

  31. lowri earith says:

    not usually but maybe this year

  32. Clint Howat says:

    Yes- usually to diet.

  33. christine shelley says:

    Sometimes and this year I am going to make one – to get to grips with instagram , pinterest etc

  34. julie laing says:

    no because i never keep them

  35. Karen Scammell says:


  36. Amanda Mallows says:

    I make resolutions to do something new rather than give something up. This year I’m going to try some new sports and activities.

  37. Kiran Parry says:

    No I don’t make new years resolutions.

  38. val swift says:

    No – I never stick to them

  39. says:

    not usually but this year is to get over my anxiety

  40. Fiona Mallard says:

    I try not to anymore – I make my one resolution a month throughout the year instead.

  41. Emma Ellams says:

    No I don’t make resolutions but I usually have a list of things which I want to achieve within the next year 🙂

  42. It depends on how I’m feeling

  43. Allan Smith says:

    Nope 😀

  44. winnie says:

    yes to lose some weight and be healthy!

  45. Monkeyfooted mummy says:

    Yes but I don’t always stick to them


    Yes, I try to make one for the year. This year I aim to be healthier and happier.

  47. Linda S says:

    I never normally make them but I am going to this year as I need to make my life healthier

  48. Sarahann Tonner says:

    I do 🙂 Mine this year is to be a little more assertive and to put myself first sometimes 🙂 x

  49. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    No, a few years ago I resolved to stop and I stuck to it. Seriously, it’s just a chance to feel bad about myself, so I don’t do it.

  50. christy beckett says:

    Losing weight to be ready for my wedding in June is my top resolution this year x

  51. Margaret Nokling says:

    Try to make the New Year better for everyone.

  52. Ruth Longville says:

    Usually make the same resolution every year – and each year convince myself that I am actually going to stick to it!

  53. barbara s says:

    I make a resolution every year and try to stick with it some years it works others fail

  54. Heidi Brown says:

    i never really have, but would love to if i knew i could stick to them!

  55. Sacha-Marie Titherly says:

    I make small goals to achieve throughout the year so that it gives me something to aim for at different stages rather than a massive ultimate goal. That way I find its more achievable which keeps my motivation going longer 😀

  56. Gary Topley says:

    Yes, ‘my one this year is to keep fitter’

  57. sharon johnson says:

    to go bike reiding with my kids, just carnt afford the bike at the mo!! xx

  58. Jude Dunn says:

    Never, I find I always break my resolutions 🙂

  59. Fiona JK says:

    I don’t bother making resolutions, but do usually try to lose the weight I have put on over Xmas

  60. Jamie says:

    I always want a resolutions to be meaning for but I can’t think of anything to change or do this year 🙁

  61. Georgia Keogh says:

    I make loads of NY resolutions, at least this way I’ll hopefully end up sticking to at least one of them!

  62. esme mccrubb says:

    to try to eat better

  63. Katie Smith says:

    Kind of new year plans, but I don’t often stick to them, I guess it’s the contemplation cycle I get stuck in!

  64. Kathryn Tatters says:

    N, live life how you want to everyday not just change because of a date

  65. Joanna Sawka says:

    this year is more exercising

  66. Lindy Hine says:

    Always the same! Lose weight, exercise more etc – usually don’t last that long!

  67. Kerry Kilmister says:

    I have made New Years resolutions in the past but I am really bad at sticking to them.

  68. cathyj says:

    yes to get healthy and lose weight

  69. David Jackson says:

    yes to lose weight and not to get walked over

  70. Yes, but sticking to them is a different matter…!
    Emily Knight recently posted…New hangover delivery service to be launched in BristolMy Profile

  71. Yes, but sticking to them is a different matter entirely!
    Emily Knight recently posted…New hangover delivery service to be launched in BristolMy Profile

  72. Tim millington says:

    This year I am quitting smoking

  73. I have resolved to make time to read more this year!
    laura hadland recently posted…2013: A Year in PicturesMy Profile

  74. Helen Keene says:

    I do make them but usually have broken them by 2nd January… It’s been no different this year 😛

  75. Su Brett says:

    No, I don’t really make any resolutions – I know I won’t keep them!

  76. Laura Pritchard says:

    Yes, it’s a nice fresh start!

  77. Gemma Snell says:

    No i never make New years resolutions

  78. Rhydian P says:

    No, as I never stick to them

  79. kristy brown says:

    Generally not, then I can’t kick myself if I fail!

  80. Rosalind Blight says:

    I dont set new year resolutions as such as i fail at them but this year I have decided I need to look after my body more

  81. Alice Hindley says:

    No I Don’t as they don’t usually last very long!

  82. Lani Nash says:

    Not usually but I normally have Christmas guilt and am healthier for the first few years!

  83. Michelle Kinsey says:

    I used to make resolutions but found that I never stuck to them. Instead, this year, I’ve made a ‘to do list’ – a list of things that I NEED to do this year for various reasons x

  84. Leanne Newsome says:

    I don’t make them because I never stick to them

  85. Kieran says:


  86. Ellen Stafford says:

    Yes mine this year is to lose weight. Sadly it’s something I really struggle with being on various tablets that doesn’t help.

  87. Caroline James says:

    No I don’t.

  88. Deborah Bird says:

    Not really but I do have two goals this year. to lose weight and get on a plane!

  89. C Jeffries says:


  90. Holly Boyd says:

    Rather than a resolution as a family we make a plan or what we want to achieve in the year ahead. so far it has worked for us.

  91. Deborah Torr says:

    Not usually… its like setting yourself up for a fail!

  92. jodie harvey says:

    i usually make them but never stick to them

  93. Vicky Thompson says:

    I’m fat and I need porridge to help me please

  94. taja mckenzie says:


  95. Kaley Redmond says:

    With having suffered from IBS for nearly 7 years now I have decided this year I am not going to let it dictate my life. I’m going to have a really strict diet and fingers crossed this will help.

  96. Jane Middleton says:

    Yes, it’s always a good way to get motivated to do more

  97. Kirsty Greer says:

    Yes but only short term usually xx

  98. Sarah Pybus says:

    I make them but don’t necessarily start them on the 1st January 🙂

  99. Karolina Piklowska says:

    Yes. Stop smoking .. do work outs to be fit !

  100. Jo-Anne holton says:

    no, not really have never stuck to them in the past lol

  101. Nick Hopkins says:

    Yes, to live more healthily

  102. Adele Hill says:

    Always to lose a bit of weight

  103. Lisa Troccoli says:

    I do think I want to have a resolution to be more active and in doing so have fun with my children and walk more but sometimes it doesn’t get stuck to for long so going to try harder this time.

  104. Clare Duiker says:

    Yes, I always make New Year’s resolutions, I find it’s a perfect opportunity to focus on new goals. This year I aim to exercise more and eat less 🙂

  105. Sue Warr says:

    My New Year Resolution is to do exactly as I have done for the past few years, and not change anything!!

  106. Lisa Jess says:

    Lose weight

  107. ClairejB says:

    When I do I find I don’t stick to them so instead of resolutions I just try to look for areas in which I want to improve and give myself some simple goals to get me started. 🙂

  108. Lydia G says:

    Yes but if not often that they last more than a few months

  109. Anastasia Jones says:

    I lost a stone before christmas but i need to loose at least another stone to be at a healthy weight xxx

  110. susan oliver says:


  111. carly poole says:

    Not usually, but this year I need to loose weight 🙂

  112. Dawn Totton says:

    Yes – to start going to the gym on a regular basis.

  113. Donna Gilligan says:

    Not usually, but this year I did

  114. Joanne says:

    My resolution is to exercise more

  115. says:

    My New Years resolution was to be a better me!

  116. Helen Garner says:

    Not really although I start the new year with good intentions

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