Meet the Zomlings Series 5

The latest range of pocket size toys from Magic Box Toys are Series 5 of the Zomlings.  This pocket money range of toys seem to have mass appeal especially my little boy who was excited to check out the new range.

The range comes in various size packets, ideal for pocket money to be spent on or a as a small treat.  We recevied a selection which once opened out gave us the selection of Zomlings shown below.  The series consists of not only characters but city towers (buildings) and big zom-mobiles (vehicles). Everything is bright and colourful and attractive to children to play with.

There is a also a big town guide map which is double sided, one side lists all the characters which my little boy loved matching his figures onto and picking out others he’d like to own.  The other side consists of a play map with places to house each of the buildings and vehicle stations.

Each building has a sign saying what it is that folds out.  The door also opens so that you can put Zomlings inside and the buildings cleverly stack upon each other to save space.

My little boy loved the play map, it encouraged lots of ideas and fun and he loved moving the Zomlings around in their vehicles across it.  The vehicles have a fold up roof and then you can fit the figures inside.  There are two notches on the base of each vehicle which a figure will sit on so that they are upright.

There are many other fun packs to buy in the Zomlings range, there is so much to collect, you can create a whole Zomlings world.  Why not check them out today – I’m sure your kids will love them as much as my little boy does!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.





The Zelfs Series 5 Crystal Zelfs So-Anne – Review

The Zelfs Series 5, proved popular with Miss M when we reviewed them a while ago, and now there are some new editions, The Crystal Zelfs from Character Toys.

We received So-anne, a Teddy Bear Zelf with the magical power as a Dream Giver.

ZelfEach crystal Zelf comes with a crystal on their body from which their magical powers come from.  They also come with a glittery accessory to play with alongside the Zelf, in this case, a sparkly rocking chair.  So-anne is a pink and yellow Zelf with hair to match.  I find the Zelf’s well made and sturdy, perfect for everyday play and carrying around.  They are built to last and children just love stroking their hair!

The rocking chair is a cute accessory that the Zelf can easily sit in with bent legs.  I think it looks lovely sat on Miss M’s bedside where she keeps her Zelf collection.  The hair can be played with and the figure can be posed.

crystal zelf

The Zelfs are perfectly priced for party presents, or for children to save up a bit of pocket money to buy, and with lots of others in the collection, there is a great choice to choose from.  With Moonicorn, Angelala, Sugar Bunny and Moona as other Zelf’s in the collection, why not take a look at them and pick out your favourite!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the Zelf in order to write the review.

Zelfs Series 5 – Review

Zelfs by Character Toys are rather cute little figures with wild hair, just waiting to be styled.  They live in a secret garden called Zardenia where they each have their own secret home!  When you purchase a Zelf, each one comes with a few hair accessories to comb and style as you please.

Miss M received Wizzkas, a winged kitten Zelf and Zebbie, a zebra Zelf to try out.

zelfsEach Zelf stands at approximately 7cm tall, plus the same again for their hair!  The figures are fully poseable and you can bend their arms and legs, sit or stand them.

They each come with a hair comb, a twirly hair accessory and three hair bands to tie their hair up.  The hair is long and soft and Miss M loved sitting stroking it!  She particularly like Wizzaka’s multi coloured hair which comes in purple, light pink and hot pink stripes!

zelf 2The Zelfs are a great little toy, well made and sturdy, that girls can carry round in their bags to play with out and about.  My daughter also loves standing them on her bedside table and redoing their hairstyles each morning and evening.

zelf 3

Zelf’s would make a great party present for friends, a pocket money toy or a small treat for your child.  Children love collecting things and with a whole range of Zelf’s available and new series coming out regularly there is a wide choice and different characters to suit everyone.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the Zelfs in order to write the review.



Win Chuggington Series 5 on DVD

Chuggington has always been one of my 4yr olds favourite programmes, he loves watching it in the mornings over breakfast before heading to nursery.  With the Series 5 currently airing, it’s soon to be released on DVD and with two new characters being introduced, Dock Master Skipper Stu and Daley this series is sure to be a lot of fun!


“New and existing young fans can watch their favourite Trainees face more challenges, learn new skills and discover a sense of achievement through teamwork, courage and determination. Along the way, they will be able to explore the brand new freight and delivery hub – the Chuggington Docks – and meet exciting new characters such as Dock Master Skipper Stu who organises the loading and unloading of the freight containers from the ship and Daley – the High Speed delivery courier. Pre-schoolers can also ride the rails with the likes of Hamish and Harry, the mighty haulers, as they transport heavy, long and wide loads around Chuggington.”

We’ve had a sneak preview of Series 5 and it was thoroughly enjoyed by my little boy.  He loved seeing a new episode and meeting the new engines and can’t wait to see the rest of the Series when the new DVD is released!

I am pleased to be able to offer one of my readers a copy of the new  Chuggington Series 5 DVD, so if you know any little chuggers fans, then just fill in the Gleam form below:

Series 5 Chuggington

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received a preview sample dvd in order to write the review.