Duck Tape Wreath

Duck Tape is so versatile and over the last few years we’ve tried several craft projects with it.  This year we were given the opportunity to create a Christmas wreath using Duck Tape and I knew my 8yr old would be up for the challenge of helping me out, so last weekend we got stuck in and spent an afternoon with a table of Duck Tape.
wp_20161126_10_34_08_pro We were provided with a polystyrene wreath and the relevant colour Duck Tapes and couldn’t wait to get started. We had to cut just over sixty 6 inch strips of green tape which we folded and fringed with the scissors.  This was Miss M’s job whilst I stuck the strips around the wreath.  We used a whole roll of green tape up but fortunately I had a little green left on a roll in the garage so we were able to continue. duck-tape-wreath

I then made a large red bow and cut out some red berries and gold glittery stars.  I have to say we are really impressed with the finished result and think it looks fabulous up on the wall.  I’m going to hang it on my inner door for the festive season so all our visitors get to see and admire our lovely creation.  Duck Tape projects always seem to be a talking point with others and they are intrigued at all the wonderful things you can make with it.

We loved working with the tape as it’s strong and durable and I hope we can pack this Duck Tape wreath away after the festive season and bring it out again for many years yet.  I’m sure Miss M will love looking back in a few years at the great wreath that she helped to create.  Why don’t you try making a Duck Tape wreath to hang on a door in your home this festive season?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Getting Creative with Duck Tape

Duck Tape has become incredibly desirable over the last few years with an every increasing selection of patterns and designs available.  My daughter loves playing with it trying to make things and it’s a great craft she can sit and do with literally just a roll of tape or two.  We received a selection of the latests designs to try out.

duck-tapeMiss M had her friend round who also enjoys crafting with Duck Tape and they decided to make a storage box.  I was a little sceptical as to how durable this would be, but her friend new the best way to tackle it and build up layers to create strong sides and a box that could be used.

duck-tape-2They decided to create each side out of a different patterned tape and got to work.  They also made a base and then carefully assembled it together using more Duck Tape. The result is a beautifully durable box which I was really impressed with as they made it all on their own. duck-tape-3We then decided to make some bookmarks as with both of my children being avid readers they are forever looking for a bookmark to use.  We simply used the wide tape and folded it over on itself several time to give it strength and there you have it, perfectly useable bookmarks.  Miss M even made hers double sided with two different tapes whilst my youngest Mister B opted for a spooky ghost covered tape that has a special property of being glow in the dark! duck-tape-4

We’ve had lots of fun with Duck Tape and made some useful things.  The range of designs is so vast now, it’s well worth checking out for all your household needs and crafting fun!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






Duck Tape Crafty Fun and Giveaway

Duck Tape Colours is traditional Duck Tape in a fun new range of colours and patterns.  Not just for DIY use, Duck Tape is perfect for crafting with so many inspirational things to make and do with it.  Currently available in 11 vibrant colours and 4 exciting patterns we were sent a few rolls to play around with and see what we thought.

Duck Tape coloursMiss M was super exciting when she saw the rolls, she loves her art and crafts and couldn’t wait to get making.  First she started with the Penguin Invasion Duck Tape and decided to make her little brother Mister B some binoculars.

Duck Tape binoculars penguinsAlthough he had other ideas and just used a couple of rolls to peep through!

Duck Tape BI decided to make a flower and Miss M was keen to make one too, although she was very insistent that I didn’t help her and she carefully copied what the steps I made.  The Duck Tape is very strong which makes it ideal for crafting, particularly the petals on the flowers which easily stand up once folded over.  Miss M did need a little help with the scissors as the tape needed a good strong cut, but I just cut little squares of tape and left them on the table for Miss M to fold and stick how she wished.

Duck Tape flower Miss MI was so proud of her finished flowers, all crafted on her own, she got completely into the swing of it and even added some leaves, she’s now in the process of making a big tree – I await the finished results!!

Below are Miss M’s beautiful flowers (the bottom left is my creation).

Duck Tape flowersWe’ve loved crafting with Duck Tape, something we’d never have thought of using before, although these new exciting colours and designs have made it much more interesting.  The finish of our creations is shiny and smooth, much better than some paper crafts that don’t last long and get easily squashed.  Miss M proudly gave her bunch of flowers to Nanny last weekend who now has them in a small vase in her kitchen.  I love seeing them each time I visit, a great reminder of her handiwork.

Duck Tape is so versatile, the possibilities are endless.  Each roll is 48mm wide and 9.1m long and is availabe on Amazon for around £6.

Would you like to have a go at crafting with it?  Well I have 3 rolls of Duck Tape to give away to one of my readers so if you’d like to win some, just fill out the form below.

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