Stabilo Stationery for Children – Review

Stabilo have created a range of ergonomic designs specifically aimed at children and young writers to help boost their letter formation and make it easier for them to hold a pencil and improve their writing skills.  We were sent a selection from Stabilo to try out and see what we thought.

WP_003261The Stabilo EASYgraph pencil comes in a triangular shape with special non-grip mouldings along the edge for little fingers to grip easily.   Miss M was immediately drawn to this as she has been given one at school to use, so she instantly knew what the red end on this meant.  All the pens/pencils in this range have been carefully colour coded with red or yellow for right and left handed.  Miss M knew she had a right handed one because it was red.  I watched her grasp the pencil, it is very comfortable on the hand and because the finger grips are there so it really allows for little ones to start forming letters easily as they are holding it correctly.  This has become a firm favourite of Miss M’s and she uses it everyday.

We also tried the EASYoriginal which is an ergonomic rollerball pen.  The outer casing of this one is pink, a right handed model, which immediately appealed to Miss M.  This is a really comfortable pen to hold that Miss M has loved using to write endless little stories and diaries of her day.  It’s great that it encourages little ones to write and because it’s comfy and easy to hold, it is always the first pen they pick up first.  Being refillable means you can keep the comfy outer shell and just buy replacements for the rollerball ink.  I love the ergonomic aspects of this pen and think it’s great to help young writers boost their writing confidence and improve their letter formation with this easy to write pen.  It does just glide along the paper with no smudging, a well made, high quality child’s pen.

Stabilo penThe pack of point 88 Fineliner’s from Stabilo are a wonderful set of brightly coloured pens with a sharp point that glides easily as it writes.  The selection of pens all produce bright, vibrant colours on the paper in non smudge ink.  I have loved using these to write various things down from birthday cards, to entries on the family calendar using a different colour for each person.  Miss M has tried them and loved the colours, but I have kept them away from everyday use, letting her use them if she is writing something special.  The pens are hexagonally shaped making them nice to hold and I’ve always been a fan of fine points.  They claim to have a long cap-off time which is great especially with younger ones using them.

I’m very impressed by the Stabilo range of stationery, although a bit pricier than some other stationery ranges around, they are of very high quality and built to last.  The ergonomically designed pens and pencils for children are the highlight of the range for me and something well worth considering investing in for your young ones.  To improve their quality of writing can only be a bonus, well worth paying for.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.


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  1. What beautiful writing she has – that fineliner pen looks lovely to use, but I’m sure it’s mainly her skills 🙂

  2. spicers1976 says:

    she has very good writing.

  3. Mummy of Two says:

    They are great products aren’t they. They have really helped my son with his writing

  4. i love stabilo quality! They are fab!

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