Orion Children’s Books – Nanny Fox & Do you speak English Moon?

Orion books publish a wide range of books for children, something to appeal to all ages.  I’ve always found their books to be of an excellent quality so was delighted to try a couple of their picture books with my young children, aged 5 and 3.

Nanny fox orion books

Nanny Fox is a delightful picture book about a fox who befriends some chickens and ends up looking after them and protecting them from other foxes including his own family who he goes against.  The book is a nice length without being too long making it ideal to read to young children.  My two enjoying looking at the pictures as I read the story helping them to engage with the storyline and understand what was going on.  My little boy enjoyed pointing at things in the pictures and telling me what they were and they were both so pleased that the chicken’s didn’t get caught and eaten in the end.  The book displays lots of good messages about looking after others and caring for them and shows that friends can come from any background but still enjoy each others company.

do you speak english moon orion booksDo You Speak English Moon? is a hardback picture story book written by Francesca Simon (also author of the Horrid Henry books) and illustrated by Ben Cort.  This book is about a little boy asking questions to the moon to see if it does normal everyday things like he does.  It’s simplistic but has plenty to engage with.  For me the illustrations really make the book as they really encourage little minds to expand on the simple questions being asked to the moon.  There are lots of images that 3 yr old Mister B spotted that lit up his eyes like dinosaurs, pirates, big swirly ice creams giving us lots to talk about.  This book is written in a calming way so doesn’t over excite, making this an ideal bedtime reading book.  Perfect for my three year old – he loves it!

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  1. Mummy of Two says:

    We have Nanny Fox and love it! The Moon book looks lovely too

  2. Heather @ Bury Family Life says:

    these look like lovely books. I’m always on the look out for good kids books 🙂

  3. nanny fox is a very unusual book. kids love them!

  4. These are lovely books – perfect for bedtime 🙂

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