K’NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set

K’NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set is a 430 piece building set including an air propelled motorised coaster car.  Aimed at ages 9+, my 9yr old couldn’t wait to get stuck in with the building and check this K’nex kit out.

The set comes with a large, colourful easy to follow instruction booklet which my daughter followed and I was keen to see how she got on alone so left her to build it herself.  The building of the set aids the growth of key developmental abilities like fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and dexterity so I prefer to give her the challenge and just assist when she asks.

She sat engrossed in the build which is always a good start showing that the toy is engaging and of the right age to build.  Miss M managed to piece this altogether practically by herself just requiring a little assistance adjusting the track on the outside to ensure the coaster car didn’t touch the inner structure.  The coaster car comes with a usb charger which I hooked up to my laptop for a short while to charge – we were then ready to see it in action.

The finished coaster stands at over 76cm tall and is quite impressive. What I like is that the structure is designed so that you can easily turn it over to stand either vertically or horizontally and once the pieces are together they stay fairly well.  My daughter started the coaster car on the track and wow – it’s incredibly speedy, shooting it’s way around the track, propelling it’s way up to the top and then flying it’s way back down.

You can see it in action in this short video clip below:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Megan says:

    Hello, we bought this coaster from a thrift store with no charger. I am having a horrible time finding a charger for it. Can you share any details at all about the charger that would help me find one to buy? K’nex no longer has them in stock but also doesn’t have the info about the battery charger.
    I have also emailed K’nex, I have already purchased one wrong charger and want to make sure I get the correct one now 🙂 Thanks!

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