Kids Don’t Come With A Manual – Book Review & Giveaway

Kids Don’t Come With A Manual is a newly released parenting guide by Carole & Nadim Saad, the parents of three children, from who they’ve gained experience and put their knowledge into a self help manual for parents to use as and when they need it.

kidsThe book is broken down into chapters, then each chapter into tools, a smaller section you can simply flick to should you need guidance in that area.  This makes the book easy to digest as you simply pick out the bits relevant to you.

Kids Don’t Come With A Manual really does cover every aspect of dealing with a child from listening to a child, how to talk to a child, dealing with bad behaviour, connecting with your child etc.  One chapter that really stood out for me as I feel it’s relevant to my family is “How to prevent power struggles and other issues”, in particular Tool No 6: Diffusing Whining and Arguing.

This is something that I do have issues around with my eldest and this book not only suggests how to diffuse whining, but then suggests techniques and ideas to follow if they are not working, it almost encourages you to keep at it in certain ways to ensure you don’t back down, stand your ground but keep calm at the same time.  I’ve definitely picked up some ideas to try out and I’m sure it’ll only be in the next day or so I get a chance to test them out.

I do think this book is well written and presented, the layout has been thought out and it’s nice to have easy to go to pages rather than having to read large chapters at a time.  For me this makes it a book I’m more likely to go to, as and when I need to.  The book is jam packed with information, there really is something for every situation and parenting dilemma.

I have one copy of Kids Don’t Come With A Manual up for grabs for one reader, just fill in the gleam form below:

Kids don’t come with a manual

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the book was sent to me in order to write the review.

45 thoughts on “Kids Don’t Come With A Manual – Book Review & Giveaway

  1. Don’t compare your child’s milestones with other parent’s chilldren or siblings – every child is unique so they will develop in their own time!

  2. Be patient, kind, understanding etc. Children can be a joy. They do not come with a manual, they are spontaneous :- Do watch out for their safety, whilst enjoying and supporting their adventures etc.

  3. If you need to say something serious get down to eye level with them it really helps them listen and understand

  4. My tip is to keep calm, your child will pick up on it no matter and wont learn as good and will also be up tight!

  5. My tip is that, as much as parenting is about teaching it’s also just as much about learning and if you’re not fully open to that, you’ll be letting your child down more than they could ever let you down.

  6. It’s so important to not clip your child’s wings. Your little ones mission in life is to gain independence. So when they are developmentally capable of putting their toys away, clearing their plate from the table, and dressing themselves let them. Giving a child responsibility is invaluable for their self-esteem and your own sanity!

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